Coach Harbaugh’s Postgame Speech: You are the AFC North Champions – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Who’s got it better than us?



    idiot U


    rudy rush

    Aints cant touch the Ravens right now. sorry bud

    rudy rush

    Pittsburgh has nothing for Baltimore, Ill guarantee that.

    Jason Dayee

    My Chiefs 🙂

Jordan Davis

Browns were the offseason AFC North champions

    Rusty Shackelford

    … Lolololololololololololololol!😅😅😅

    Maui Waui

    I believe they’re still in the off season mode

    Mike T.

    Way off!

Malcolm Lloyd

AFC North Champions!!
One of my favorite Ray Lewis quotes:
Wins and losses come a dime a dozen. But effort? Nobody can judge that. Because effort is between you and you.” – Ray Lewis

    Will Hunter


    Berto A

    nope you and god

    kiyan west



    That is a great quote by one of the greatest!

    thomas boffman

    @Berto A between you and you. God has given us free will.


Dude, I’m still trying to get it… we’re AFC North champions… again… like… dude, yeah I know we had it last year, but it was long ago since we didn’t get this far… always fighting for a wildcard spot, losing the last games of the season and getting out of the postseason… it’s incredible to be here once again!!


    XTMachine1 I feel the same. You get to appreciate it more after you have been there at the end of the season watching them fight to get a wildcard. This team is special I really hope we stay healthy finish strong and get to the big one and win.

Nick K

Harbaugh is great at giving speeches. He hypes me up and gives me chills every time.

    Mr.SmithGNR Smith

    Because they aren’t “speeches”…just talks from the heart

    Jacqueline Perry

    Beats Dallas dull coach

    Nick K

    Mr.SmithGNR Smith very very true

    Nick K

    Mr.SmithGNR Smith still considered a speech tho, even if it comes from the heartb

Brandy Bertrand

Speaking it into existence: We will beat the browns

    Will Hunter

    Brandy Bertrand I can’t wait

Stuff With Nava

Y’all ready for that home field advantage in the playoffs 💯!

king shark

Let’s go killllllllll the browns…… that and a sb win, and revenge on the chiefs are my wish list wins.

    Navon Myhand

    That would be a perfect 2019-2020 Ravens season, tbh


    That’s the only team I could see beating Baltimore. Mahomes is literally the only qb that can match Lamar with the big quick plays

    king shark

    @Navon Myhand … yes it would.. dam that would be nice and its doable. 🤞😎

    king shark

    @LoSoNBanks22 .. yeah, not just mahomes but the coaches and scheme they run , plus talent.

Jesus Ramos

Kings of the North!!!

Peasipa Namoa

This is very tearing for me as a BMore fan!!! Been through it all with you guys since the 2000’s n it’s emotional to witness a team that is more than a sports team making it so far past there critiques! #BigTruss #GodWins

    Yuo_boi_oscar !

    Amen ✝️

Joe Taylor

Man this new era of raven picked up right where Ray Lewis has left off

Lion Thomas

AFC north 2× in a row Champs

Justin Rees

Patrick Ricard be like: I’m thirsty for some Gatorade


Congratulations 2019 Baltimore Ravens AFC North Champions!

Ivan West


Kayla Mc

I am so proud to be a Baltimore fan. This AFC North win is different than the last, it feels different but it’s special and it’s awesome!!!

Andrew College Critic Fiorini

That’s a hall of fame coach right there

Berto A

i love everything about this ravens team it’s like the opposite of being a cowboys fan


Congrats to the 2019-20 Super Bowl winners: The Baltimore Ravens! And I’m a Patriots fan who is loving everything from this team, not just from Jackson. Very impressive play calling!

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