Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Drew Brees Incredible QB Shootout! | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Drew Brees Incredible QB Shootout! | NFL 2019 Highlights

Drew Brees and Jimmy G took it to the wire. Brees threw for 349 yards, 5 passing TDs & 1 rushing TD, while Jimmy G also threw for 349 yards and 4 TDs. The San Francisco 49ers take on the New Orleans Saints during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Hector Rodriguez Reply

I heard that was a great game I saw the game on the TV while I was shopping at the mall While Christmas shopping I hope we see them again in the NFC playoffs

    Bloc Thief Reply

    What did you buy?

    Bayummm Reply

    Bloc Thief 😂😂

    Cecilia Del Toro Reply

    Why 9ERS are only gonna win the Saints again

    CLIMAX TV Reply

    @Cecilia Del Toro haha, keep dreaming

    Gerald Stelly Reply

    @Cecilia Del Toro be mature and a 12 year old

Roy Vice Reply

One of the best QB duels I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Amazing performance from both QB’s. That being said, let’s go Niners!!!! The quest for six continues 😤

    Faithful 4 Life Reply


Marinielle Reply

Stephen A on Jimmy g: i said NO!

    Josh Murphy Reply

    Jimmy looking great right now

    Tony Chavez Reply

    Marinielle “i never said he was a scrub” 😆

Faithful 4 Life Reply

Bruh Stephen A gonna be makin excuses

Ryan David Reply

Stephen A in the morning: Meh, that was Kyle Shanahan threw all those yards. GG Kyle.

    Marcus Rougeau Reply

    Ryan David No literally right after the game they asked. Did Jimmie prove the doubters wrong……Ummmm well like Garoppolo said it was the team. You idiot you know Jimmie is just being a good humble qb by saying that.

    Mike B Reply

    @Marcus Rougeau I think you missed the “Stephen A” reference there.

    Hauntedechos84 Reply

    I was wondering what excuse he would use this week…..dude drinks alot of haterade

    Khalil Y Reply

    He said oh now we have to see what he does in the playoffs . Moves standards for jimmy every week . He needs to stick to the nba I doubt he even watched the game

Marty Molina Reply

Kittle said WE AIN’T LOSIN!

Martin S Reply

Jimmy G can’t win a gunslinging contest

Jimmy G “hold my damn beer and watch over my Penthouse Pet “

    Lasting Spirit Reply

    Maximilion Pegasus both defenses let their ab Down y’all need to know to double kittle jimmy and kittle have a good chemistry and Marcus Williams need to improve his tackling.

    Gargle Gargle Reply

    @Jon Day son Brees definitely outplayed Jimmy G, higher rating, more tds and no pick, only a 2% in cpt, and also a rushing td, that game was Brees’s game but yeah his defense let him down and sean peyton decided to make some stupid calls

    Rule Tom Reply

    @Gargle Gargle it could be argued all day, but in the end the Saints lost

    Cecilia Del Toro Reply

    @Maximilion Pegasus dream on,and I don’t know what game you seen, maybe you could use a new pair of glasses 😫👓👓👓

Vince Reply

This is one of those great games that someone unfortunately had to lose.

Todd Klein Reply

Ok if these two meet again in the NFC Title Game based on today’s game were in for another classic

    Freakazoid Reply

    This time hopefully in Niners house!

Drewbert 420 Reply

That’s right Jimmy G

Anthony Kernich Reply

Jimmy G’a release omg so perfect

    luke wilson Reply

    brees is better

Charles Moore Reply

Joe Montana could take them down the field.
Jimmy, “I can do that.”

The Real KEN Reply

Sad for drew that his defenses have always let him down

    luke wilson Reply

    kiko alonso will assault george kittle in the playoffs.

MnCAlapati415 Reply

Drew Breese: “Let’s go fellaz. We’re gona light up the scoreboard”
Jimmy G: “I’ll match you Legend”

    MnCAlapati415 Reply

    @aflhasfhsladhfosdhaflshadflk tangy sauce Brees is a Legend, Super Bowl Champ, all his awards he has won throughout his career. First ballot HOF no doubt!!. Jimmy G still young and has a lot more to learn. Hopefully he has a long, promising career like Drew Brees.

    MnCAlapati415 Reply

    @aflhasfhsladhfosdhaflshadflk tangy sauce 6 td’s is great. But not coming out with the win is even better….

    MnCAlapati415 Reply

    @aflhasfhsladhfosdhaflshadflk tangy sauce It never fails. Damn near every week Jimmy G throws a pick.

    Gerald Stelly Reply

    @MnCAlapati415 Thats not Brees fault he cant play defense.

    MnCAlapati415 Reply

    @Gerald Stelly It’s the defense fault on both sides. Brees and the offense did their job.

Mai Her Reply

SAS tomorrow: talk to me when Jimmy G starts kicking field goals

    Fernando Razo Reply

    SAS: talk to me when Jimmy G starts playing defense too. 🤣🤣

Cellar Door Reply

Jimmy G is constantly improving. The sky’s the limit, baby! (no, not hitting on you)

justin sanchez Reply

Stephen A. Tomorrow morning “what is wrong with the saints”

Charlie Tian Reply

Reminds me of that Alex Smith game in the 2012 playoffs. Both teams there also had last minute TDs and 49ers won both off a TE reception

Jonathan Morales Reply

Jimmy G is slowly climbing his way up to the top tier QB’s

    Erick gomez Reply

    Jonathan Morales finally someone says it

    Syohei Harr Reply

    Jonathan Morales only the first year back from a blown out ACL and he’s 5th in the league in completion %, 4th in TD passes, 4th in YPA, and 8th in QBR, and is the QB of an 11-2 team. 6 of his interceptions were from dropped passes. Just imagine what he can do with a full year of starting experience and a non rookie WR Corps next year.

MrSuperFly87 Reply

Kyle Shanahan on Jimmy G: “I truly believe that the more he’s out there the better he’s gonna get”

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