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RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound

i feel like the titans are going to beat the patriots

    jr goxy

    @Chris Macola ok man cool. I’ll check back with you next week after the Titans get smacked by the pats. Lol

    Lort Fupa

    Lmfao OK

    Awesomeness Gamer870

    Me too

    Coonhunter N. N n n

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound don’t jinx us lol


PLAYOFF BOUND!!! They are officially the TANNEssee Titans.


    Alexander Nunez Are we sure about that? A freakish interception won them that game. It could’ve went either way. Plus, every team gets lucky. It’s part of the game.

    Andrew Putnam

    @Bohemeth Monkey that will be a good game

    _ Bjfromdaskudd

    JeighJeigh808 Hennessy Titans 😭


    No they were the tennese mariotas last year now their the Tennessee tannehills

Sports 311

Congrats to Derrick Henry on winning the rushing title with that 53 yard td run

    Nak Loves Jesus

    @Cristian Elvis
    I like that 😎

    Dan Handsome And Some

    Great sportsmanship display by the texans fans, cheering after Derrick Henry won the rushing title.

    Anthony Mtz

    @Dan Handsome And Some I was at the game today and yeah they were pretty respectful. When McCarron was sacked though at 6:54 a lot of fans left but which fanbases dont have those people.

    Wigs 251

    Roll Henry Roll🐘

Jaydub 27

Bro lowkey Tennessee a hella dangerous 6th seed. I have them beating the pats

    Jaydub 27

    @Cabbage man agreed

    Peyton Daily

    Fainted GG they are averaging 30+ points a game with tannehill only second to the ravens smartass


    Touch wood

    Ya boy f1y

    @Cracked GG lol just another fortnite kid

The Fuzzy Pickle

Three things are certain in this life
1. Death
2. Taxes
3. Titans 9-7 record

    league account

    @Mega Man RT is a joke, him always trying to make a highlight play has cost titans games and if they make it to the superbowl i bet he will throw it, MM is the man

    Barbara Paparella

    So whats going 2 happen 2 mm trade him or keep him

    Justin Squibb

    @RunnaWay OhNo not a snowballs chance in hell

    Creepy Stares

    4th is Cowboys being a .500 team

    Lake Hanson

    Blackthorn 461 I like Marcus Mariota
    When I renamed Tom Brady Marcus Mariota


Make This Blue If You The There Will Be An ⬇Upset Against The Pats..


7:40 You hear about gamebreaking runs, here’s a backbreaking run.

Tyler Miller

What a day
Ryan Tannehill’s first playoff appearance
Derrick henry claims the most rushing yards
AJ hit 1000 yards on a rookie season

    HotBlazer 12

    @Matador G He kind of led Miami to the playoffs until he got hurt when they were 7-4

    Brendan Gibson

    @HPTRK Kreed okay think you I was about to say

    Amber Brown

    I’m a Pat’s fan but I like the Titan’s good luck guys 🤜🤛

makhal smith

I’m a steelers fan but I will be the first to congratulate the Titans who I will be cheering for in the playoffs. I’m from Tennessee.

    Big Pasta

    Steeler fan from Tennessee right here as well


    @Tina Perez guys there such thing as fans from other states im from Tennessee and ive been a ravens fan since 2011. Now being from Tennessee I do have a soft spot for the titans

    Jack Broockerd

    TheRageLivesOn the Steelers are one of the most successful franchises in sports

    Terri Watson

    Texans won the division?

    Terri Watson

    @WeebKage81 you fake then texans fan since i was 4 in clute tx

Fingering Things

Ryan Tannehill Comeback story of 2019

    Tony Paopao

    Yr lucky Texans rested their players titans would of lost

    Philip Tucker

    Tony Paopao The Texans wanted the Titans in the playoffs because they have a better chance of eliminating the patriots, that’s why they rested their main olayers


    Teddy Bridgewater ?!

Brandon C.

The Titans are a much more dangerous playoff team than the Steelers would have been. With the running back and QB situation, the Titans could do some damage.

    Cracked GG

    Brandon C. Yeah there other games were pretty good

    Cinematic Cheese

    That’s the thing about the Titans. If they feel like they shouldn’t have to try or they assume that it’s gonna be an easy win, they play bad.

    I watch Hentai Everyday with Senpai

    @Cracked GG ew a person who plays Fortnite


    Fainted GG they’ve proven themselves against teams with healthy players.

    Dellway Hellway

    @Cracked GG look at our other scores we been puttin up points…


I’m a Steelers fan but Tennessee totally deserved the playoffs over us, congrats Tennessee and go beat New England for us!


    @controllerboi they didn’t win by 3 or anything…


    @osp80 well they played against backups I hope they didn’t win by three

    Lay Nay

    If Steelers went to the playoffs I don’t think they will be able to win against the patriots but I have faith in the titans.

    Jack Broockerd

    The chiefs will do that for you if they don’t

    Stuff With Nava

    @Jeff Fradsham Lol, that’s because they sucked this season. Trust me, if Squealers fans were on their to a Superbowl they wouldn’t be so “classy”.


If you been on this roller coaster of a season since week 1 thumbs up. TITAN UP BABY

    NCR Trooper

    TITAN UP!!!


    Remember the 3-13 years????? WHERE MY REAL TITANS FANS AT??????

    Derrick Henry

    I’ve watched every game for 7 years in a row. And I’m only 15 yrs old lol and i watched most of the games before that. TitanUP Mf’s


    @Derrick Henry Amen brother

Akhenaten Hall

Who else would like to see the Titans beat the Patriots

    Jesse Kozazcki

    As a Pats fan… Well I like Henry and Brown too much so I am a Titans fan now

    Rick Roman

    @Jeffrey Ferraro96 maybe u forgot Tannehill was 0-7 at NE until Fitzpatrick beat them today

    Dellway Hellway

    Everybody wins wen Pats lose… i was happy 4 da phins

    Drummer Man

    Titans can beat the Pats. Smashmouth football is gonna be the way to go.

    Jack Broockerd

    Akhenaten Hall as a chiefs fan me

North Hopper

A lot of people are going to learn the name AJ Brown over the next few years

    Amy Diatikar

    North Hopper more like days when he destroys the patriots defense

    chris r

    His field awareness and understanding of angles is incredible. He doesn’t have a lot of speed, but he’s always running away from defenders because of that awareness.

    Pope Shaad

    Hope they wont learn alot of recievers with the last name Brown are 🚮


    North Hopper i droped him in fantasy

    Ace K

    He reminds me of julio

Orlando Jones

Pat’s about to feel EVERY piece of this smash mouth football

    Big Pasta

    jr goxy That pick six has you salty doesn’t it?


    jr goxy lotta trash talk from a team who lost to the dolphins ahahaha

    jr goxy

    @Titanium Tyson aight man. The pats are going to get after those Titans…

Ketena Galore

I’m not a Tennessee fan but I’m happy that they made the Playoffs. They have the ability to play with any team on any given Sunday and that makes them dangerous


    Ketena Galore brilliantly versed 💛 #titanup

    Gerard Stevenson

    I do agree!

    K bama

    All facts

    Lamones Jr

    Facts they gone be a problem for the Pats

    The Generalist

    Phenomenal running by Henry and great blocking by the offensive line.


10 run Touchdown drive. Ya’ll living in 2019 we living in 1920’s

    Matthew Rivas

    You played a 2/3rd string team

    Roberto Rodriguez

    And a 5th string running back ran all over their 1st team defense.

    Dellway Hellway

    @Matthew Rivas yall starters aint even do much us… yall won by 3… Texans aint played da same since dat big victory over the pats.. yall 2nd 3rd string was lookin better than ya starters

    Lake Hanson

    Dellway Hellway Southern alert

    Dellway Hellway

    @Lake Hanson im from da souf wym

Arul Banerjea

Things we bringin’ back in the 20’s:
The Charleston
Titans: Smashmouth football

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