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bill hawk

Al Davis reincarnated


    Except that the Raiders are still shitty without Davis so that’s a fucking tired analogy. Fire JG and bring in Lincoln Riley.

    Eric Starnes

    Deathevokation and they were both alive at the same time


    He’s worse

    Conner Roth

    Deathevokation firing Jason Garrett won’t do anything with jerry Jones still controlling the strings

    Danny Bowers

    @Conner Roth at least with a new coach they can get someone that can get this team ready to play. coach clap is a glorified cheerleader

Bryan Alcantara

Bye bye Garrte

quietman356 123455

C mon Jerrah….give us one of those talking in circles post game speeches. ..You know the type Jerrah…like this ; ” We did alot of good and bad things…..but we did nt do enough good things to win. ” Right Jerrah?

    mark adams

    It’s a 24 year process

Jaguar Warrior

These fans are sick and tired and still we stick by your side. Cowboys fans are dreaming about a SuperBowl and all we get is upset after upset.

    Gabriel Afonso

    Jaguar Warrior that’s because you’re stupid

    Jaguar Warrior

    @Gabriel Afonso No” It’s because you are the doubtful one and have a lack of faith! I stick to my guns and never switch sides, cause I am not a traitor and I still believe in dreams. Everyone does” except those that are naive” like you. We all have dreams but sometimes their are obstacles and failures along the way.

    Gabriel Afonso

    Jaguar Warrior Jerry Jones will ruin those dreams you have…..worst owner in all of sports…..morally corrupt…..he’s an embarrassment

    Danny Bowers


    Jaguar Warrior

    @Gabriel Afonso And still the NFC East battle was not won by either side. No one won the NFC East in this game. That’s why I still had high hopes because it was up for grabs and still is. Now, it’s going to take help when the Cowboys could have locked it down and a playoff game.


I’d say better luck next year but with clown Jerry you’ll just get another disappointment. Maybe a better season but they’ll just blow it again like always. Jerry has cursed this team

Eric Starnes

JJ you need to fire your GM and then let the new GM hire a new coach. Every year that passes further confirms that Jimmy Johnson was a coaching genius, and you’re an ego maniac that thinks he knows football.


Worst G.M. in the HISTORY of the game

    Dean Tackett

    @Ryan R Jimmy Johnson built those teams. Jerry’s teams havnt seen a super bowl in 24 years now.

    Ryan R

    @Dean Tackett who hired Jimmy? 🤔

    Dean Tackett

    @Ryan R if Jerry’s such a great GM why cant he assemble a team that at least gets to an NFC championship game. It’s been since 96.

    Austin Jones

    Dean Tackett people are gonna get salty but you’re right. Name me a single GM that would have a job if he didn’t put together a Contending team in 24 years. Let alone one that has won 2 playoff games. Dude is fucking garbage and uses Garrett as a scapegoat. Garrett gets all the blame when they lose and none of the credit when they win.

Jack Chevy

Don’t pay Dak.. He is selling wolf tickets.

Lucca Brozzi

Jerry, you are a disappointment. Fire Garrett your yes man., and hire a real coach. We don’t need to hear from you . Your the owner , not the dam coach . Geez!



    mark adams

    Cowboy fans need to boycott the Cowboys until Jerry Jones steps down. He’s only worried about the almighty dollar.

    Brenda Fain

    @mark adams Amen! Feel an ulcer coming back. How do we beat a good team ‘The Rams’ and lose to a mediocre team? Who, by the way, played with third string players. 😡 Happy Holidays.

    Brenda Fain

    831zapata. Thank you. You said everything I was thinking. Yes. Even the bird. Happy Holidays.


Aye jerry it’s alright u still making that money right?? That’s what it’s really all about anyways lol

geoff burkhart

Is there a record for the number of 8 and 8 seasons? Because we do have a winning tradition for that Jerry

Ronald Frizell

Do you really know how disappointing it is for the fans Jerry? When been experiencing this for the past 25 years!!! Fire yourself and the coaching staff!

Nick Blue

COWBOYS NATION Jerry Jones is the problem I hope yall see that I wish this senile old man wud sell our team 2 some1 of gives uh f#$% about winning and not credit🤔


If you want to build a team that is mediocre then hire Jerry as your General Manager. Most smart guys would think they needed to find a GM after 1 year after a failed season but not Jerry….24 and counting and still doesn’t realize it.

    Stephen Cushing

    S B he’s an ego maniac. Can’t stand to accept someone else having authority to make decisions. Truth be told, Garrett deserves zero authority to make player/personnel decisions on his own, he’s weak, but I don’t see how a high caliber coach agrees to go to Dallas without Jerry giving that power back to the next HC.

KEVO Kevorkian The40ozKING

All I want for Christmas 🎄 is a new HC … GTFOH JASON GARRET

    mark adams

    It’s hard to hire a real head coach when you don’t give him full control of the team. If you don’t allow him to hire the coaches he wants and the players he wants it doesn’t matter how much talent they going to have your still going to be mediocre. A 500 team

    KEVO Kevorkian The40ozKING

    @mark adams you are right, I wish Jerry Jones would step down and let someone else run the show ,we are sick of losing…

Kinto \》

Even if we clinch the division, there is no way we are beating the Saints.

Bobby Whitney

Time to sell the team Jerry please do it for the cowboy fans, put your Ego in your pocket and get on your boat and take a cruise


Jerry Jones is more concerned about power and control than he is about winning. The AT&T Cowboys represent almost everything that is wrong with professional sports and our society in general. Everytime that the AT&T Cowboys lose it proves that there is some kind of Justice in the Universe.

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