Patrick Mahomes on Super Bowl LIV Win, “You dream about this stuff when you’re a kid” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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What did scouts see in Trubisky that they didn’t see in Mahomes?

    Supreme Eddy777

    @SirMaxxTheGreat I hate those fuckers so bad

    Supreme Eddy777

    @SirMaxxTheGreat by those fuckers I mean racist card pulling simps.


    @Moons Coleman Truer words are rarely spoken…

    Boat Axe

    Moons Coleman More like Hindsight makes fools of scouts,coaches and GM,s.

Caleb Wong

Hey this man is pretty good

    Mason_Baller Videos

    @JODisHere Can you leave

    Renee Garcia

    Understatement of the year

    Matt11_ YT

    JODisHere no, it wasn’t. It was a really good game


    JODisHere is probably a 9ers fan

Nate The Great

Shannon’s gonna be so happy tomorrow

    Jay Thompson

    I Hate people it’s a jinx bro he does all the time if you watch the show

    jackie liuk

    He chose the 9ers to win. Jumped ship and chose the 9ers. Lmao.


    @I Hate people Yes but he wanted Ma Homeboy to get the ring

    Zalu Skowsky

    @drlee2 jeah that was a moment like … wtf you see your guys doing 4-6yards with 3 Timeouts.. go for it..
    smh 🙁

    Jason S

    Who Cares…Shannon is a Joke!!!


This dude gets put on the spot and says the right thing every time

    Cody Turner

    Chiefs won let’s gooo


    @JODisHere No it wasn’t. There was give and take both ways, 49ers making a lead, and a come from behind win. This is exactly what an exciting game is unless you hate the Chiefs.


    @ultimategotea don’t pay attention to that clown he’s commenting that everywhere


Fun fact: if you are winning over the chiefs more than 10 points at any point in the game, fate will make you lose. Always. Lol.
Edit: Thanks for all of the likes! Next year, the chiefs are going back to the Superbowl against the Seahawks and I will reach 250 subs by then…

    Nehemiah Ricks

    Samuel Liu still more than 10


    Next year: Ravens x Chiefs

    Platinum Hercules

    Lmao shehawks are not going the Superbowl

Clickbait Jr

Ima have to deal with Mahomes and the Chiefs for the next 20 years but mad respect to y’all (Broncos Fan)

    Lalo Hernandez

    Clickbait Jr lol I’m on that same boat…(Raiders fan)

    Asmosis Jones

    poor chargers and raiders fans

long live king james

The scary part is Mahomeboy is only in his second year as a starter. Yet he has a mvp, a super bowl mvp and a ring.😱

    Alfred Ortiz

    As long as they pay the refs what they ask for they’ll be all good 👌🤔🤔🤔

    Joe Gonzales

    @mango slug yeah of course he throws the passes to himself

    Donald Trump


    John Henry de Klerk

    @Gamada Hussein he doesnt need Hill when he has Hardman

EaST CoAsT MaCHete

Mahomes will be special for years to come he’s only 24 ..

    Jocky Rohnson

    ThatOneGuy 123 How many wins Giants got, you clown?

    Brother Tyler

    MWTB _Ryan Darius Slayton, Sterling Shepard and Golden Tate are trash? Those are three very reliable WR and Darius Slayton is probably gonna be a perennial 1,000 yard receiver. The Giants also have one of the most dynamic Tight Ends in football in Evan Engram who is basically a huge WR who can block and a RB who can run routes and catch as well as anyone in the league. You are an IDIOT if you think the Giants have no targets. That’s the only word that can be used to describe that notion.

    Brother Tyler

    Jackson Willis 12 picks is not a lot of picks. You’re new to football, huh?

    King Vampire

    Damn that’s wild some people in the superbowl at 24 and other people at McDonald’s at 24 what a crazy world lol

Two Seasons

In sports or not, this young man’s mentality is a positive way at approaching things. You can take out all the football talk and it’s about not giving up on yourself, keep fighting and don’t leave nothing to chance. Congrats to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs!

    Ryan Meneses

    @Toto 1 How did they help them out? There were no bad calls

    Dr Raoul Estrada MD ESQ

    @lion man same for these pros if war war 3 started all them be crying and hiding saying my millions! I can even get a job and I’m American with double doctrine you think they have it easy hell no since when I paying a game a real job what does it really do no real skill any one can toss a ball kick hit etc like floyd he ran is last two fights and let judges make call and fighting a ufc person isn’t thr same as a real boxer!

    Phantom KnightYT

    Toto 1 🧂

    Asmosis Jones

    he reminds me of curry before the 2016 season when he was likeable and not cocky…that attitude is infectious….hope he never changes and is the same at 36 as he is at 24…a lot of people change over time…love his play style..hard to guard against

salemanesa apelu

Skip Bayless can eat a fat crow tmrrw on undisputed.


    @Mark Mayer he did.


    @J Moore lol. Dak is elite without the e


    @Mark Mayer sure. I agree. He isnt a flash in the pan but it takes so much to get to the SB let alone win it so time will tell

    Scruff D0g

    Hes QBR is better. LOL


i’m honestly blessed i get to watch this kid play. MVP in his first season and in his second he wins the super bowl.


    It was his second and third

    Justin Kanicki

    This is not his 2nd season


    @Justin Kanicki He probably meant 2nd season starting. Who knows tho some people do talk loosely.

    Justin Kanicki

    IDC either way. Broncos baby


    He is the best in the league right now, I don’t care what you all say about Lamar and Wilson, Mahomes is the best and the youngest. He has so much more time to spend in this league, and I’m blessed to get to see him grow into the player he is now.

c j

Mahomes broke the chiefs curse ive waited my whole life for this its been a long time coming hope to see more sb wins in the future I remember seasons we were 2-14 and 5-11 this is awesome my city is getting put on the map

    jackie liuk

    It’s a team sport. Not just all about mahomes. He cant do it by himself. Hes lucky he has amazing players around him. Got a great offense. Once he gets that mega contract, well see how many are able to stay…but congrats on the win! They Def deserved it.


    JODisHere bruh how u have 240k subs?😂


    We stuck through those seasons too. Loyal fans and love for this city.


    dude did a lebron

ThatOneGuy 123

Kareem Hunt must be sick😂

    J Moore

    @Slim You should be wishing this guy to fix his anger and violence issues. He’s displaying reprehensible behavior as a person. You only caring about him playing football is a very toxic mindset to have. He abused his given power to hurt others. He doesn’t DESERVE a super bowl or even a paycheck. Maybe he can get a real job soon and realize he isn’t god and you should treat others with respect.


    Next offseason Chiefs could sign him


    @J Moore I think that’s what he meant by “finding himself”

    Aditya Parikh

    @JODisHere btw your face is boring

    Asmosis Jones

    if he was still around my god they would be unbeatable…seriously..who do you leave open without leaving lanes for mahomes lol …they should be going for a three peat next year if he was a normal person..he cost them last year


This season flew by , time is flying and I don’t like it 🤧


    @Bonnie Keough Got bless your souls Bonnie !


    @JODisHere His hair whack , his shoes whack


    @RUDOLPH Douglas Merica’

    STEALTH FlipFlop

    @Obduracy not as long as the chiefs are in the AFC the Ravens couldn’t even bear the Titans let alone the chiefs


Dudes only 24 and has a Super Bowl win and mvp and a super bowl mvp


    And a ring 👍😎

    ethen Roberts

    Lamar only just turned 23 and he has a mvp and has a good chance to win bowl next year


    @ethen Roberts he’s the next Cam Newton. Aka people are gonna be asking what happened to him in a few years.


Pat Mahomes is a class act always giving props to his team and coaches. U never hear him boast about himself.

    UHH HEWO-Adrian

    bc hes humble

    Ricardo valadez

    His zodiac sign is virgo, he has classic virgo traits 🤟

    maxx mabemwe

    Neither does Deshuan Watson. They are both class acts, and humble.


    Lamar Jackson carries that same class. Mahomes even mentions him when asked about being the face of the NFL

Captain Obvious

Pat Mahomes
Take me home…..
To the place
I belong….
Kansas City
To Miami….
Take me home
Pat Mahomes

    Mason_Baller Videos

    @JODisHere If this year’s super bowl was boring last year’s was just the most thrilling thing in the world

    KC Chiefs Fan

    I see someone is an Apalachee Don fan as well!!


    JODisHere ur on every comment

    Captain Obvious

    @SonicAwesome That’s what he does. He does 10 hour live streams going around and commenting the same thing to gain exposure….It’s what you do when you have no creative talent.

Bryan Thompson

When you actually take a second and listen to this man speak, and if you do actually have an understanding of the NFL and the history of it, you will honestly appreciate everything in context. This is amazing. He has done in just two years what no one has ever done for any professional franchise. It’s even more impressive for one that has such rich history and established roots within the league. I’m just being blatantly honest. I’m a Detroit lions fan. No harm, no foul. He is without a doubt the future of the league. Man deserves his respect. It doesn’t even have to do with football. He never mentions himself and his accolades. He always puts his coaches and teammates above that. That’s what a true leader would do. It’s just amazing to think of the future for him. A lot of people should take a step back a appreciate people like that. You might learn something. About yourself or others close to you! Stay true and always be humble. Goodnight!

    Asmosis Jones

    he also earned his disrespect to eli aikman brady ben many others but their first titles they were basically game managers ..this dude already the league mvp…at 24…amazing…


    Bryan Thompson What about Tom Brady

    matty Brooo

    @Excitedpatsfan11 I dont think its a disrespect against Brady. I think its just the way he carries the team so early. Brady has shown how to be a professional and is the current goat but to me in my own opinion, he’s setting himself in such an elite position.

    Danny Gonia

    For years I had a lot of teams I liked, excepting the Raiders and the Patriots, top cheaters of the NFL all time. I am not a Chiefs fan too and the coach and QB of that team is what has done that.

    Josh Edmonds

    As a packers fan..I seen Rodgers make throws noone else could..flick of the wrist 40 yards like noone else..crossbody throws…escaping tackles..while staying in the noone else…then came Patrick Mahomes..and while I wanna say he is the new Aaron Rodgers..I can’t..bc he is the one and only Patrick Mahomes..and he is in a league of his own

Dre Wright

Mahomes is a good leader man I cant believe a person my age lead the whole team to win the NFL Championship.

    jackie liuk

    Roethlisberger is the youngest qb to ever win a SB at 23. So what cant you believe?

    ivan tavarez

    lilike yea but Roethlisberger played horrible arguably the worst qb performance and they had the lead the whole time. Mahomes was down 10 pts

    julio guzman

    Better than trubisky


Mahomes showed why he’s one of the best. Didn’t have a great first 3.5 quarters, but showed up when it mattered most. Congrats Chiefs

    Jason S

    One of the Best 🤣🤣🤣


    You mean Tyreek

    Phantom KnightYT

    Ty Nao 🧂

    Asmosis Jones

    3 tds is all that matters…he ran threw and played hard late..let the chips fall where they may..still won by 11…

    Aidan S

    jackie liuk absolutely dismantled them damn 😂

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