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Kyler rookie of the year

freddy and foxy

This guy about run with the cardinals for years

josh espedahl

Best rookie qb we have seen in A LONG TIME! Remember the cardinals have had the worst passing o line for like 5 years straight. And this year our defense was litterally the worst in the NFL and kyler still kept us in most games!! He is elite


    Frantz Lenin remember when leinart was the one damn I’ve been through it 🤣

    Frantz Lenin


    That mfer lived like one mile from me lol

    Crayola Master

    He was elite this year but by no means an “elite quarterback.” Let’s see him do this for 2 more seasons straight or he’s not elite

    Oliver McCall

    @Crayola Master So I guess Lamar isn’t elite then

    Josh Lucas

    @Bill Tuigamala last year was the Cardinals

Roger Houghton


    Tweek TP

    Heaven Thawng Can’t deny the fact that Kyler and Luck are the only 2 players in history to have at least five 300-yard passing performances

    Heaven Thawng

    @Norman Avalos yall really comparing schedules, giants played 4 current playoff teams where as cardinals only played 5. If u think one more team is a big life changer then whatever floats ur boat. Dont sit here and act like kyler is so beyond daniel jones when daniel has put up those accolades in way less games. Kyler in 3 games had the same amount of tds as daniel in his nfl career start, which was against the bucs defense which at the time was a top 10 defense. Again, we dont know what could’ve been if Daniel started week 1 but I’m sure yall see his first rookie start. Since they do play pretty different teams let’s look at the team that they had in common, the Lions. Kyler dropped a respectable 308 yds 2 tds 1 int against them, where as Daniel put up 324 yards, 4 tds and 0 ints.

    Heaven Thawng

    @Tweek TP That’s great and all, it really is. But like cmon bro u know how good u gotta be to be the first rookie in nfl history to throw for 350+ yds 5 tds 0 ints? Or to be known as one of the 3 qbs in history to have multiple 300+ 4+ td games? Like I’m not tryna be a salty giants fan I’m just tryna let yall know that daniel shouldn’t be slept on. I really dont think kyler was that impressive this year to be deserving of such feats. If anything gardner minshew won more rookie of the week polls than Daniel or kyler. I just dont see the hype around kyler. Yea he can get yards but at the end of the day how useful are those when you need points to win a game.

    Norman Avalos

    @Heaven Thawngthats fine you can hold on to those arguments of Daniel Jones having a better 1st game than Kyler which really dont mean anything going forward besides you and Giants fans bringing it up brag about it I guess. Its also ok if youre not impressed by Kylers rookie season, if you notice Giants fans are really the only people saying he wasnt that impressive. While I would say 95% of the rest of the football world are saying Kyler had an impressive rookie season without getting into the circumstances with you again. Just accept the Fact Kyler was the Best Rookie this season and hes gonna win OROY. I respect your loyalty to your QB tho. Just dont ever say Daniel is better than Kyler Murray unless you want to get laughed at or if this is an atempt at trolling, Nice Job👍

    Heaven Thawng

    @Norman Avalos my goal in doing this entire thing was to try to open the eyes of some of you who genuinely believe that kyler is the unanimous roty. He has accomplished a lot of things but he was expected to since he won the Heisman and was the first pick in the draft. I’m just tryna give u facts and statistics that show that daniel isnt that far off. Yall love to bring up turnovers but in reality its just fumble issues that daniel has. Guess what, those issues started to get improved as the season progressed cuz guess what hes still a rookie. No one thought he’d be good. So keep an eye for the giants and keep an eye out for danny mf dimes

Kuddy 233

Haters this season:
Lamar is a bust!

Kyler is a bust!

End of season and they both balled out

Haters: ok but Joe burrow from lsu is for sure gonna be a bust!

    Oliver McCall

    @Kuddy 233 It’s because he’s black

    Oliver McCall

    @Christian Hernandez Have you seen some of his throws, only a handful of NFL QBs could make some of them

    Kuddy 233

    @Oliver McCall that too

    Christian Hernandez

    @Oliver McCall it’s a shame the bengals o line won’t give him all day to throw the ball just like lsu’s o line does. hope he proves me wrong tho

    Pedro Sober

    Oliver McCall They said the same about Ryan leaf

Mo Salah

Kyler> Baker.

    G. CRAIG

    Saw the soccer game today

    malcolm champion

    Mo Salah so true



    Christian Hernandez

    mane > salah

    Oliver McCall

    Messi > Salah

Tweek TP

Kyler Murray is the 6th Player in NFL History to have 3500+ Passing yards and 500+ Rushing yards. Man do we have a future HOF here?


    @Heaven Thawng o yeah I know, was just saying your point becomes invalid because of the bad secondary. Jones is still 2nd ( maybe third if Lock played more) best rookie QB by a mile.

    Heaven Thawng

    @Truevillany I literally did not see a bad secondary lmao they lowkey was clamping up our receivers. Which is kinda sad for the giants highkey

    Heaven Thawng

    @Truevillany I really do think kyler isnt deserving of the 1 spot because we dont know how much better daniel could’ve been if he started week 1


    @Heaven Thawng yeah, but generally our secondary is bad. I think Jones will be solid, but that is about it. Get a good team though you all could win a SB with him.

    SSick Camaro SS

    Imagine having to like Daniel Jones lmao. That boy still got PTSD from chandler jones.


He led a team who’s defense held 1 team to under 21 all year he has to score at least 24 just to have a shot they allowed 27.8 a game

    Pedro Sober

    ramonmonch He’s gotten used to it, had to single handily carry Oklahoma in college

S Phan

Futures bright! DREAMS BRO hard K1💥💥

Kristion Taylor

He’s like one of those MyPlayers you create as a kid that’s actually 5’8″ and you just bump all of his ratings to 99

    Sensei Hustle

    Kristion Taylor 😂😂😂 the Accuracy

    Mr. GOAT!!

    Forreal tho lmao!! I definitely created Kyler Murray at one point in my life


    He’s 5’10 or Steve Smith 5’7 they went back to back Kyler was taller

Rob Scott

I suspect he’s going to go off in 2020


    With an o line

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    The past two MVPs have been 2nd year QBs. Now I’m not saying he will win MVP next year, but I think he’ll have a great one

    Oliver McCall

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT Danny Dimes MVP confirmed

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Oliver McCall excuse me, those QBs were black too

Jack Spolar

he should be rookie of the year


    Jack Spolar Bosa

    Myles Curry

    Drail offensive rookie of the year

    Myles Curry

    Drail that is what he meant for Kyler

Just Dab Oxlat

He had a good season, just build around him and they will be dangerous


bright future can’t wait to see what this teams potential holds behind him in years to come🔥

Roy McCoy

Feels so good to know we finally have our QB for the next 10 years

    Alonso Quintero

    Roy McCoy fr

Patrick Romo

Larry looks so happy to play with Murray. Good for him. He is one of the greatest of all time

Chopz Wendigo

I like the fade away spin around throw he does sometimes .. and I’m a niner fan much respect


Pair this man up with Ceedee and a competent O-Line and the Cards will have a potent offense next season.


Great rookie season, Cards could be scary in a year or two.

Tommy Fox

You should drop a josh Gordon “High”light reel

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