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Head Coach Pete Carroll Divisional Wednesday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talks with the media on Wednesday during the second week of playoffs at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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KingJames 23

I have no doubt in my mind we are going to come away with a win this Sunday #GoHawks #Roadwarriors

    Aniceto Sanchez

    Same bro.. go seahawks

    Brian Low

    Road win baby

John Simmons

Let’s go hawks

Malu Rullan

Go Hawks!!!

The Pickle zone

Go hawks!! Let’s win the division and dominate the packers!

    The Real Steamerson

    The Pickle zone ya that’s right


    Well, we can’t win the division, but the conference is still up for grabs!


Irregardless of the outcome, it will be a barn burner start to finish. Go Hawks and fill the Beast up with his power pellets before gametime.

    Anthony Bane


    shane nelson

    Hawks gonna finally roll a team up from the start…..us and them are tired of the close games….hawks 34 pack 17

Jack Ziegler

Go Hawks!!

LSJ Martin

we got this #Gohawks

Brandon Maruszczak

Let’s go Seahawks let’s go beat Green Bay packers in Green Bay and Hopefully we go to the Super Bowl Russell Wilson needs a another super bowl win and let’s go Seahawks win the super bowl this year!!!

    William Vang

    Yes, we need to go to the super bowl this year!

    Brandon Maruszczak

    William Vang let’s go Seahawks

    T8R Taught

    Dont forget bout Beastmode…unfinished business!

    Luke Scarlett

    T8R Taught boss

Andrew Weiss

This will be a high scoring game. I see the hawks winning 27-24

    shane nelson

    Thats score i was thinking myself, either that or 27 to 20

Vicente jr Baldovinos

Pete : huh new faces 😂 aah pete carroll hes the best

    Mark Gitschel

    Pete Caroll can eat me !

    Jacob Miles

    Mark Gitschel what?

    Manifesting Destiny

    @June the Goon And your proof is…..

Jacob Hawes

So can we sign clowney or do we have to wait after the postseason

Kevin Getchell

Can we not have a heart attack this time?Get and stay two scores ahead. Yeah I know. Easier said than done.

    James Madison

    That’s the weekly prayer.

    shane nelson

    This will be the game the hawks show everyone we aint fucking around, 8 and 1 on the road and we gonna break this losing streak in green bay that we had, 34 to 17 hawks up 21 to 3 at halftime.

Brian Tobin

All this talk about John Schneider makes me wish he did interviews like this as well.

    whatsyurprob ?

    He will if we go back to the SB, and that’s definitely possible with the Aints falling last week. Drawing GB and getting a possible Champ game at Home is the potential prize we play for this week, and we dodge SF for another week. Who know’s — maybe the Porn Sfar goes down, or, G. Kittle gets hurt again in their victory, and we go unscathed in ours.


    The deeper you go in the playoffs, the higher chance of injury, and it’s definitely a part of the game casual fans don’t even consider. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a star player either. A Guard, or a Center, and your line is chit this late. Subs who’ve only played sparingly can turn into liabilities. I’ve seen it happen more times than I can remember.

    This is going to be one hell of a game. If RW3 can return to form, NO-WAY we lose. Especially with Marshawn ‘STARTING’ in the backfield. He will start — you watch!!! Russell Wilson, will insist on it.

    GO HAWKS!!!

    Zane Godfrey

    @whatsyurprob ? no, whats your prob…?

Brian Tobin

All this talk about John Schneider makes me wish he did interviews like this as well.

James Madison

Lynch runs over some folk. Bobby Wagner stops like a wall.


Defense:, its time for another “Outstanding” Game!. Go Seahawks!!!!.

    Wyatt Family

    Amen to that.

Cory Miller

It’s 2020 can we seriously not figure out how to get quality audio for the questions?

Coconut Yg

Let’s go hawks we can dominate Green Bay LETS GO GET A RING

joel repp

Not t being diagnosed with ADD doesn’t mean you don’t have it. I’m proof and so is coach. Go Hawks. To the championship!

Qua Lane

We need to win seahawks and play defense and good offense

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