Colts vs. Jaguars Week 17 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Way to finish off on a high note!

SteelersGoingFor 7

I’d take either qb for my team…

    Mark Symbala

    duck laid an Egg

    Adenoid Hynkel

    Isn’t the Rothman coming back???

    Rich Harp

    Y’all got 3 good qbs give one up

Escocivo 30

Minshew is gonna rebuild the Jags!

    Ryan Williams

    Adenoid Hynkel foles has been dumpster juice as a starter this year

    Mark Underwood

    He already has.

    Zombie Who

    Adenoid Hynkel Foles 3 turnovers 3 consecutive drives. He’s at fault for 21 points. He’s statue in the pocket. We ain’t got the line for old style QBs. Minshew brings that *IT* factor

    C Mack

    @Adenoid Hynkel Foles is only good for the Eagles. He sucked with the Rams and he sucks with the Jags.

    C Mack

    @aregua1 We we’re just in the afc championship 2 years ago lol

Jonathan King

The people who hop on these videos claiming ‘First’ are the kind of people who would try to suck themselves off at least once.


Now fire everyone and build a team around minshew

    Rich Harp

    @springfield03sniper so was Brady 😶

    Rich Harp

    @Depressed Florida Fan marrone ain’t bad at all hes been a head coach for 4 yrs

    Rich Harp

    @A random Name nope but we ain’t got the same roster from 17

    Depressed Florida Fan

    @Defcat You don’t realize, he didn’t get the surrounding staff around him, he didn’t get that power that he needed to run a team, cause that clown Coughlin was controlling it all.


Well there’s always madden

    Zachary Duncan

    I have all Jags team on MUT

    Ya boy f1y

    @Zachary Duncan nice

tisha m

Despite our bad season i still love my jags..Duvvvalll




    Same here. Sacksonville all day.

    DTWD !!

    Duval Til We Die!!

    Dirty Duval Dawg

    We in here 💪🏾 Already looking forward to preseason 2020

    Katina Harris


Fingering Things

Is this the most cursed Colts season in history

    Rich Harp

    @LilMane318 😂 but they didn’t bow wow wow

    Rich Harp

    @LOELCO 81 I like the Texans but we ain’t discussing them rite now so move along shoo shoo boo boo

    Rich Harp

    @Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan. 😆 Baltimore getting tht ring.. We know it

    Rich Harp

    @Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan. So is jalen rasemy and we ain’t crying

    Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan.

    @Rich Harp probably cause ramsey wasnt your star qb


Minshew is the future. Period.


    Quartarious Joiner idk i heard they’re pretty bad

    Quartarious Joiner

    campbellsouptm lol you wrong for that.


    @Quartarious Joiner was that a 2016 reference

    Barbara Paparella

    @Ra whats his record as a starter

    Jamie Mcbean

    Barbara Paparella 6-6

Charlie Boy

I’ll take a useless W

Mick Antoine

Can’t complain let’s go jags


    I’m complaining. We needed to lose this for much better draft position.

    Darien Bailey

    @GuyN0ir Who plays to lose? Dumb logic

    A random Name

    Darien Bailey the bengals


Pay Yannick!

    Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan.

    @Kronic Impulse let’s be honest, they won’t spend the money to get him. Typical colts.smh

    Kronic Impulse

    Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan. You never know maybe Ballard will finally go big and Yannick would be a perfect fit

    Katina Harris

    they will try foles got all the money

    Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan.

    @Kronic Impulse and he s only 24


Foles is done

    Zombie Who

    pepsiguy52883 he’s been done since that duck he laid against Tampa

    Rich Harp

    @Zombie Who naw foles ain’t done trust me if anything they’ll trade dobbs

Teal Town

GO JAGS !!!!!!!!

    Depressed Florida Fan


    Tyrese Couser


    Tiffany Clark

    FOW LYFE!!!

len callier


King Austin

minshew 21 touchdown passes 6 int


    *5 ints

    blake bortles

    jaguars rookie record

    Daniel Henderson

    Better than Jameis

When you’re taking a shit

3:44 lmao Hayden pissed he couldn’t get him.

    Tiffany Clark


Jon Wiley


    Adenoid Hynkel

    Not quite.



    Lane Splitter

    at least he secured more money than he would have as a career back up lol


Whoever edited the beginning of this video was high cause they didn’t show the colts field goal and they showed the replay of the jaguars kick return before showing the actual play 😂

    Brandon Sampson

    Im.glad you posted this bc i AM high and thought i was trippin knew i wasnt ofc lol

    Bro how mad are you LOL

    @Brandon Sampson i’m high too lmao blaze it up baby

Gee Garcia

Just give Minshew the keys to the station wagon and let him ride it out next year. Clearly lead that team better than Foles.

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