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Chris Howard

Lamar MVP

Benny Lucero

Why vote em to the pro bowl when they’re gonna play in the super bowl

    Nons ツ

    Benny Lucero fr dont vote for Lamar

    Gucci Boiy-Z

    Benny Lucero please don’t jinx it I do every year


    They still get the pro bowl under their name tho

    Chauncey Thomas

    Idiotic logic. Any deserving athlete would appreciate the recognition for such a huge feat. Especially the bonus that comes with it, so vote.

    Benny Lucero

    @Chauncey Thomas it’s a joke. Chill out

Reginald Walker

So friend so true!!


If Marcus peters is leading how can marlon lead too?


Anybody else vote like 20 times?

ryan damon

Ravens πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

Leaping Lizard

I have liked marlon ever since we drafted him


    @Brian Noland but marcus peters by far one of the best additions to the team but u should know better then anyone Tucker deserves a spot onto this thing like for real he is beast and with the way he played he shoulda been from the saints if u want my opinion because he is also beast

    Brian Noland

    @GamingTitanGod Peters was a godsend at a time when we were missing Jimmy Smith. The best part now is with Smith healthy we have three All-Pro caliber corners who all specialize in different things. Peters is easily our best zone corner, Smith is still one of the best press-corners in the league and Marlon plays the best pure man-to-man in the league in my opinion, so it really gives Martindale a ton of options in mixing up coverages and blitz packages.

    Tucker should be a pro bowl lock every year until he retires by default. The guy misses maybe one field goal every three years and banged easily the field goal of the year with the 49 yarder in the driving rain to beat the 49ers. Hall of Famer for sure even if he retired tomorrow.


    @Brian Noland if they win by like 5 then yea put RG3 in but honestly yea ur right hollywood and LJ would b better teammates after this year but also yea RG3 needs to do what lamar does or at least slide but roberts joined because of lamar himself and even Rey Lewis wanted to do one game with lamar because he is by far the best QB we ever got


    and lamars throwing could use a bit of work but apart from that he im sure can beat the jets if these guys dont blast him out of no where


    @Brian Noland ur right about that buddy and u should talk with me more on my instagram

Dro Torres

gonna vote for the whole team, they have been representing us proudly.


My pro bowl ballot had these Ravens
Lamar Jackson
Mark Ingram
Pat Ricard
Marquise Brown(I had room)
Mark Andrews
Ronnie Stanley
Orlando Brown Jr.
Marshal Yanda
Matthew Judon
Marlon Humphrey
Marcus Peters
Earl Thomas
Justin Tucker
Sam Koch
Anthony Levine Sr.


    Gotta put Chuck Clark on there

Short Bus Pull Up

Everybody!!!! ravens coaches too!!!

Carlos Chavez

Why not the whole ravens roster 😁😁

jerrell Creates

Too bad they won’t play because they’re gonna be in the super bowl baby πŸ’œπŸ€˜

ISo_funny 4

Why y’all going to the super bowl

gamer Scott

I voted every raven for pro bowl

Luke Puckett

Just voted. I voted every player on the Ravens for every position πŸ’œ

Max BeBeastin

Judon is Underrated

Andrew Fung

Stanley should be in the pro bowl highest graded tackle on PFF


Too bad the votes won’t matter since none of them will actually be going to the pro bowl


Keep in mind we don’t want to play in this game.


These deserving ravens could care less about the pro bowl and I freaking love it

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