Emmanuel Sanders & Michael Thomas Can’t Be Contained | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
David W


John Madden

John madden checking in



Sachin Nayak

Last time I was this early Jerry Rice was still catching bombs from Joe Montana lol

I was totally alive back then

    ç.ã.? m

    Not funny

    Sachin Nayak

    ç.ã.? m do u mean it was offensive or just cringe bc if u mean it’s cringe then yeah I know…

    Jake The legend


    William Kats III

    ç.ã.? m You’re a dunce

world traveler



Wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch between these 2 teams. Both defenses had their hands full.

    Trevor Gundrum

    Commander Thorn ravens chiefs

    no one

    Nah I wanna leave drew Brees alone go NINERS

    Commander Thorn

    Trevor Gundrum idk their defense kinda sus

    Anthony Hernandez

    @Commander Thorn Texans??

    Commander Thorn

    Anthony Hernandez no the chiefs



Tom Barnard

Best game of the year


    Seattle vs 49ers was better imo.had more drama

Bad Luck Guy

Who else benched Brees in fantasy?


    Bad Luck Guy right and Emmanuel Sanders both benched but im still winning the playoffs

    RK Belmont

    yep and now I need Prince Harry to play well tomorrow for the win

    Owen Fuentes

    I’m playing my dad in fantasy playoffs, I’m going to win because he benched both Drew Brees and Emanuel Sanders🤣


    Owen Fuentes lol my league has 1k first place

Austin Stewart

Good thing I sat Sanders today in fantasy.

    Vivian Thom


rick hall

Saints secondary sucks except for Lattimore.

Michele Monae

Playoff intensity. Hands down.

Scooter _

that razzle dazzle was awesome

Myst1c L3g3nd

I don’t watch 49ers highlights because I will cry whenever I see sanders

I wish him the best luck in the niners

    Kaybe Vang

    Myst1c L3g3nd u subscribe to Brandon Perna too !!!???

    robert traylor

    to bad he is 49er now

Super Someone

Game of the year

Ryan Flanagan

Geaux Saints

    Vivian Thom

    Geaux? 🙄🤣

D w



Sanders no one’s talking about you but i see you‼‼


What a pass by sanders

Vivian Thom

Stupid Saints DBs trying to swath the ball from Sanders instead of tackling him to prevent the TD. 🤣

Rise_ Kaden

I started 49ers defense…..

Ya they got -2 points 😭

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