How the Cowboys Let the Eagles Gain Control of NFC East | Cover 4 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

I’m about to throw a fit if Jason Garrett ain’t fired

Brian Waller

This team isn’t even pretenders they’re outright frauds


The time machine should go all the way back to 1995.

Brian Waller

I have no words left for this team. I’m truly speechless.

John Crabtree

Just another all around lousy team effort from a horribly coached team they are what they are what a disappointing season


I was so mad yesterday that cowboys lost


Just think, kids born when the Cowboys appeared in their last NFC championship game are now getting insurance discounts on their cars and homes.

    Nicholas Woolsey

    It’s better than most of their original fan base dying off before the Eagles ever won their first Superbowl.

    America's Team

    @Nicholas Woolsey true

The List


Nicholas Tran

They cant live up to the hype

XxJohnnyXx 239

I can’t believe how we played yesterday why didn’t we play like we did against the Rams 😒😒

John Doe

Catch that ball boy!


It all starts at the top. 24 years of mediocrity from Jerry, 10 years of mediocrity from Garrett

Rusty Shakleford



We’re done, this team has quit a long time ago, this team is not who we thought.

Bryan Bradford

Dallas Trashboys

    America's Team

    I’m happy with 5 sb


Stop saying talented, they’re not.

Gregory Williams

Dak shoulder was hurting, but most players will not say I am hurt, you can tell because he was not following through, but why did we expect them to win a big game with JG as the Head Coach we have seen this over & over again

Gregory Williams

I get so tired o f people saying no name players, just because they do not have big names does not mean they cannot play. I know people do not want to make excuses, but the QB goes from not throwing at all to throwing 44x’s in a game, I mean its not Rocket science and they did not use Pollard or Jarwin enough. The defense was not good, the Eagles was just bad

Billy Hill

hate to tell you the Cowboys did not let the Eagles do anything the Eagles took control Dallas didn’t give it to them

Mystery Man

There is so much issues and anger…We expect a winning team with potential to have success but it is always more of the same. Uncertainty and no motivation. Season after season it keeps falling apart, can’t figure it out? The inability to gain success with a winning team.

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