Kyle Shanahan on 49ers Loss, “We’ll be fired up for next year” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
UFC is fake Liv Morgan P4P GOAT

Jimmy G was pretending to be a QB like he was doing a scene with Kiara Mia

    George Dawson

    @Lane Splitter Nah im a niners fan and the only reason we were acting like that was because other fanbases call us frauds and talking about how easy our schedule was for example Saints, Seahawks, Ravens, Greenbay, and Panthers fans nobody was giving us a chance but because we were 4-12 last year everybody thought our wins were flukes so we started snapping on everybody.

    Lane Splitter

    @George Dawson “…so we started snapping on everybody”…and ate it in the end. things came full circle as they should.

    George Dawson

    @Lane Splitter I guess but im telling you why 🤷🏾‍♂️

James F

Kyle Shannahan in 2017: “Wanna see us blow a lead against the Patriots?”

Kyle Shannahan in 2020: “Wanna see us do it again against the Chiefs?”

P.S.- I don’t understand how you don’t run the ball when it was working with a lead.


    @young foreign thats why kyle choked again bad play calling

    Eric Bailey

    He is simply TOO CONSERVATIVE in his play calling in BOTH SUPERBOWLS!!


    Hey …. at least he is getting better!

    In 2017 he blow a 25 point lead … this time was only 10!


    @GOlden St8 They would never made it to the superbowl without Kyle.


    @Thanongrit Suriyarungka This chiefs offense is the most explosive of all time and it was only 10 points.

    2017 was the biggest choke in sports history, so many blunders made by the falcons, in all aspects, not jsut playcalling.

    There is no comparision.

B Woodall

Here comes the super bowl hangover

    Tor Finn

    luis _ put any QB into that system and NO wins 12+ games. What was Bridgewaters record. Oh 4-0. LOL

    Paul Robertson

    @whodatnation5o4 yeah he mad

    Paul Robertson

    @Tor Finn 5-0

    Smokes Tuiolemotu


    The Journey

    Niners are gonna be scary next season💯


O hey old friend 🤣🤣😭 not again the patriots not the chiefs come on you gotta do better than that 😭😭

Christopher Yang

Falcons fan here. Kyle Shanahan did the same thing once again. HOW IRONIC… RUN THE BALL!

    Leon Allan Davis

    Against “8 in the Box”? Okay…

    Shawn B

    Christopher Yang which I’m not surprised if he robbed San Fran of a SuperBowl it’s gonna be tough to recover from this one

    Jesse Burson

    Glad the cocksucking sell out lost

    Cody King

    Its fricken rigged. Wake up.

Sports 311

It’s great to hear this press conference. How do you not run the football to burn the clock when you have a 10-point lead in the 4th quarter???

    dag dag

    Daddy’s boy Shanahan didn’t deserve to be rewarded with a head coaching job after choking in Atlanta, he gets a fluke season and then chokes again. the niners organization has been a clusterf*ck for almost 20 years now.

    SlickLemons The Bad Gamer

    Kyle Shanahan: 28-3
    Also Kyle Shanahan: 31-20
    Lol I thought the run game and that d line were unstoppable on the 9ers?!?!?!?! OMEGALUL!!!!

James Allen

Run the damn ball.

    Jackie Mehoff

    Exactly….. killed me inside

    Angela Johnson

    Kyle went to the Pete Carroll coaching school. Got straight As in running the ball class.

    James Allen

    @Angela Johnson Lol

Michael Thomas

“Jimmy played alright” lol oops 😬😅


    Your team wont be in the superbowl without him and our team wont be there without him

    Mark Sawyer

    @JimmoGorillo Jimmy G had played fine up until the last 10 minutes, when Shanahan inexplicably decided to depend on his QB to suddenly start playing like Superman… and no, Samuels was not wide open on that deep ball. At most he had a step on the defender. It was an idiotic play call, and as the FOX booth switched to the 49er sideline camera, you could read John Lynch’s face on that call–absolute disgust with his head coach….

    Mark Sawyer

    @dag dag Jimmy G is a middle-tier QB, but that’s all the 49ers needed to win yesterday. Shanahan’s play calling was utterly mystifying…



Dats Dope

Lmao at first I read the title as “will be fired next year”😂

    No Internet connection

    That’s what the rams said


    LMAO Me too! I was like, “Damn homie lose his job for choking away this SB! Lol


    @Aquiles Cortez LMAO


    You were right! Choke and FIRED

    Richard HART

    Aquiles Cortez um no, thank goodness you’re not a GM. That’s what the Browns would do.


Fun fact: the chiefs came back in all three of their playoff games


    And what’s ur point

    Aaron Renrfro

    Opethian it is when it’s the super bowl!

    My Channel Sucks, Help!

    @C V it’s not that big of a deal when it’s the 9ers beating the 9ers


    First nfl team in history to do that.

3pt Legend

Yo Kyle here’s a crazy idea when you have the lead heading into the 4th quarter RUN THE BALL

    Benhti Hunter

    FYI every team up on the Chiefs all tried to deliver the knock out punch but the all punch themselves is the face.

    Shaheed Harun

    KC was stuffing the run all day. And it was predictable by the D to run the ball at that point. They did run the ball some, but you literally wanted them to _run_ on EVERY play with the lead?? They gained a few 1st downs by passing when they had the lead. So you need to shut your mouth! Shanny’s big mistake was running the clock out before the 1st half

    Shaheed Harun

    And if Garappolo connects on that deep ball in the last 2 mins they take the lead!

    Ruel Douglas


Lester Beetlejuice Green

Make this guy the Vikings’ head coach!

    Lester Beetlejuice Green

    Let It Ride 185 Mike Zimmer suits better for the niners


    Nah we don’t want this man

    Howard professional beyblader

    @Lausy exactly I don’t want to choke even worse


    Imagine what Kyle Shanahan would do with that Vikings offense ….

    Kirk Cousins, Delvin Cook, Thielen, Diggs and Rudolph … man that would be easily one of the best offenses in the league under Shanahan and the Vikings would easily made the superbowl.

    Of course they would choke in the superbowl since its the Vikings plus Shanahan but still …. lol

Carlos Inda

2017 Kyle Shanahan meets 2020 Kyle Shanahan

    Let It Ride 185

    This is great lul


    Kyle is great but has failed twice with the play calling at the end of the biggest games. The Falcons loss was much worse than this. Last night they had a couple chances to lock it up with ball management and didn’t do it. Two SB chokes doesn’t sit well. Super Bowl hangover coming up, I say they go 9-7 next year.

    Posiedon 81

    So true… Super Bowl 28-3 flash back!!!!! 😐

    Carlos Inda

    @Posiedon 81 Superbowl 51 PTSD

Aries Anderson

Falcons : where have I heard that before 🤔

    Curly Hair Messiah

    😂😂😂everybody can joke on Falcons fans except 49ers fans 😂😂😂

    Ashley New York’s Finest

    Aries Anderson 😂😂😂


I don’t understand why no timeouts were taken before half. He played a huge role in the Super Bowl loss of Falcons and this one. He was also the main reason both teams made the Super Bowl. He is still young, going to get better.

    The Rose

    Marino was young, too. He never made it back to another Super Bowl.

    The Rose

    @DonKrieg95 Do you think Shanahan will be around as long as Andy Reid?

    Black Prince

    History repeats, you should learn from mistakes but!!!!!!!!!

    james mack

    jjblue23 he totally down plays letting a minute run off the clock at the end of the half.if you’re coming into a game against the chiefs and not trying to score as much as you can you’re just showing up to finish 2nd


Kyle Shanahan has been outscored 46-0 in Super Bowls after the third quarter.

    Jeremy James


    So SpunOut


    Top Dawg

    Nice stat

    Jerry Obrien



    @Austin Creelman Being outscored means you aren’t scoring. That’s the difference. We aren’t idiots. We know he doesn’t control the defense, but if the kept running the ball and scoring, He would have two Superbowl wins.

Curly Hair Messiah

He done went from blowing a 25 point lead to a 10 point lead.. at least he’s improving 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

    Mark Sawyer

    Curl Hair Messiah LOL

    Richard HART

    Curly Hair Messiah so was Andy Reid up until last night.

    Psycho Logical

    @Richard HART yea just like Andy Reid its gonna take Shanahan until hes 70 years old to win a Superbowl lol


    @nikhil shetty That lead blow was the offense’s fault.

    They turn it over at their own red zone and then simply were getting 3 and out every time, the Falcons defense were tired in the 4th quarter.

    And lets remember the Falcons defense scored one of the Falcons Tds in the game with the Brady’s pick six.


    @Curly Hair Messiah Those offense were only good because of Kyle, yes he choked but also did his players.

Jusbert Meza

Who else read “We’ll be fired next year”

    Tom Hood

    He’s fired up to lose again

    Ashley New York’s Finest

    Tom Hood you can say that again 😂😂😂

    Torian Robinson




    Angela Johnson

    I’m starting a web site:Kyle chokes again. Com.

G Coyne

Didnt give Jimmy G the ball for the entire playoff run…then with 7 mins to go leading by 10 points decides now is the time to give it to him.

    SlickLemons The Bad Gamer

    @cortezmauricio56 lol next time? OMEGALUL.

    Alabama Fan

    M0hannad 💯

    SlickLemons The Bad Gamer

    Its fun to watch the bandwagon 9er fans back track

    Nica Libre

    he thought he can be Mahomes 😂

Josh From dunder mifflin

From a falcons fan, its almost dajvu with this dude. They have the lead and he completely forgets that you can indeed run the football to close a game.


    at least this time were only 10 points 😅😅

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