Earl Thomas Says Refs Need to Protect Lamar Jackson More | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

For real tho,.. Protect our MVP even though he able to get himself lol. Lets goo boys!!

    Curt Knight

    Aimbot Dave🎒 he got hit in the pocket…

    Kyleel Buckner

    Aimbot Dave🎒 i got a feeling u don’t know wtf ur talking about

    Bashir Abdulkadir

    @Aimbot Dave🎒 what???


    @Aimbot Dave🎒 slide in the pocket? Lol

king shark

Ok…. but geez dont bring up the refs, and have them put a target on our back. See how they jugging the saints behind going after them.

    king shark

    @Tom Ross TV true, just hope we fly under they radar, they been had for us for years.

    Urkel DiCaprio

    The refs are being investigated this year in the offseason anyway so they better get stuff right or a lot of refs will be out of jobs for throwing ridiculous flags and holding them for worse plays.

    Tom Ross TV

    king shark you can’t fly under a radar that is created for you.. You have to expose the fact that you are the only one being clocked on this radar

    king shark

    @Urkel DiCaprio … sounds about right, but know the nfl will keep it hush.

G Star

Love ya Ravens, and Ravens fans!

N. Johnson

Subtitles for the reporters are needed

    Quenton ONeal

    Seriously. It’s almost pointless to watch these without them.

    Debbie Crooks

    The players struggle to hear the questions too. They need mics

    Daniel Contreras

    With headphones sounds better, but you need to be ready to down the volume when the players speak xD

    Devin Maryland

    er un momento para que no se


What the hell was that Debo Samuel question? lol

    Ron Jones

    She had a heavy accent kind of kool 😂

    Edwin Navedo

    She compared Debo Samuel Speed to the Speed of a similar type player on the Jets in Correlation to having familiarity with his skillset

    Edwin Navedo

    He answered by saying facing him would not have any relevant impact on the skillset of another player


    @Edwin Navedo yea i understood her, but the question was kind of irrelevant as stated by earls response. Like miss trinidad said.. they trying everything to fig us out xD


That Lady always asks weird questions

    David Brown

    @Edwin Navedo Stop being a damn simp, it wasn’t a great question and of course harbs would encourage her because men are afraid of backlash from critics.

    Ø.G DeRrIcK

    CurtDiesel81 😭😭


    @David Brown I know a few chicks that prolly know as much if not more about football then most dudes

    David Brown

    @DC And? What does that have to do with my point, men don’t benefit from that!

    Jameson Helfrich

    @CurtDiesel81 Clearly you didn’t because she referred specifically to Vyncint Smith, by name, more than once. He’s not a big-name player so I think the question caught Earl off guard. But that shows she knows more about the roster than just the names everyone knows and doesn’t ask the obvious questions.

xA P 0 S t A TE

For those wondering, Lamar said he is good to play on Thursday. 😁

    joe hill

    Him big a man or nor that hit to the need was illegal and should have been flagged

    xA P 0 S t A TE

    @joe hill it was actually a hit to the thigh (quad area) just above the knees. It was a LEGAL hit

    glenn curry

    @Bennybass it has nothing to do with being a man.they are definitely trying to take his legs out. They know that’s the only way to stop him. And it is dirty. Because everyone out there is trying to earn a living. And no one should be trying to hurt another player. Football is one thing but when you start cheap shooting people. Your taking it to far. Go Ravens. Go Lamar…

    joe hill

    @xA P 0 S t A TE ah okay it looked to me that it was lower then that

Bodymore Dummy

On the show Speak for Yourself yesterday Tony Gonzalez said a way to slow down LJ8 is to cheap shot him and take 15 yard penalties to help slow him down crazy people have that mind set

    P J

    We need to get the win Thursday and not have Lamar on the field against the Browns. They have no class and will be the team to not care about any penalties just to see him down.

    Natata Martin

    Yeah I saw his B*tch *ss say that ish. I lost ALL respect for him! Like WTF?! He’s a hater.

    Westcoast 57257

    Bodymore Dummy I wish someone told that to Suggs back in 2012 when he would just clock Kap every option play he got.

    Navon Myhand

    I feel that if you need to hurt/injure another player so they don’t run over your team then you don’t deserve to win anyways. Plus the Jets DC was involved in bountygate so I don’t expect clean tackles all of tomorrow 😒


    Tony Gonzales is a racist imbecile.
    Much like the racist imbeciles that employ him.


Earl tells it like it is

Calvin Roach

It was obvious that the linebacker dove at Lamar’s knees during that last touchdown pass.

    Uncle Shannon

    Bennybass not the one to Snead the pass to hurst

    G Dinero

    If they dive at Brady or Brees lower legs it’s a penalty all day not a football play…Brady have won games bc of calls like that. facts

    Cal Caleb

    Sad then everyone wanna act concerned when Josh Allen dumbass tried to dived for a first down head first and got crushed when he played the Pat’s

    Calvin Roach

    joe hill thanks. These guys are barking but don’t know the rules!

    Jocky Rohnson

    Blade Runner It’s in the new rule book to protect the passer. Defenders can’t dive at the QBs knees when they are still in the pocket. Just because Lamar isn’t a slow white QB doesn’t mean he can’t get the same protection.

Tom Ross TV

Earl is right and we all see it

Ron Jones

I love that Earl speak his mind man and he at least tried to a her question 😂 it was wrong the penalty they call on him thou.

Luke Puckett

That penalty on Earl was ridiculous. These refs need to be fired

    Kenron Barnes

    Luke Puckett I totally agree, because even after the replay nothing was said at all about it smh

    Luke Puckett

    Kenron Barnes ik bruh, he made a great play then the refs just gave them the yards back smh

    P J

    And we still won after all that.

    Luke Puckett

    @P J yessir 😈


Lamar needs to start wearing knee pads,like the ones they use to ride bikes

david smith

They are trying to hurt Jackson they know thats the only way to stop him


    Just gave you your 100th like because that’s BIG FACTS! Defenses have put a bounty out on Lamar Jackson

    Stephen Louidor

    @PowerToTheTubers agreed

    Jocky Rohnson

    Brian Fike I bet you hate Lamar Jackson for other reasons not related to football. Even if he’s humble lol


I’ve been saying that since the 49ers game..they were leg hunting like it’s nfn..

    Uncle Shannon

    Vanquisher HD it’s not when he was running it’s in the pocket they’re going for his legs

    Vanquisher HD

    Uncle Shannon dude those roughing the passer calls wasn’t late at all stop being bias towards ur QB. NO ONE IN THE NFL IS KNEE HUNTING HIM. All of u guys acting all so concerned now because he has a MINOR hamstring injury.

    NotWolfy 31

    @Vanquisher HD funny how you just disregarded the question so I’ll ask again and see if your dumbass can comprehend it this time. I’m just arguing about what you’re bitching about, you said “when he’s on the run he’s not a QB no more” my argument is he is still getting hit after he throws in the POCKET. This video isn’t about Lamar getting hit when he runs this is about Lamar getting hit in the POCKET AFTER A PASS, THE CALLS EARL IS TALKING ABOUT ARE THE HITS WHERE LAMAR IS GETTING HIT AFTER HE THROWS THE BALL. NOBODY IS ARGUING THE CALLS WHEN HE RUNS. Try to stick to the topic next time.


    I can’t lie. If I was on defense and the QUARTERBACK tried to make me look stupid? I’m like a great white shark out there and he’s bait. What am i supposed to do? Give him a pass everytime he come my way? Yeah, ok. Them legs are MINES!!!!

Ronald Franklin

Referees – I realize this is a very difficult task to officiate in the NFL area … but for crimey sakes cant we get some uniformity on the calls –
The Ravens get called for things that are not even defensible …


I became worried about this several weeks ago. I had told numerous friends I was worried about him getting hurt. I don’t trust anybody in the other teams to take him down. God bless him and God protect him.

    Osy Elkassih

    psywizard880 it’s obvious they are going for legs Incase they meet again in playoffs it’s the only way to stop the ravens it’s pretty dumb


You touch Brady’s jersey It’s 15 yrds to life

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