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All hail the king!


Great game overall. We’ll need you to do this in the playoffs.

    Tristen Parker

    MRTUPAC 28 most definitely


Why is the title Aaron Jones HLs

Erick Colbert

As good of a win this is, Aaron Rodgers is NOT who he used to be.

    Supa Seru

    Rodger’s is a liability,He ain’t willing to get his Receivers a chance…. He’s off target a lot and holds the ball longer than usual.

    I have no faith in him in if the Packers have to win in shootouts.

    Jay Walker

    @Supa Seru if you watched the game then you seen the receivers we’re covered most of the game Rodgers did miss two big throws but overall he is playing well enough to win we need our receivers to create more separation

    Ricco Patterson

    Correction…the team isn’t who they once were. Rodgers is still high level, but without Cobb Nelson, Jennings, ect. What do yall expect for him to look like? He’s gonna retire A BAD MAN REGARDLESS!!! GO PACK GO

    Darryl Philbin

    Totally agree. There’s been a lot of times where he’s holding the ball too long instead of just dumping it off to the easy pass. This is the reason Brees is still so successful, he’s willing to take what the defense gives him.

    Jay Walker

    @Darryl Philbin If you watched Brees yesterday they have a better overall team than the Packers maybe not the defense…

Torvak Mendelek

Even if Rodgers has dipped off a bit, I guess some of that magic transferred over to our other Aaron. If we could just get him the ball this much every game that’d be great.

    Jon 66

    I don’t know if I’d say he’s fallen off. Some teams will focus on pass coverage which opens up the run game. In the past Rogers had to scramble outside the pocket every play until someone got open. Now he can hand off or pass to Jones or Williams or Vitali. This team is balanced and Lafluer is a different coach.

    Barry McCockiner

    or maybe he actually has a run game and doesn’t have to be aaron rodgers every week

IIX Wolf

still sad yall almost loss to the redskins, ‘skins would have won if they had Kerrgian and Guice, aswell as Dunbar.

    Jan Nelle

    49ers won 9-0 against the Redskins

    Aniez Averett

    Do dunbar and Kerrigan play offense cause last time i checked that was the redskins problem

    Ditch 79

    IIX Wolf Hey, 9ers only had 9 points and the Skins.

IIX Wolf

They dont show the plays he gets nailed

    9 Mar

    yea that’s not really the point of a highlight reel silly

    Ricco Patterson

    Whose the running back who NEVER gets nailed??? You gotta be a tennis or volleyball lover. THIS IS THE NFL DORK!!!

    aaron berhane

    IIX Wolf that’s not a highlight tho


    IIX Wolf I’m actually concerned you might have a brain tumor. This has to be the dumbest thing I’ve heard today. This is a “highlight” video… every running back has a few bad runs… Jones had 101 rushing. 56ish receiving and a TD, I’d say he had a damn good day. Now, get off this thread, no Vikings, Bears, or Cowboys fans allowed

Jan Nelle


    Darryl Philbin

    Sadely that reward will be going to CMC

Hector Rodriguez

AJ for 2019 NFL offense of player of the year #AJ #GoPackGo

    Virginia Ybarbo

    Hector Rodriguez agreed he has the most TDs for a running back

    Gular !

    @Virginia Ybarbo tied for most rushing touchdowns. 2nd for total touchdowns

    Virginia Ybarbo

    Gular ! That should make a good candidate

Thanos did Nothing wrong

Aaron this is my house Jones

Adrian Munguia

God bless Aaron Jones



Curtis 23

He’s the goat…

Zachary Flores

Go Pack Go



Big Slimm

Packers beat a 3-9 team by 5 points. And they barely did that 🤣

    TTV Cyber

    Big Slimm it doesn’t matter we 10-3 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️


    Big Slimm a win is a win.


Powerful weapons, the 2 Aarons

tae johnson

Im guessing the packers still working out the kinks in New offense. Still too inconsistent starts off hot then falls apart. Love the 3 TE sets though. Hope they have this fixed before Playoff time.

Blk Pig

Solid performance. Nice to see Mr.J let loose and AR played it right. We got a long ways to go, so keep the focus…

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