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Talkin’ Cowboys: Opportunity Lost | Dallas Cowboys 2019

What’s next for the Cowboys after losing a golden opportunity to clinch the NFC East in Philadelphia? The crew breaks down the game.

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D- Nice

Fire the coaching staff, get someone else in here and hope the players respond to him – When Jimmy came in, players were scared for their jobs and futures. Irvin went in and told Jimmy all the guys that were OK with losing………………………………….the start of a dynasty

Will Perry

They lost because of Kellen Moore..You’re QB is injured..hasn’t practiced with the receivers all week and you have him throwing 44 times..Zeke 13 carries..Pollard 2 carries you only use Zeke and Pollard together one time??


Uncreative, predictable, Linehan styleplay calling lost that game..When Dak wasn’t off his receivers were dropping passes anyway…


But the game plan was garbage way too much passing in a game going in you knew you’re QB would be compromised…


Bad job by an inexperienced Kellen Moore..I don’t think they would survive at all with bland predictable play calling from Moore..Very bad game from him…


Playing Witten too much not using Pollard and Zeke..They need a more creative play caller..Lincoln Riley..

Kellen used Zeke and Pollard together one time in the game..they should have at least 5 plays together every least…Kellen should use that at least 1-2 times every drive…

They run the same tired plays ever since Dak has been the starter and they work about 50% of the time..When Dak is under center..They run or they fake to Zeke and run the bootleg where Dak almost gets sacked everytime…

Drive 3 was stopped by a  Gallup drop..Drive 4 was stopped by a Witten Drop..And drive 5 was stopped by an Amari drop

I watched Tom Brady and the Pats, Jared Goff, even Wentz all do what I suggest Kellen call for Dak..Kellen’s play calling was very bland uncreative and VERY predictable..He looked just like Linehan…

I’ve seen the Pats use play action and the jet sweep exactly how I say Kellen Moore should use it..Multiple times a game(not just once like the inexperienced Kellen Moore does)…

Like I said..When they blitz..get Zeke in the flat.. Zeke got to the flat(instead of blocking) and picked up 10 yds…

    D'Angela Stewart

    Will Perry
    You right Will…
    Poor coaching 44 passes

Will Perry

Kellen called way too many pass plays..What makes it crazy is he knew going into the game Dak was hurt and didn’t throw to his receivers all week.. Yet he still went overboard with the pass plays…wow…

When Kellen diversifies his play calling the offense moves..But once he has success he goes back to the Linehan style play calling..A lot of pre-snap play action..Then when he wants to run the defense knows to watch for Dak under center..They still run 85% of the time with Dak under center…

Lincoln Riley should be the guy who replaces Romo/Garrett’s offense that Dak is running with a truly Dak friendly offense…

Pollard with only 2 carries, no screens/passes to Pollard, no plays with Pollard and Zeke on the field together..Just Dak in the shotgun with his hurt shoulder..Complete garbage idiot play calling from Kellen Moore..Didn’t use play action..Kellen only used play action a lot in the first 2 games where the passing attack looked really good..After seeing how effective that was Kellen Moore went back to Linehan’s put Dak in the pocket like a statue and throw throw throw…

Tony Pollard got 2 carries, Zeke got 13 carries..They should of had 30 carries between the two of them..Even if they make the playoffs Kellen Moore is not a play off caliber OC.. And his lack of situational understanding has hurt the offense all year..They would have fallen on their faces in the play offs anyway..Kellen Moore should be an ASSISTANT offensive coordinator and they need to balance the offense with less predictable shotgun plays..At this point he’s doing the same thing Linehan did…Like the Chaz Green game where they let him get beat and Dak sacked all game before they gave him help..Completely tone def coaches…

This is not a Dak friendly offense..Dak is still running Romo/Garrett’s offense..I think Lincoln Riley’s offense with play action being more of a staple of the offense..This reminds me of the Chaz Green gam where they let him get beat and Dak sacked all game before they gave him help…

You have to put the ineptitude of this team 150% on the coaches..Offensive, defensive, special teams, and Head coach..If you say its on the players..Then you can’t give the coaches any credit when they win..If the players get credit for the loss they should get credit for the win also..The overall lack of focus and readiness to play week to week is 150% on Jason Garrett..And that garbage gameplan that led to no TDs is 150% on Kellen Moore already knowing he has an injured QB who didn’t practice all week…

I get tired of watching Kellen do the same predictable crap each week..Then when he changes it up and does something different it works..Then(like Linehan)he goes back to the same predictable crap that doesn’t work..The offense needs a more innovative mind in play design and play calling.. Someone who can actually create a “Dak friendly offense”. This is Romo/Garrett’s offense Dak is running(even Romo said that after watching the offense)…


When Dak is under center they run..When in shotgun they throw..Kellen is basically a Linehan clone…

Brian Waller

This team is an absolute mess. Coaches can’t coach, players can’t play, can’t execute, top players not in on critical times. Gm undermines the coaches.

Brian Waller

Patriots won their 12th consecutive divisional title while the cowboys haven’t won back to back since the 90’s

Will Perry

If they played that uninspired after Dak practiced with them all week.And Dak wasn’t hurt I would agree..Dak was playing hurt and Kellen should’ve used Pollard a whole lot more before we saw Pollard get stopped on 3rd down..These were not normal conditions at all…

Brian Waller

Congratulations to the 2019 paper champions of the NFL the Dallas cowboys lol

    Mystery Man

    And still no one walked out with the NFC East title.

SRS offbeat

Trashhhhhhhhh Dallas


Thank goodness the season ends next week.


Overpays players

Mystery Man

Enough is Enough…It is just more of the same. What happened to the Intensity? Where did it go…No heart in this game. Win and you are In…but No, lost to a injured team.


@Everson Walls DAK is getting the tag

Kyle Lomax

Thats what a good coaching staff does Mickey and Dallas’ coaches can never figure out that. Cowboys cannot game plan like Philly did yesterday.


What a horrible organization! All these players have taken after the owner. All these players care about is their brand, it’s all about business and not football. Jerry has created a circus

Chris Ozell

Fact is Jason Garrett and all coaching never put the players in the best position s& scheme s for constant success.thats why Jason Garrett must go.


All the coaches will be axed!!

D'Angela Stewart

Jimmy would have won the game…
10 years of Jason is enough


I bet Mike White would have challenge Carson Wentz in passing game.


New coach, different players will have same result. The one constant in all this is Jerry. An 8-8 owner and GM for past 20 years.

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