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king shark

Ok…. just make it out healthy, real ravens fans looking forward to next week, outside a sb win, we want this browns revenge win something bad.

    Dave Brown

    @king shark 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😂😂😂😂😂

    king shark

    @Kojtxiszoonyob Hlubkoj69 .. hell yeaah

    king shark

    @Dave Brown ..😎✌

    Angela Hester

    king shark facts! I want to shut those fans up so damn bad!

    king shark

    @Angela Hester … you know it, that’s the one we all got circled. Smash them browns.

Malcolm Sanders

The dirty rotten basters trying to hurt Lamar Jackson, by going for his legs

    Livin Legin Bodymore

    J. FILL he was in the pocket are you not listening or are you deaf

    Livin Legin Bodymore

    49ers fan03 stfu mufuka he was in the pocket
    Didn’t ya’ll just catch this L at the bank 🏦 go to the 49ers page so u can talk about Jimmy Garapoho u bitchmadeassmufuka

    Woodly Lochard

    Quenton Scott Bonnard Pollard 2008! That’s why they don’t want players to go low on the QB

    James Antonio

    He’s a target for sure.

N. Johnson

Subtitles for the reporters are needed

    Inquire about it

    Subtitles for Lamar wouldn’t hurt either tbh lol.

    Dylan Gilbertson

    Why dont they get mics? It’s a simple necessity


Always look forward to Lamar’s press conference. But I can barely hear the questions. Oh well. Nobody cares. Listen harder.

    Hunter David Copus

    I actually do care, it’s annoying.







Tom Ross TV

Normally defenders go for the legs of big tight ends.. Not QB’s.. The media is encouraging dirty play, and the league is allowing it.

    Shaqdashooter HK

    Going below the waist of a QB is supposed to be flag guess not when you look like lamar

    Renzo Mavrick


    YHWHoshua Ben yisrael

    @glenn curry facts!!!

    Brian Fike

    @Tom Ross TV Whaaa. Go watch golf.

Giuseppe Modica

Lamar got a Neck As strong as Barkleys legs ,


    Nah even bigger. His neck is like earl Campbell’s legs lmao


    Big trust😂

    James Antonio

    Look like he’s power training to prevent injuries…my opinion

    James Antonio

    @Toughtune I’m sure he’s all around training…and invested in a excellent trainer and nutritionist like LeBron and Brady


Mic up the god damn press.

    Glass Chin Joshua

    NO! It’s an ASMR press conference duh 😂

Daniel Fawley

Of course he’ll play Thursday. He’s too determined. That man would play without a leg if he had to and still be the fastest on the field

    Nba Sean

    Legoat James eggplant bike?

    M G

    😂 get your head out your 🍑 boi

    Will Smith



    @Legoat James u do the same thing to the most overrated player ever it sounds like. get a clue ya hypocrite.

Gail Hatfeild

God got Lamar he will protect him. And his angels are all around the. Ravens !!

    Jordan Davis

    Gail Hatfeild Amen! God Bless

    Kevin Brown

    Lmao God ain’t protecting nobody playing football.

    Jason Kendrick

    Those aren’t Angels, those are Ravens out there protecting him

    D V

    His O Line>>>>>them angels


Dude Lamar is my guy he is the figure of a role model for any child, no excuses a team player and a great person to look up to. He gives no excuses and gives 100% on everything he does!!

    Trista Freisinger



    VW DT wit the colin kapernick pfp lmao


    iElim Colin is a fucking idiot

    Kevin Prima

    Would you rather your kid idolize a humble grinder like Lamar — or a spoiled crybaby like Brady?

    Lor Bmoreflow

    adminofutube123 a fucking legend*

Robbie Blue

He is leveling the playing field with his God given talent he knows no one is going to give, and he knows plenty of racist trolls are bias!

    YHWHoshua Ben yisrael

    @Yurugu Killah great comment!!

    Richard DeCredico

    Genetically given talent, from family, not god or gods, fool. Combined with hard work and a clear vision of goals.

    Joey Weisen

    Rob Erickson he’s not a scrambling qb . His runs are designed . Not out of desperation

Roiyaru Highness

I’m going to tha game Thursday if he didn’t play I would cry


    Rey R. Steelers are best in the league

    Ravens superbowl Run

    @DuskThunder9 for me to poop on!!!!!

    Glass Chin Joshua

    Bruh I’d be heated if I got tickets and he didn’t play

    Natata Martin

    I’m going too. This is my 3rd this season and first primetime! I am so pumped to see Steve Smith Sr on the Raven’s walk

    Ryan Heisler

    @DuskThunder9 gay

Rick S

Lamar be careful Greg Williams encourages dirty tactics.

    Glass Chin Joshua

    I forgot about that 😳

    No pad no pencil heyzel

    @Rick S I can see all that but the jets defense is no joke either you gotta respect gregg williams

    No pad no pencil heyzel

    @Kc Carryl it’s any given sunday fam or Thursday in this case

    Rick S

    No pad no pencil heyzel the bounty gate goat? Lol nah I don’t respect a cheat bruh.

Patterson coach 1

Throwing the ball not running it lol 😂 way too put it in there face

Brother T

Reporter: “Lamar when did the injury happen? Like on what hit? During the game”
Lamar: “Throwing the ball. NOT RUNNING IT”

I love how he so subtle wit it

    James Cecil

    Brother T , this guy is so strong and secure in himself. “I know who I am and I know what I’m trying to do,” he said to one of the reporters. Rarely have I ever felt so strongly about a player. He’s a true leader. His physical gifts are only exceeded by his soul and intelligence. How often in life do we realize something is entirely special while it’s happening, unfolding. Years from now, when I look back on Lamar Jackson’s career, I will know that I appreciated it fully as it was happening.

    Brian Odom

    I love the shade Lamar gave to that 49ers analyst. Lamar said no words, but wore white sleeves and white gloves for the first half against Buffalo. Well played.

    terrell ivey

    Mikey Arnold just to think, he’s only 22!

    Mikey Arnold

    Terrel ivy I know bro still so young bout to get a BOWL already he will have 10 when he’s done.Hes taken this league by a storm


This man is so respectful of other people he refuses to mispronounce another player’s name.

    Thomas Robinson

    Malik Billings-el who is they ??

    sean dent

    Thomas Robinson Literally anyone that isn’t a Ravens fan

    Kaden Main

    And answers the reporters with yes sir and yes ma’am

    Walter Smith

    sean dent I’m a die hard bears fan but I’ve loved watching the ravens. Their respect, pride, and positivity just leaks out whenever you watch or listen to them. I wanna see y’all take the super bowl dub

    James Antonio

    His mama raised him correctly

Edwin Navedo

people it’s a bruised thigh for Fucks sake …..

    ll S N A R L ll

    Ikr getta grip …

    Zenopos III

    Rashad Johnson it’s not the severity of the injury it’s how it came about. If one of these white golden boy QBs was hit low in the pocket there would be uproar.

    Glass Chin Joshua

    Is that what they said?? I thought they said it was a serious quad injury. Yo the media be tripping

    Juss T

    Thank you a couple Ice Baths Hot showers action Jackson back in action.


the media is trying to make all about Lamar and Lamar is making it all about his team

    M Osing

    No joke. They always ask “lamar, you….” And his answer is always “we”

    Trista Freisinger

    BlackManTravel – YESSSS 👏🏼 Best comment ever! And it’s so true!!!


    Sounds like MVP Pat Mahomes

    Kevin Prima

    Brady makes it all about himself — Lamar makes it all about the Ravens


Media will say “see that’s what he gets for running” but he’s being targeted in the legs in the pocket if it was Aaron Rodgers Tom jimmy it would be a uproar but since he’s athletic it’s that’s what he gets? Such bs

Yosef Ben Avraham

“Throwing the ball, not running it.” Lamar is Protected by a Higher Source.

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