John Harbaugh: Division Title Is Our First Goal – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

John Harbaugh: Division Title Is Our First Goal

Head Coach John Harbaugh talks about Lamar Jackson's work in the red zone and says special teams is an 'area of concern.'

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Desmond shaw

Ravens baby !

Aaron Turner

First, this is my favorite Ravens team to watch. Which is VERY tough to say.


    This is my favorite TEAM to watch and thats VERY tough to say. Very close the Patriots with Moss for me.

Perfectus Maximus

Yes sir , big trussss

Baron R

The North Is Not Enough!


    Nope we want all of the 7 kingdoms!


Remember when Browns and Steelers fans said we weren’t gonna win the Division during the off-season? Lololololololololololol I wonder how they feel now 😂

    Maui Waui

    @hellotherefatb0y as a Steelers I ain’t tripping I’m happy for you guys and especially Lamar! Pittsburgh is still a championship organization and I can’t say the same for Cleveland and their all star roster😂😂

Samuel Peters

Let’s go flock! Relentless!

Andrew JaworskiTV

would recommend boosting the volume when the media asks the questions please!!

    410 north ave 443 north ave

    Yes I’ve been feeling the same way for so long

Kingson White



#Ravensnation #1ststepdown. Home field advantage next!

    J Terry

    dude we are away at Cleveland Sunday 😂


defense and special teams has to improve. the JETS put up 21 points on us. thats not gonna fly against teams like the chiefs or patriots.

    kingbey fan

    6 of those points came off of a blocked punt which doesn’t happen that often to this team. I feel like the 10 day break for this team MENTALLY is going to do some good. This team won 10 straight games with the last 2 coming down to 1 score. If you look at it the defense only gave up 15 points, which is below their average.


    I think it was as much to do with the D/ST played a really good but tough game just 4 days ago. This week the offense did it for us. This mini-bye for 10 days will do this team good before the last 2 weeks of regular season and the playoffs.

    Kendra Evans

    But, we put up 37 on the Patriots and our defense was not that good that night either. But, it kept Brady at 20 though.


    When you score that many points you are going to give up some as well. Part of football. Unless its the worst team ever

    Dead Viking

    Devin technically the jets offense scored 15 points.

    6 points came off a blocked punt.

Jovian Kennedy

This year and last year they asked the question who would win the afc north Steelers or browns. Just completely disregarding and disrespecting the ravens. Now look. Ignorant football commentators


    the meda are ignorant fr!!! with as much tape as they watch you’d think they’d be more knowledgeable but nah!!! they’re mostly str8 dumbasses!! lol


    I told everyone and work 2 things in august.1 Flacco is done and the browns will not win our division.their qb is a narcissitic punk and ours is team,team,team

George Taylor

Lamar Jackson got me excited about watching football again!

king shark

Title defensed…. the crown stays in bmore. Kings of the north. Awwwwwarrk.

Liu Kang Kixx

Nobody cares work harder! Let’s go the north is not enough!! 🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜💯🦾🦿

Grey Ghost


Eric D'Aleo

congrats to the fans hahahah cheers bruv

King John

As a Die Hard Steelers Fan I’m so glad for the Ravens and Lamar cause as a True fan of the game of American Football this young King has changed the game and he’s a very humble guy and he’s a True Team player and I pray that he stays healthy and humble and the Ravens organization is going to be the next up on multiple Super Bowl Wins!!! Big Facts 💯 🤣🤣 🤣 And as a Die Hard Steelers Fan we F-Up big time by not drafting this young King but may he continue to be blessed he and his mother cause they really deserve all of the Blessings that they are receiving and Big Up’s to his mother for keeping him grounded and not letting the league turn him into a WR 💯🤣 🤣

John Azike Jr


money game


browardmade monte

I’m a saints fan and I be more excited to watch the ravens😭😭😭still a die hard saints fan we lost by them petty lil 2 points

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