Cowboys OT: Cowboys drop crucial NFC East battle against Eagles – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Brian Waller

Time to clean house

Jon Statton

Fire Garrett!


Fire Jerry

    Bryant Lastik

    Jerry Jones is the Owner

James Neloms

I get sick of that word unfortunately

    Brian Waller

    Unfortunately that’s the way this is the way this unfortunate pathetic season will end

Nate Baker

There is no urgency, accountability, or passion on this team….take jerry’s yacht, put him and Garrett on it, point them West and get lost!

    ricky mlawa


    Rich Muttsmusic

    Nate Baker as a fan do you hold the players accountable or do you continue to blame GM and staff.

    The players wet the bed.

    Dropped balls fumble and inaccurate Dak


    Yeah, he can buy a yacht, get a fancy stadium, fancy fitness centers, practice facility…but not a GOOD football knowledgeable coaching staff. wTH?? Tired of this crap.

Slayer 717

Didn’t wanna lose this game, now that our seasons over, fire Jason G. Coach can’t win when it counts and never will. Can’t wait to see you gone.

Rendell Stephenson


StarStruck *

Took you out because you ran a deep ball…Really Coop! I hate when players throw others under the bus and don’t take responsibility for your own POOR PLAY…AGAIN COOP. AWAY GAME AND YOU SUCKED…AGAIN!! IT’S OVER COOP!! Philthy isn’t going to lose to the Giants because they come to play when their season is on the line. WE DON’T!
The only good things to come from this loss…We’ll get a higher draft pick (R15?); JG will be gone (better be gone); hopefully our next HC will be Urban Meyer; Watching Philthy get embarrassed when they lose in R1 and then get a much lower draft pick; and, We can all get off the roller coaster we have been on all season!!

    Ian Weir

    TRUDAT! especially the part about garrett being gone and Meyer taking his place.


    20 seasons.

Fran K.

The only positive is that next years team will be all new players and coaches. Except D Lawrence and Zeke. Dak better get ready for two long seasons with the franchise tag. Jerry is to blame for this whole rotten season for not making coaching changes after losing to the Jets.

    Lava LifeGuard

    True that and Jerry paid too Jaylon Smith too early and too much!

    Amari Ritchards

    Exactly that part cause how n the hell we lost to the jets I’m still like wow but jerry got some work to do cause this don’t make no sense whatsoever

Fran K.

Coop is done here also


    I hope so. He is not a big game player


    Disappointing…he was so happy to be here too earlier this season. Things have really taken a bad turn.

Ian Weir

Yea Nate! feel the pain! get yourself right! jerry needs to make the changes man. hopefully its next week I dont want to get into playoffs . no way this team is winning.

William Becker

it was clear they did not want it

John Doe

If Garrett was worth a damn, he would get on Lawrence’s azz and tell him to put out. Laurence needs to donate his paycheck to the Salvation Army. He didn’t earn it.

Pablo Chacon

Dak is worth $5 mil per season and Jason Carrot is worth 40K Per season.

Pablo Chacon

When this lousy team wins a big game, they feel proud of themselves, relax, then play like they did today, the following week. They have no drive, no killer instincts. They’re soft and lazy, but they want to get paid their money. The players are a product of the head coach. Lazy, uninspired LOSERS!!!

B3N10boyz Yessah

Jason garret is failing on purpose , he knows he’s out the door so why would he try to win. Should’ve got rid of him once we heard he was looking to coach for the giants. And what, these professional football players can’t stay in the game, our starters totally content with being on the bench when it matters most. The only person pissed off during the game is Bennett , who’s the newest person on the team. WTF

Alex K

Just listening to nate speak on how the team should be feeling on the plane ride home. Thats a man who knows about personal responsibility! And u still need to fire Garrett! He has lost the team as a whole.🏈 i really hope 2020 we trend upwards go cowboys!⭐

mudslinger lastname

Not on garret …. That game was on Dak Zeke Cooper Cobb and the O line not pushing the eagle defense like ragdolls ….. Dak shoulda practiced through the pain all week and if he was not doing well in practice the decision to put back up in shoulda been made … Theres a nice shot to take the pain away in the NFL …. Timing was off it was visible … Because of no practice … I’m not just a fan I’m a former ball player that played through injuries in texas high school football 251 yards on 29 carries with a seperated shoulder… So yeah it can be done …

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