Lamar Jackson Talks About His Record-Setting Night – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lamar Jackson Talks About His Record-Setting Night

Lamar Jackson says he'll cherish breaking Michael Vick's rushing record, but seemed more excited by tying the franchise record for passing touchdowns.

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Baron R


    Hanif Martin

    Breaker’s ov ankles king of the North

    Spencer G

    We are witnessing greatness in the making. This kid has it ALL.

    B'Wyse Judah

    @Spencer G his a young man not a kid get it right. Respect this man

    Kevin Prima

    It’s gonna be nice to see him wearing “Miami Here We Come” before the AFC Championship game 🤣

Andrew JaworskiTV

I lowkey kinda feel bad for him, constantly being asked on how he feels about him being the MVP and completely changing the game when he’s just laser-focused on the team and Super Bowl 54.

    NoSwiss AllCheddar

    @GOLDY GOLDY you are such a dumbass, you must be really in love with Lamar Jackson because you are constantly comment on all his videos. Are you a Squealer fan? Are you scared? You should be

    NoSwiss AllCheddar

    @GOLDY GOLDY and he leads the league in passing touchdowns dumbass

    Lauren Told

    GOLDY GOLDY he has the most throwing touch downs in the NFL. He’s better than your favorite quarterback at throwing.

    Jerome Ashley

    I could be wrong but i think there are alot of people that don’t want to see him succeed

    NoSwiss AllCheddar

    @Jerome Ashley yes every other fan base, they are not supposed to I want to see him succeed

Zack Elliott

He said ” ooooh ok” wut u say ” I said ooooh ok ” lmao too humble!

    James Antonio

    You have to give respect to get respect…don’t take his kindness for weakness, he’ll “do you a job” if you cross him I’m sure on all levels.


    @Jackie Clark Jealousy? Those are ugly as hell necklaces.


    @sappyjohnson that’s swag you could never relate to lmao

    Jackie Clark

    @sappyjohnson …i didn’t say you were jealous of the chains 😂


    nubians will overrule in 30 years. white women will be addicted to drugs and white men will be sissies like kaitlyn jenner.

Baron R

After a good win he is still humble enough to point out his flaws.

    Ryan Johnson

    @Good Shepherd what fucking ‘queen?’

    Kevin Prima

    This kid might be TOO humble for his own good — start bragging a little, dude LOL

    King Esteem

    @Kevin Prima stfu he is not a kid fuktard.

    Jerry Bulger

    @King Esteem — 22 years old is a kid in the NFL, stupid

    Baron R

    @Good Shepherd WTF!!!

Alex Roblero

Patriots wasn’t enough San Francisco wasn’t enough the north crown wasn’t enough Baltimore gotta go farther than anyone expects

    Big Blue Nation 98

    Alex Roblero Bro…I’m a fucking steelers and UK fan man I hope he stays healthy cause he AND the ravens deserves a super bowl

    Kevin Prima

    You guys are definitely going to the Bowl — but I would be scared of the Niners in Miami —- they gave you a real test in YOUR house

    Jason Dayee

    Alex Roblero My Chiefs were enough 💯

    Alex Roblero

    Jason Dayee yeah Kansas City is the only team I don’t wanna face in the playoffs but then again Lamar needs to get revenge

    Hans 818 - USA

    @Mr.SmithGNR Smith We will be the new Patriots of the AFC. DYNASTY does sound pretty good.

It doesn't matter who I am...

Lamar is so chill in his answers lol I love it

    Ms Sandy

    @lilBoakyeVert Right! Lamar has been nitpicked to death. They can’t attack his game play anymore, so the personal attacks start. Sick of it.

    Ms Sandy

    @Run Gunn Just because a person doesn’t speak the way you want him to, or wear his hair in a way that’s acceptable to you, doesn’t mean he is less than or wrong. We don’t all have to be alike. Lamar is just fine. He’s 22 years old. He will change whenever he’s ready or not.

    Run Gunn

    @Ms Sandy it’s not about what I want. It was my observation. Age has nothing to do with a person’s articulation. It’s not like he’s a H.S. dropout or has a 8th grade education.
    Heck when did it become a crime, “personal attack” or “hate” for a person to speak well in public if ya have to address the public. I’ve known of people who’ve taken public speaking courses to get better at speaking to public audiences.

    I don’t care about his braids(RG3 has dreads and is very articulate). Heck at least LJack is not coming out there wearing a women’s scarf on his head like Cam Newton did. 😷

    Ms Sandy

    @Run Gunn For the sake of my blood pressure, I’m ending this conversation with, we’re going to have to agree to disagree. You have your opinion and I have mine.


    @Run Gunn I fully understand what you mean and as someone who went to college out of the state I’m from your accent and diction changes depends on many things being from Florida and going to Louisville it would have taken him a conscious effort to change the way he talks but I realized he doesn’t work that way. Many people don’t no matter what education they get how they speak doesn’t change. No matter how much your intellect has changed you still speak in the same way as your hometown. I understand that doesn’t sit well with some people but try to put yourself in that person shoes he’s talking in a way that makes him feel comfortable is it his job to make us feel comfortable? Lastly this person is always genuine try to respect that about him verses critiquing the way he talks you have no idea how public speaking effects people with certain accents.

Curt Rich

Lamar Great Performance 5 TD’s

Yes Thanks Goes to the WR, TE, Offensive Lineman Blocking!

Lamar you are Awesome!

It’s a Team Effort! I got a great team!


    Pittsburgh Gentlemen PA

    @Shannon Wells

    Pittsburgh Gentlemen PA

    @Curt Rich support the channel my G

    Shannon Wells

    Curt Rich yessir!! So many people dislike him because he’s different from the normal quarterback smh. hes awesome as a human being


Every time Lamar speaks he is so humble and it’s all about his team. He’s confident but not cocky. He’s a amazing qb and yet he has no ego. He’s a awesome teammate and a even better person.

    chrisXD turtle

    No one men wins or lose a game you win as a team and you lose as a team

    Patrick Samples

    That’s exactly why he’s going to take them to the bowl

    Jewoine Wilson

    Interviewers* you are a very efficient passer, what do you thing about that?
    Jackson * Oh yea, the team makes that possible those guys work hard and I just want to give them what they deserve. They make it all passable by being amazing athletes and catching when they can.

    Kevin Prima

    This kid might be TOO humble for his own good — start bragging a little, dude LOL

    Run Gunn

    @chrisXD turtle “win as a team”….that’s why I don’t get some people saying how defenses are gonna catch up to him and stop him, as though he’s not part of a 11 man unit.

Andy Moore

Lamar Jackson: King in the North

    Paul Mcgrady

    KING IN THE NORTH410 🍺🍻🍺🍻



    Brad Krauss

    Of the league

    Asante Asar

    If the Ravens win the Superbowl that’s the chant I want to hear Lamar Jackson “King in the north”….

Cookie Tee

Larmar never forgets to include the Team. He means what says 💯Stats still not his goal winning a Superbowl is!
You are simply Lamarvelous!

    Shannon Wells

    Cookie Tee he’s a humble kid!

    Pittsburgh Gentlemen PA support the channel my G #subcribe

    Kevin Prima

    The kid is maybe TOO humble for his own good — start bragging a little, dude LOL

Rexy 1776

Lamar ties the single season passing TD record (franchise record) against the Jets at 33 TDs he did this in 2 less games then Testaverte truly amazing. I love Lamar’s reaction to this news too.


    Gotta take into account the fact that he has sat out of 3 or 4 4th quarters. So basically one game less too


    2 less games and multiple games hes sat out the 4th. He probably wouldve been set vicks record and the franchise td record if he stayed in


    Cody ur comment should be deleted

    Kevin Prima

    He’s been sitting out a lot of 4th quarters in these blowout wins — he could have close to 40 TDs and 1500 yards rushing if he played all quarters


I never thought the Ravens would have an MVP on offense,  We blessed

    akaPrisma Alt

    Lamar jackson is a bad quarterback but an amazing running back

    Shane Norris

    akaPrisma Alt Top 3 most accurate QB in the league and most passing TDs in the league. Please keep running your mouth you dumbass. lmfaoooooooooooo

    Lor Bmoreflow

    Word thats a fact baltimore up now

    Lor Bmoreflow

    OnecleanDmax in Baltimore the whole city a raven

Lion Thomas

Lamar is so good at dodging dumb questions without making any body feel stupid lol😏

    Shannon Wells

    Lion Thomas he’s so respectful

Paul Buchanan

Man just watching him play is mind blowing! He’s so creative and and ambitious on the field with his play style! Never takes plays off and always ready to correct his mistakes and make sure they win in team ball fashion. God bless his soul and pray for his talent to increase and his health. Lamar is single handily changing the game and I wouldn’t be surprised if the league becomes a completely run first option at Qb.


    Highly Unlikely…..Running QBs Never have Long Careers…..QB’s are Supposed to Throw the Ball……Long Long Long Way…Why Run it……When You can just Throw it?


    @GOLDY GOLDY it’s been several Dual threat qb’s that has had long careers. All year, pocket passers been getting hurt

    Brad Krauss

    He took half the 4th quarter off.. 😂😂

    Brad Krauss

    He took half the 4th quarter off.. 😂😂

    Bill Belzek

    Russell Wilson is a running QB and he’s on his 8th year — just shut up with your ignorance, bro

Matthew Bittenbender

“Did you keep the ball?”
“Yeah, I got the ball right after the play. Some people want to sell it. I want to keep it!”

Lol! Still protecting the rock after game! Congrats on setting the QB rushing record! Looking forward to seeing how much farther you’ll extend it!

Robbie Blue

I swear if this guy wins a Superbowl this year this humble and spits in the face of all you racist trolls I’m going to celebrate like Obama went in the first presidency all over again this man is humble hard-working and leveling the playing field with his god-given talent

    Bill Belzek

    I think a lot of Trump Deplorables hate Lamar — they can’t stand it when a black man does good in America

    Amanda Panda

    @Bill Belzek I’m a Trump fan and I love lamar. Again you are being stereotypical.

    Amanda Panda

    @King Esteem nah I can see fine

    Bill Belzek

    @Amanda Panda — Trump called Baltimore “rat infested” — he is a racist who HATES black people

    Brandon Fitz

    @Bill Belzek ok boomer

Hulk Smash 24/7

All Jackson talks about is winning… The Ravens never lose.

    Liu Kang

    They’ve lost twice…….

    Hulk Smash 24/7

    @Liu Kang I know

    Hoshiko Yuri

    Liu Kang they made up for those loses as well 😉

Stephen Black

He answers every question correctly, humble by nature

Chris Shanklin

😂Lamar knows that’s the worst feeling,When you get popped and everyone yelling “OOOOUU”

    M. Scott

    It’s like getting crossed up

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