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Linebacker Bobby Wagner Divisional Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner talks with the media on Wednesday during the second week of playoffs at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Asher Weston

lets go seahawks

The Pickle zone

Go hawks!! Let’s win the division and dominate the packers!!

    Rico Alexander

    The conference! We already lost the division.

    Devin Taylor

    Yeah the division is out of the discussion but by a touchdown

James Taylor

Best lb in the game. Go hawks

Sam Dath

If we win it will be are 1st win in green bay since I was born I turn 21 next week

    Korie Creson

    Well I hope so, that will be cool & happy birthday. I was at the clink week 17 for my birthday, I’m twice your age 21×2 = dang I was just 21 it seems like. Anyways, happy early birthday.

    Sam Dath

    Thanks buddy

    Jailan Rayvon

    Sam Dath You’re 20 and don’t know the difference between “are” & “OUR”?

Clorox Bleach


    Matthew Pettit

    This cant be the real Clorox

Renee Amsbary

Thank u BW, for who u are & all u do! Fly Hawks!


Rooting for the Vikings too. Then after we win we host the NFC Championship game.

    Luke Jones

    Yes please we need one more home game for Marshawn

    Jon Akin


whatsyurprob ?

The key to this D?

Q, Diggs

It’s night & day, and the sole reason why we lost 2 straight, and backed our way into the playoffs. If we lose him, this franchise falls off the football map. I just hope the FO can see it. He’s the Enforcer the HAWKS have been looking for, and he’s in his prime. Being with another club will expand his learning due to different coaches — he’s going to get even Better!!!

We’ve found Kam’s replacement, 🥳🥳🥳!!!



    Your right about him being this defense key but dont ever compare him to Bam Bam kam wtf👎🤔

    whatsyurprob ?

    @12MAN NATION That’s why I said he was his “replacement”.
    You see that, but you trying to invent a pot to stir.

    . . . and now, in order to save face cuz you were called out on it, you’ll move the goal post.

    Not me!

    Have fun playing with yourself

    GO HAWKS!!!

    Timothy Gathings

    He can get us there .. definitely

    Angel Hernandez

    I wouldn’t say kams but earls!

David Zakaryan


Mehmet Yigit

That KJ line was very underrated

Tillmann S

When he was talking about the Minnesota game lmao

James Madison

Bobby Wagner, super smart player. He hits, you’re stopped.

Cameron Reason

Legion of boom 💥 type of game Sunday..BWAGZ ..get em! Go Hawks

Dovakin EScrolls

Making fricking plays! Go Hawks!

Jack Danger

Gonna be a long night for me as a Seahawks fan in Germany. But it’s worth it!!!!!!!!!! GO Howks!

StevenisCracked YT

Beat the green bay cheeseheads

Korie Creson

Those 7 sacks were against Josh mccown though. He was able to escape a few time. Good luck against crybaby Rodgers. I hope you guys rise up like you have all year…but do it in the 60 minutes. Good luck & God bless.

Charles Harrison

Mr Wagner is a staggering talent! Go Hawks.

Spock B

Gotta Hustle and Cover the Gap, Plus Man to Man. Thats quality Defense.

Flag Bearer

Bobby d Best Bobby KJ Best Duo,
playing d Game 🇺🇸

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