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Torvak Mendelek Reply

It’s still hard for the Packers to beat Adrian Peterson, even in 2019

    Sergio Moralez Reply

    Aaron Jones outplayed him by a mile with almost 200 yards 😂🧀

Josue Tejada Reply

Amazing what the Packers do when they give the ball to Aaron Jones

    Phil swift Reply

    Gino Sanchez I love how everyone saying it’s bad that we beat a bad team when the 49ers beat the cardinals by 3 and the seahawks beat the bengals by 1 like lmaoooo

    JM T3 Reply

    Phil swift very good points Phil. It’s a week to week game. Nobody is as good as you think nor as bad

    Affinity For White Reply

    @Phil swift yeah, but when the 49ers play against Good teams like the Saints, they put up 48 points. Its one thing to play a close game with a bad team, it happens. But the Packers played a close game with Washington, lost a close game to a bad Philly team, looked totally hapless against a bad LAC team AND got absolutely blown out by the 1 good team they played this year in San Fran. Im a Packers fan, but this offense blows. The Defense can only hold after so many 3-and-outs every game. This team just isnt gonna have anything in a loaded NFC playoff pool. 1 and done.

Veeq Reply

I’m a packers fan but man if we struggled bad against the redskins imagine the playoffs

    Dylan Melvin Reply

    @iAMthe_underdog They aren’t important because the only thing changing is their seed spot in the playoffs. They already made it. NFC North Champs. They only thing that will change is their record for the next 3 games, because they already made playoffs. They stay healthy, stay smart, and play organized football until the playoff when they need to give all they have in their tanks.

    iAMthe_underdog Reply

    @Dylan Melvin my dude, seeding means everything. Would u rather stay home or go on the road and get smacked? Use your brain man.

    iAMthe_underdog Reply

    @Dylan Melvin the next three games could be the difference in having the number 1 seed or the 6 seed.. how is that not important? I dont understand your logic.

    Anthony DeGrazia Reply

    Redskins are decent with not letting teams score. They held 49ers to 9.

    shawn bopko Reply

    that Defense is struggling and rogers

Trombone Kingdom Reply

Love my Packers, but our offense needs to step it up. This simply isn’t good enough for the playoffs with how stacked the NFC is. Hopefully we get it together soon. But as always GO PACK GO!!

    xenteko Reply

    We’ve already seen how the Packers stack up against the real NFC teams. GB has absolutely no chance of making it to the SB.

    JM T3 Reply

    They need playmakers on offense but they settle for a Lazard. Little speed on offense

    AK V Reply

    When you get Aaron Jones going, you’re fine. Just gotta stop the other teams running game, the Packers defense was looking bad there

    frank araujo Reply

    JimBobWay it’s been a while since he’s been good. He blames everyone but himself.

Red45Dead Reply

This game was a lot closer than it should’ve been.

    Abe Froman Reply

    The Redskins play hard man. And there a Pro football team to. You don’t see Pro teams get blown out very often thats what make the Pro Football so much fun to watch. Every team is either a few players away or some good fortune from a Superbowl Championship. Fans might laugh at the Redskins, GIants , Dolphins, Bengals but if those teams draft well and pick up some good player in Free Agency they could be next years 49ers or Raven. Its a From worst to First league

    iAMthe_underdog Reply

    @Noah Kalman I’m not very optimistic about that, they would’ve already adjusted and made a few tweaks here and there. We’re probably 1 and done

    TAPKING13 Reply

    Because the skins kept fighting

    Darin Preston Reply

    @Rodney Manley He was down, and you would have agreed had he not fumbled.

XxWraith24xX Reply

Vote for Terry Mclaurin for pro bow!

LSJ Reply

Great game by Jones, not such a great one by the Packers overall

XxWraith24xX Reply

I feel sorry for Guice. I hope it’s not serious but he definitely has knee problems.

    Zach Miller Reply

    @Junior227ificatiom lol that’s in no way a dirty hit. Smaller guys always go low on the bigger players, that’s how it’s taught. It was a fluke, get over it.

    cowpoke02 Reply

    Way he runs. Hyper extends his knees specially on fake or step move. Lucky if he dont get hurt every play. Noticing it then they showed him hurt. To bad.

    Richard Torres Reply

    Look at frank gore he’s still balling with his knee injuries but it’s the redskins they’ll just let his career die

    Ricky Castle Reply

    They Redskins radio most of them players said they rather get hit up high, or what’s deemed ilegal hits up high now should be left alone. I think running full speed and diving with ur helmet into a runner’s knee caps is way worse then leading with ur helmet up high. U have a helmet on, not mucH cushion on ur knee. And it can cause u surgery and a season or career ending injury. Going low for a tackle is fine, but leading with your helmet going low into someones knee should be more serious, since they want to make a big deal about players safety.

Mogul Joe Reply

We can never have both things working at the same time, either our defense carries us to victory or our offense.

    skyler behunin Reply

    Mogul Joe and for one half

    AGK927 Reply

    What about the game last week

    post smoko Reply


    Omni Pepper Reply

    AGK927 it was still very close until the last couple minutes. Best our team played was against the raiders

    gary cobiak Reply

    Same with the Vikings.

R L Reply

He definitely said ‘wookie’ at one point

    WC 'Strawberry' Fields Reply

    Shameless “Star Wars” plug

93 Til Infinity Steez47 Reply

Games like these compared to the 9ners game make me feel like we’re pretenders. But then again first year HC

    JM T3 Reply

    YourUserNameSucksx10 packers are saving their best for the playoffs. I hope that’s the case anyway but honestly most hope was lost after getting destroyed by the Niners. They’re better than that game but they’re not playing like it yet. Beat the bears and queens again and that will boost their morale

    Almir Merovic Reply

    I’ll take these pretenders over the last few years with McCarthy

    Ryan Melton Reply

    I’ve watched enough football in my life to know that the favorites don’t always win. If we get a first round bye and a home game in the divisional round, all bets are off. All it takes is one game to get on a roll. I’ve seen it too many times before. Plus it can be hard to beat the same team twice in a season. We’ll see what happens but I’m optimistic that the best is yet to come.

    Ivan Sp Reply

    @YourUserNameSucksx10 the only good team we lost to is the 49ers, chargers, and eagles are having a bad seasons

    Ivan Sp Reply

    @Ryan Melton i agree with what you said, being first place favorites don’t guarantee anything, from our end all we need is momentum throughout the playoffs

Trill Ville 504 Reply

Play calling on third and long is horrible for the Redskins on defense . Smh

    kor ey Reply

    Packers were probably hopeful to benefit to their league leading 3rd down penalty call.

    Brock Tinley Reply

    True story. No matter if it was 3rd n80

    Lil Nip Reply

    It can be 3rd & forever 💀 Washington is known for that and settling for field goals

badlandskid Reply

Brandon “I like cheese on my potatoes “ Perna

    Dewitt McDidditt Reply

    Brandon “in the winner’s circle” Perna

    Post Stalone Reply

    badlandskid Brandon “wait this isn’t a broncos highlight” Perna 😂😂😂

MPG Reply

packers: force a fumble

Refs: hold my beer

    Lui Follower Reply

    That incomplete pass was not an incomplete pass

    kor ey Reply

    really?! a Packers fan is complaining about not getting a call? Packers are 3rd in the league for least amount of yards called against and are 8th for yards benefited. Resource:

    Creamated Reply

    Lui Follower LOL you are an oaf

    Omni Pepper Reply

    kor ey when it’s a turnover yes. Sorry we want a good call to be made

Jeremiah Fuertes Reply

I hope these Redskins don’t waste the talent of McLaurin. Dude is amazing.

    thersten Reply

    They will.

Chris Lee Reply

The redskins out scored the packers 15-6 in the last 3 quarters. If the redskins didn’t start late they probably could have won. Crazy. The redskins have gotten a lot better then when the season started.

timothy williams Reply

Packers WR’s need to get open.

Squirm Dwerm Reply

Haskins is improving. Held his own against a tough defense.

    Creamated Reply

    Michael Greer ur high. The pass rush was there every snap

    Squirm Dwerm Reply

    @Michael Greer Why? ROFLMAO

    Katie Caddle Reply

    @Squirm Dwerm packers defense ranks 28th

    matthew arnold Reply

    @Katie Caddle Shut the hell up Katie. You have literally no idea wth you are talking about. You are on every Packer video spewing absolute stupidity. 28th to what stat? Because according to points allowed, they’re at 16. Last I checked, the only thing that matters is points given up by a defense. You’re an idiot. Stop posting. <= For you Katie. Packers rank 13th in points allowed. Moron.

    Omni Pepper Reply

    matthew arnold plus we’re a top 3 redzone defense too I’m pretty sure. We’re like the definition of bend don’t break

Warren Courtney Reply

“Beautiful juggling catch by the Wookie receiver”

Disheartened6 Reply

By the end I was like “Whaaaat? 5 point difference??”😱.

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