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Lamar Just Keeps on Rollin’ | NFL 2019 Highlights

Lamar Jackson helps extend the Ravens winning streak with 185 total yards and 3 touchdowns. The Baltimore Ravens take on the Buffalo Bills during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.

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We The North

Imagine hating on Lamar for absolute no reason

Hector Rodriguez

Baltimore beat Seattle
Baltimore beat the cheaters
Baltimore beat the LA Lambs
Baltimore beat the 49ers
Baltimore beat the bills Mafia today

Jackson is this year’s MVP no doubt

    Cecil Roberts

    @Adam just a nitpicky random statement


    @judunham14 the pats are the cheaters in his comment. I plead the 5th btw.

    Simarbir Gill

    @matt ehler nah his accuracy is fine it was just hurt because Andrews wasn’t in the game for that long

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    @Simarbir Gill This wasn’t Lamars finest game. We need to start using our WRs more cause it’s mostly our TEs that get the passes


    @matt ehler FYI, it’s not easy to throw in the wind….even the kickers balls were short… Josh Allen was horrible. Lamar will be just fine. LMFAO


I think there are more people taking about the “haters” rather than actual people hating in the comments…

    Cavaleer Mountaineer

    LOL. You’re right. The haters are silenced.

joe smith

Getting the win is all that matters. Now 11-2 with a 9 game winning streak. That is tough to do for a young offense in the NFL let alone basketball or baseball.


    The NBA plays so many games so frequently that IDK if it’s easier at all

Blade Runner

*0:03* Play *Action Jackson*

    Dewitt McDidditt

    Lol. Right


    0:17 Soul Snatchin Jackson


It’s nice to see Baltimore playing like they are having fun. Yes, they’re playing hard, and their winning record helps a ton, but there’s a presentation of good team chemistry and enjoyment when they’re on the field. It makes them very entertaining to watch.


Alisson Felipe

Brazilian Fan Jackson MVP

Kenneth Binion

There were up to 30 mph winds going on at some point in this game. These are the situations where he’s gonna have to put his head down and run more.


5-1 against playoff teams, divisional leaders, top defenses. I already have Lamar winning the MVP, SB and SB MVP.

    Creative Tagz

    Your a smart man lol

Wonju LEe

raven’s offense is so damn good

Deondre Clark

Lamar is every spread qb I ever created for EA NCAA games come to life

Tristan Draper

Beat two back to back playoff teams in challenging weather. Ravens looking good

K Pax

Wonder if his dark skin helped him today “not racist” though😒


Bruh the refs rigged this thing for the bills like 20 times in this game and the ravens still beat y’all 😂

    Coolio D

    Calls literally went both ways.


    Coolio D especially the non pi which was clearly pi

Charles Urban

Three touchdowns, one pick that wasn’t _entirely_ his fault (but he would say it’s on him), and a modest amount of rushing. Not bad against one of the better defenses in the AFC.

A Dream

Ravens have been nothing but humble and dominant this whole season. No one should be hating. This is probably one of the best seasons of the NFL if you’re just a football fan. Bravo 👏

Alhaji Bah

Lamar is a 66% passer, leading the NFL in QBR, passing TDs (28), and has 1,000 yards rushing … Did i forget that he is 22 years old ? 👀

    Henri M

    ‘ “Not good enough. He needs to improve his accuracy, throw more from the pocket, read defenses better, scramble less, … and win more games. ” signed The Media


    Henri M what ? He’s 11-2…

Boomer Ang

0:17 First the ankles, now the knees.

Random Trainer X.

Lamar: give me your ankles

Don Sylvester

“But- but, that side-arm delivery will never work in the NFL.” Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!

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