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Ohh nooo, we suck again!

Collin Reed

the go ball!! clearly the coaches could not see that…

Louis Johnson

Michael Gallup and our kicker was the bright spots of the game for the Cowboys.

    Eric Kelske

    Gallop had 2 critical drops 1 a TD in the 4th qtr Stop

    Eriq Zapata

    Louis Johnson don’t forget Cobb who made critical catches to make them FGs


    Louis Johnson yea after gallop dropped like 4 fucking passes . Smh

    odessa texas

    Lmao Gallup gtfoh that kid drops passes in crucial moments and it’s been like that all season with that kid go get ab

Louis Johnson

Neither, the Eagles or Cowboys deserve to be in the playoffs,! both teams really suck!

    Christopher Russo

    As a Cowboy fan I agree


    If a team has so much talent and can’t win, what does that tell you?

    odessa texas

    roberto5red5rocky coaching point blank period


    Louis Johnson ur a cowgirl fan ur team sucks kid

    Mystery Man

    But the Eagles are showing more heart and they are not losing consistenly


The new guy is the only player on the whole organization

    Ali Yahuah

    Look how long it took to realize Maher couldn’t kick worth a damn! The decision makers suck!

Charles Monrovia

Jason Witten 🚮🚮🚮

    Charles Monrovia

    You ain’t lying bruh

    All up in the videos....

    Charles Monrovia Jason might as well retire again and go back to the booth.

    Peyton Manning #PM18#GOAT#18HUNNIT #SHERRIF

    I feel bad for him he came back to help and we just made him seem bad

    Shell Sharpe

    he ruined his legacy coming back for the TD record

    Charles Monrovia

    @Peyton Manning #PM18#GOAT#18HUNNIT #SHERRIF
    Father time is undefeated


Enough of these guys already! Players and coaches. All lip service. One of the most talented and the worst  team i’ve seen as a cowboys fan for 50 years. Get handed a division win and screw it up??? But you all got paid though. Fans are over it! Just do us all a favor and literally not show for Skins

margie moreno

Cowboy fans. Time to put mony together buy out the jones family. Let’s get back to the super bowl.

    Ali Yahuah

    Don’t think we could scrape up 5 billion…lol

    tossed but not sunk ss

    Even if we did you think he would sell lmao

jeff raborg


Bryant Panteah

F*** Skip Bayless and every other fan that jumps ship with 1 game left. We still in this. Zeke is still da man.. OC is a rookie and should be the one to blame.

    Bryant Panteah

    Offensive Coordinator messed up , trying to be the new hot s***. I believe in the players. Coaches are wack…

    Loraine Hudson


    tossed but not sunk ss

    Zeke takes himself out on critical plays and this team really isn’t good. Dak gets paid this team is done been saying it since his first year where every other cowboys fan overhyped him.

Juan Walker

Dez would have had this team fired up and he definitely would have won the jump ball

    Ali Yahuah

    Yeah, at this point, he deserves a second look. No way he drops as many passes as Gallup and Cooper. Cut them and cut the losses.

Frankie Clayton

No more excuses for all the players coaches

Bryan Chavez


Ali Yahuah

Go get Odell. Cut Cooper and Gallup. Hell Cooper admitted he’s not worth the money. “I played terrible.” In f’ing playoff game?????!!!

Cc _play2win

Fire Jason garrett

The dropped passes are unexpectable watching the game yesterday was so frustrating to much talent to lose to the eagles who we beat by 22 in week 7 eagles had over a dozen injury’s

Stacy Lynn Sutherland

Ya know zeke, if you didnt take yourself out of the game every other play the team might win a few more games .especially when your tapping out on a critical 3rd and 2 in the red zone !! When ypu tapped out that told everyone in lincoln financial stadium that it was a tony Pollard run! Whst did he do he fumbled away a scoring opportunity in the red zone …that ones on you for being soft

Stacy Lynn Sutherland

Ammari cooper is soft man , great recievers rise to the occasion and excel on the road ammari does neither . He was up against practice squad dbs at times and couldnt get open

Trojan Hell

I blame the trash Offensive playbook …. where is the creative play calling that started off the 2019 season on fire????

Metal Dave

Very bad/poor performance game, since coming off a monster win vs the rams, very unconsistent 2019 team, this team is not good, only when they want to play!!!

Mystery Man

What happen to the Intensity???

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