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Micky Sisay

Watching this game really made me appreciate Lamar a lot more.

    tella56 L

    @TheDarknessOfGames right. what the hell!!!

    Jake Hill

    @Bell Delphine’s Bath Water FACTS!

    Shanelle Cooper

    Yep, that’s all I kept thinking, appreciate Lamar so much more. Lamar makes it look so easy & Lamar makes it fun & exciting to watch. Lamar=MVP

    Mr. Walk Down

    Escocivo 30 lmao what are you talking bout help RGIII ?


Harbaugh is coach of the year and it ain’t close. His preseason team just slapped a team fighting for a playoff spot.

    Jamey Summers

    Wrong, it was a preseason team for the Steelers. Many many 3rd string players and backups. This game was no feat. The Steelers were terrible this year.


    @The Nimble Ninja
    They are both great,
    That’s why they are number 1 seed.
    If quarterbacks could win games alone, then the texans would be in the playoffs this year.

    Blops Zomb

    You could argue the Steelers were worse off tomlin is literally on his third qb and rb

    Canyon Schuster

    yg.meech679 you do realize that 3 members of the online started with Brandon Carr Marcus Peters marquise brown and hurst right?


    AGK927 where your dad, kid? you’re embarrassing yourself here

Jonathan King

Was really nice to see RG3 out there starting a game, even a relatively meaningless one.

Edit: Added the ‘relatively’ not to diss th rivalry🧐

    Troy Richardson

    Definitely wanted them out of the playoffs

    Ernesto Gasulla

    Hear hear. And winning it!

    Michael Robinson

    RG3 looked better than half the starting quarterbacks in the league


    Agreed. I’m cheering for him but even his completed passes didnt look great. He’s always had a gun but lacked touch. Im sure the rain had something to do with it. LJ’s passes always seem to be spot on.

    Alexander Jones

    MrChiCity3 it was monsooning dawg chill

Logan issa Ravens fan from Ohio

Players like peanut,Jefferson,Carr, Clark, are so underrated


    Jefferson has been out most of the season.

    BabyMeat Chris

    Sebastian Curran I’m 16 I was 9 when I became a fan and they didn’t have great seasons and I still watched them and your prolly a bandwagon kid 😂

    Paye Mialor

    Chuck Clark is my boy out of va…


    @mr coolc Why? They have 18 tight ends that can do the same thing.

    My name is to long for you to read the whole thing

    Jefferson’s injured?? You’re the the one who isn’t a real fan


I can’t believe the Ravens preseason team beat the regular season Steelers.

    Jorge Gaytan

    @Nut_nasty R I meant overall, you guys didn’t have nothing on the line, you could rest your starters, but the Steelers have no Qb, big ben got hurt and season was truly over,good luck in the playoffs


    @Carver Bradley i cant wait until next season when we win the division and you ravens fans cry

    Jamey Summers

    What you should believe is that the Steelers were terrible this year. Almost the whole offense were backups and 3rd stringers. You are just used to the Ravens sitting out the playoffs because of the Steelers every year.

    Anthony Hutchins

    Did they though? Pretty sre the Steelers pre season team has been playing all year lol


Crusher. No playoffs cause you couldn’t beat the Ravens backups, that’s tuff

    J D

    @Dawson Yoder considering your “starters” got blown out by the Patriots and were getting smacked by the Seahawks even with your starters the Ravens would’ve smacked yall

    J D

    @RedWolf let me remind you that he lost 33-3 against the Patriots a team the Ravens beat with ease and was getting smacked by the Seahawks another team the Ravens beat with ease

    Jimmy M

    Bearboy193 cheering for a Boston team is like giving away your manhood to peewee Herman

    James Littlenten

    Niall Leonard it sad that we ended you’re season with backups lmao


For the 4th Time in the last 8 years,the Steelers finish 7th in the AFC..

    James Williamson

    @CommanderBalok no my point they was already a established organization they had the same owners that already had a history in the NFL even tho the name everything was still left in Cleveland you can’t say they are a young organization

    USA Citizen

    @Against What Society Accepts I am sure neither the ravens or steelers cares what you think.


    We finally had a solid defense again this year and our offense was in shambles. We had a player hold out and not play all last season. Shot happens, they just need to continue building the team up. We need to look for our next big QB and a better offensive line.


    ggaccentc it’s not excuses, that’s just reality. This year we had a great defense and no offense.

    Against What Society Accepts

    USA Citizen 😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️ when people have nothing left to say they do what you just did…state the obvious 😂😂 have a great day mate 😂

Larrysgdz Thebest

*Raven: ayye steelers u tryna go to the playoff*

*Steelers: yes please.*

*Ravens: YEEEET!*

    Maurice Walker


    Yung Tre

    Smack yoself

    αиgєl lσνє


    Mr LV3

    I was the 666th like 🤫🤫🤫


    That’s was a good one. Lol

Krish Jayanth

R.I.P. Duck, *2019-2019*

    Darnell Lucas

    Dead on arrival

    Darnell Lucas

    I wonder how much for the duck hats the steelers fans had on … cant give them shits away


    He should be gone and never to return EVER! He should take Rudolph with him!!!


    Man!….Once Big Ben retires its gonna be like this every year! The funny thing is…The Bengals will be a LOT better next year. I dont see the Steeler’s being much better than 8w-8L next couple of years until they address the cap!


    Krish Jayanth He did pretty well all things considered.


Yup, Urinatingtree is going to be really pissed
On the upside, “This week, on days of our Steelers”

    Flip Janson

    @Oliver McCall last year there was actual substance and it was all right. This year there ain’t a whole lot to talk about. Is he going to go on a 5 minute tirade about how the starters shouldn’t have gotten hurt and we somehow deserve this for past arrogance? Season’s over; it’s time to move on.

    Michael Brown

    I remember people saying that last year when they missed the playoffs! 😂😂😂😭😭😭

    Conrad Friedman

    @Curtis Hammer a Bengals fan agrees

    Conrad Friedman

    @Michael Brown because they should’ve made it last year if they could win 1 or 2 more games but this year they were hot garbage. They’re not supposed to be there

    Olusegun oyewole

    This is going to be a an epic Season finale

imani williams

so nobody didnt notice how justin tucker was doing the bop dance after hitting that field goal🤣🤣


    @Armani Doe when you’re black and got no culture you just steal or make shut up. Go celebrate kwanzaa lmao

    Imperfectx 11

    Everybody has culture

    Robin Jackson

    @Brian hating hip hop break dancing lol your culture is garbage


    He can do whatever he wants. He’s money. From Stover to Tuck. The Patriots cant make any field goals.

Justinn Zamora

Nice work, Ravens.

We’re just glad to see RG3 win his first game as a starter in a fairly long time.

    New World Grover

    @H S huh, he didn’t look great compared to Lamar but if the weather conditions were better I think he would’ve been fine.

    Lance Grey

    RG3 did not win that game the defense did.
    RG3 was horrible

    Jackdigger RBLX

    Tropix.Africa _ did you not watch


    @retro nerds LOL harsh


14-2, if that’s not a statement just wait for the playoffs #BIGTRUSSS ‼️

    AxB DMV

    Cheezy 69 that’s what I’m afraid of, but we need to trust him, last season on the playoffs, the final fumble cost us the game but we are ready now! Good luck to everyone in the playoffs!!!!!

    Computer Guy

    you really don’t belee that do you?


    I hope yall win. I like lamar and his playstyle. I hope yall take down the pats and chiefs

    AxB DMV

    Deagle760 We will, believe dat‼️


Man the ravens practice squad just beat the Steelers

    Muhammed Muhammed

    But is it more impressive than the Eagles practice squad beating Cowboys?


    Just because they’re backups doesn’t mean they’re bad


    The Steelers really should have lost to the Cards. So what are you saying?

    Joe Mama

    CommanderBalok juju hasn’t played that much this season and when he did mason Rudolph was starting so he would just throw it to James Washington


    @Joe Mama A quarterback’s choices don’t affect whether a player is starting quality, or not. Jackson’s favorite target is Mark Andrews. Does that make Hollywood Brown a backup? It does not.


Stephen A. will say he was impressed by The Steelers.


    @Prince Boateng Thank you.

    BaltCall 2K


    Jarett Harris

    @Ian McClure Ben needs to retire I’m a Ravens fan but Hodges and Rudolph kept the team in it

    Spicy Memz

    Ian McClure I mean they have had a 2nd and 3rd string QB playing all year

Marcellus B

Remember when the pundits said the Ravens would finish 3rd in the AFC North…

Pepperidge Farms remembers

    most feared conflict

    This mf just stole best comment of the year yo hahahahaha

    most feared conflict

    @Jordan Monday yeah lamar destroyed the Seahawks i was just impressed while watching my team get beat lmao i knew we couldn’t stop lamar Seahawks never been good at stopping mobile qbs

    Chris Rife

    Ravens got my vote for AFC North champs lock again next year.

    Tyler Travis

    @dylan gross love family guy so much

    Minnesota Vikings Man 28

    2020 NFL Playoff Predictions!!!–7Nc7iY&t=62s


When you bench half of your starters and still beat the Steelers

    chase grams

    @Bart Basquiato no we already had our playoff position locked-in I wasn’t really worried if we won or lost to the Steelers it’s more of a moral thing you want to win and get your rivals when you can

    Bart Basquiato

    @chase grams ok well if Steelers had all the starters in I would get it by saying we won w our bench that’s all I’m trying to say but you guys acting like Pittsburgh didnt have more players sitting

amine fritry

raven’s running back was like a senior playing juniors

    Deven Battish

    amine fritry gus edwards is our secondary rb too

    The HOWARD

    amine fritry no RG3 was like a scared HS Freshman playing with big division varsity players or college

    AJ Palmeri

    The HOWARD You mean Duck Hodges???

    Nons ツ

    The HOWARD lmao rg3 played pretty good, way better than duck

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    @The HOWARD Steelers defense was trash.

Kyle Jefferson

Did yall see Tucker dancing 😭😂

    Rip X and juice Wrld

    I saw 😂 best dance all year

    Michael Brown


    Naji Hoskins

    Yep lol

    Kyle Jefferson

    Oji Torres 6:30

Perfectus Maximus

*Rain Intensifies*

Steelers: Ight imma head out

    Campbell Stewart

    Perfectus Maximus The rain drenching on them from Heaven was proof God hates the Steelers and the beating that Steelers were fated to endure was proof that Jesus had no mercy for them either

    Perfectus Maximus

    @Campbell Stewart *LOL*

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