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Edgar Estrada


Hashtag Dave

The whole organization is a Scam!!!!

    TexasTea 346

    Pimping us for our money and views and we fall for it every damn year!!

    Ed Jansen

    Yes duped again. JJ is a fraud

Bryan Alcantara

Bye bye Garret


Adios Jason Carrot


    boxing97 GM Jerry really is the biggest problem


    Asmodeus Yep. I doubt urban Meyer or any coach like that would want to put up with his bullshit. Any new coach coming in with a single disagreement will be gone the next day, but hey, at least Jerry knows everything 🤷‍♂️.

    Jd Hendrix

    Be nice. Gingers have souls


    Jd Hendrix no, no they don’t

    Jared R

    Jd Hendrix since when?

RJ Gonzalez

He should walk home after this…… this is the most disappointing game I’ve seen all year…

    Eddie Kane

    He a joke

    Sms Maco

    Lmao did u see y’all vs the jets

    Jd Hendrix

    @Sms Maco sad but true

    Sms Maco

    Jd Hendrix or the bears or the saints(no brees) or the bills lmao 😂

    Automobili Lamborghini

    Worse than the jets game?

Humphrey Family Homestead

He literally just said Dak threw the ball well… that shows you right there that Garrett should not coach this team!!!

    Carl McGee

    Overthrows, underthrows, at least 3 easy touchdowns if the ball is thrown good, even more without the drops…

G Nsi

I pray Jason Garrett gets a job…….in NY….we don’t want him anymore 8-8 seasons are old bruh!

    Brian Waller

    Yes wt him waste the careers of Barkley and Jones lol

    G Nsi

    Sms Maco I’m a Cowboys fan I don’t want JG…he is trash let him go over to NY!

    Sms Maco

    G Nsi if you are truly a cowboy fan than you’re delusional so you don’t really know what you want (yesterday no team in the NFL wants to see you great coach prep and excecution , Today fire the coach we suck )😂😂make up your minds guys

    G Nsi

    Sms Maco I’ve been consistent for years on him so you cannot judge me on that…the players are not held accountable…they don’t have a coach or GM that holds the coaching staff accountable…

    J L

    Nah he need to couch little kids because this coach isn’t a leader of men

preit preit

You game plan is poor and you dont make in game changes you stick to your game plan weather ut works or not

preit preit

You would be better respected if you came out said i was out coached I didn’t do my job good enough to prepare this team for the game and my guys don’t respect me dont have faith in me and I’m not the man for this job

    Rich Muttsmusic

    preit preit it’s the players man. If you watch the interviews throughout the week it ain’t hard to tell. Week in and week out.

    I knew once they played so well last week they would not only lose this week but that they would wet the bed.

    Jared R

    Rich Muttsmusic Garrett and this entire staff are a laughing stock. It is bc Jerry can’t have a real coach ultimately. Also, Dak is garbage. Always has been

    Melanated God


    Melanated God

    @Rich Muttsmusic the fact the we didn’t run the ball more is a straight indictment on him. You have Zeke in the backfield know Dak hasn’t thrown all week, and this is how you play? I’m a firm believer in Dak, but when the passing game ain’t there, run the damn ball. We could have won that game if the team from last week showed up. They didn’t, straight indictment on JG.

    danny woodson

    Moron yeh hungrier team won that’s part of coaching motivation

Bruce/Cleopatra Entertainment

Jerry’s fault this guy made it past week #7. Clapping, slapping butts, and spitting is the best this guys got! I’d rather have a snapping turtle coach this team. At least when he snaps he’ll put fear in these underachieving millionaires.!.!.!.!

    Rich Muttsmusic

    Bruce/Cleopatra Entertainment its hard to find a coach mid season and nobody internally can coach either.

    Besides that they were in first place until this recent loss.


    Bruce/Cleopatra Entertainment .. Facts’ that’s why I’m angry that this idiot isn’t like Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy was down anyone’s throat when they messed up. What I take away from this game mostly shows coaching sucks! The Sheagles have less talent than we do and they won. Not by a lot. But they beat the Boys because of coaching



    😂Your assessment is funny, but very true. Can you imagine Lombardi, Landry, or J.Johnson hugging & high-fiving their players like Red does? Red is no doubt a good guy, but being “one of the guys” just doesn’t work when it comes to coaches & players. I’m no Patriots fan, but Belichick doesn’t buddy-up to his players. Red at times looks & acts like one of these high school coaches carrying on, on the sidelines. But IMO, Garrett is just what J.Jones wants for a “coach”. 😅What a joke. Everybody knows JERRY’S the coach, and always will be.
    Wishing ya’ll a very Merry Christmas!👋🎅

Danny Y.

So I’m guessing Jerry Jones will take the blame since he said he’s the GM. Fire yourself Jerry and step back. Hire yourself a good head coach and get off the cameras after every game, or forever!


    Hot sports take right there, from 1995


    Should clarify, I dont necessarily disagree 🙂


Jerry better fire Garrett and show he has a couple of brain cells still working.

Ignacio Alina Almanza Almanza

After some years the window closes…… Had opportunity in yrs before…. But unfortunately….. It’s the end of the road……. New coach… New qb….. Start fresh…….

gabe s.

Jason you should have been fired many years ago! Romo saved your job like three years in a row with 8-8 seasons where if you didn’t have Romo you would have 1-15 seasons. You always get out coached when it counts. Arena football awaits you.


No Sh@# Jason Carrot

Lucca Brozzi

Why don’t you ever make in game adjustments ? You are absolutely a dreadful coach.


Hey Jerry Jones. How about instead of being disappointed and upset with the Cowboys losing, YOU ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING TO FIX THE TEAM AND GET US MORE WINS!! FIRE JASON GARRETT!

Chris avlakeotes

Zeke needed a breather 5min into the 2nd half smh. Kids this is what happens when you don’t put the team first, and you train in Cabo. Zeke came back outta shape, and that’s why he has been taking so many breaks. You need a brake after 10 carries ?? Jerry needs a refund from the guys that got paid this year they robbed the old man. Jason garret the best coach to get a team to 8-8. Hell Jerry coach the last game next week it can’t get any worse. Cowboys have no motivation.

    Chris avlakeotes

    xLETHALx CLAN listen here it’s Zeke not seek damn Jabroni. It’s clear you don’t know crap about football. Zeke is outta shape dummy just like your mom, but she lucky I like my girls BBW.


    Chris avlakeotes yeah like I’m scared I know football more that you do i was following Dallas since I was 4 get life loser tell me all about Dallas when your ready🤣🤣🤣

    Chris avlakeotes

    xLETHALx CLAN it’s ok son
    mom said it’s time to get back to the basement.

kendell Corner

Jason is sooooo VANILLA

Adam Haris 25

Fire this man i don’t want to see this man again

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