Wide Receiver DK Metcalf Divisional Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Wide Receiver DK Metcalf Divisional Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf talks with the media on Wednesday during the second week of playoffs at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Asher Weston

go dk go hawks

Rafa Pm

Throw the ball more I understand we’re a running team, but we would dominate the packers considering their receiving core is only davantae adams and that’s about it, and stop jones too .. we should be good


    Jayr23s facts gotta be creative been liking the scheme honestly having our running backs injured was the best thing for us now we can utilize our best player lmao

    Uzumaki Nagato

    Bro we gotta watch out about Adams of course but.. Also Jimmy Graham, Lazard, Aaron Jones runs…
    And don’t forget that Aaron Rodger is still a baaaad man…
    Go 12! Go Hawks !!

    UwU Nafnu

    Jayr23s Id say the only thing the run game is useful for without Carson is the play action. It gives Russ way more time to find receivers.


    Chrismatic don’t get me wrong Carson is a beast in the backfield but I feel like sometimes the OC always trying to run even if it does not work

    ForbesUpNX Lou's

    Idk man idk…. I *hope* we win 💙💚


Dont over hype the kid let him play.

    Fonzorelli 808

    Over hype? Who else we got? Who they supposed to interview on wr? He’s getting the exact exposure he needs. It’s not like he’s on Nike commercialsl. Calm down bro . Lol😂

    Anony Moose

    @Fonzorelli 808, who else do they have? Well there’s another receiver that actually led the team in receiving yards and TDs…


    @Anony Moose DK has way more pop around him this week because he did so great last week.

    Anony Moose

    @Allingite, yeah, one week. Dude is acting like Lockett is a nobody now.

Marc Amico

Wilson,Metcalf,Lockett & Hollister needs to be on the same page. No turnovers & less penalties. Seattle has absolutely no margin for errors,especially AT Lambeau. I hope to God,Seattle lays away the ghosts of Seahawks past AT Lambeau.


    Hollister has disappeared a bit lately. He needs to get back into the fold. Also wouldn’t mind seeing Willson get a few looks in the passing game (he’s been a great postseason contributor in the past).

    Marc Amico

    @Fizzgig Luke Willson was a huge part of Seattle’s success,because unlike Graham. Willson can actually block with authority. Nice observation. Go Hawks!!!


    In Green Bay we will need more option plays with Wilson/Lynch – like the good old days!! Send Lynch out, dump it off to him then let him destroy the turf

    UwU Nafnu

    I’d say we’d be able to make a couple of mistakes this game especially with how poor Aaron Rodgers has played this season

    Mar Pettwades

    Green bays Trash we can afford a few Errors.

A Fucking Bird

Drip K Metcalf!💦

Jon Akin

Just keep ballin and hold on to that BALL young man,GO HAWKS

Sam Dath

Russell feed this man go D K and go hawks

Jay Dee

Dudes just a bad boy, period. He looks great in the Blue and green!

ᴇɴᴅᴇʀ -

Rookie of the year bro

    Matthew Pettit

    Tbh I think his friend AJ Brown with the titans will get it or maybe bosa. But definitely think he is a candidate for it.


    Matthew Pettit bosa can’t get Offensive roty

    Matthew Pettit

    @centuplicate this is true. I was just thinking rookie of the year.

    Shane Hafner

    @Matthew Pettit AJ has 1050 yds and 8 TD’s so he might beat DK. AJ had a better season but ORoY will most likely be Kyler or Josh Jacobs.

    Matthew Pettit

    @Shane Hafner I respect that. QBs always get the awards!

Bailey Sweetnam

I hope he doesn’t become a diva like T.O. A.B. or obj


    Pronto If you ever run into Bobby Wagner, he’s a bit of a diva. I’ve run into him a few times and he is a bit of diva. KJ Wright is one of the nicest dudes ever though.

    Bailey Sweetnam

    @Ridikuluzt how is Bobby a diva?

    Bailey Sweetnam

    @alex minchang Idk man AB TO and OBJ started off humble and quiet


    Bailey Sweetnam If you ever run into Bobby and you’re a girl, he’ll probably say hi to you. But if you are a guy and run into him and say wassup to him, he might ignore you completely. I didn’t even want a photo or an autograph from him. A simple acknowledgment would have suffice but the guy just totally ignores you like he’s too good to speak to you. Pretty rude, and disrespectful guy. And this was Bobby before All-Pros and SuperBowl Champion. Just my experience with him. KJ is super nice. Bruce Irvin is super cool, Doug Baldwin is cool. Wagner on the other hand…smh.

    Messatsu !

    @Pronto Percy Harvin


What have you done Luke????? 😧😦😧

Brandon Maruszczak

Let’s go Seahawks and let’s go beat Green Bay packers in Green Bay you are awesome DK Metcalf!!😊😊

James Monahan

This guy will be the best WR in the league if he isn’t already


    soon, soon

    Nasty Jack

    Michael Thomas holds that crown for now. Next year we we will see.

Shawn Jason

So nice to have a rookie trust in his team and coaches even after a break-out performance. To stay humble and focused at his age is great to see for his development in years to come ^^

Jose Guardado



Just because be exploded once, can’t start expecting an exact repeat. Different opponent, different field, different weather, different day. Having said that, defenses have to start game planning for him, which opens up things for other players.


DK is such a well mannered humble young man, Im so happy he’s a Seahawk, heres to an amazing career in the PNW!

Chris R

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!

06 Michael

he’s so nice to the media but watch, as time goes by he’s gonna get tired of them as much as he’s gonna get interviewed, nothing wrong with that i would too 😂

bb Bloodsaw

Dk love his quarterback Russ cause he know he can’t have no better quarterback and leader like Russ

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