Kyle Allen says decision-making has to be better – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Adam Martin

Tank for Derrick Brown


Not just decision but play making too. Whoever calling the plays are inconsistent

    Mac S


    andrew barone

    Props for the Mental Health Awareness shirt


Yeah the decision making on benching you needs to be better

Trunk khloeum

Greensboro NC #1 Carolina Panthers fan. Panthers pride. Hopefully we can back on track next year. Keep pounding.

Tee Tee

Kyle Allen= Nathan Peterman 2.0

Kendrick McMichael

You’re a horrific quarterback sit on the bench start Grier


He seems kind of snobbish during his pressers.

    Cuzo Quan

    Neake22 I know I weren’t the only one too notice that

    William Harris

    Rich kid…, never really won anything in his life as far a football is concerned. what do you expect?


Kyle baby hand Allen strikes again it’s always bad decision to start Kyle Allen.


Mental capacity of a gold fish.


Kyle Allen makes me miss Jimmy Clausen.


Every Play you make im fvcking scary.


Hope you enjoy these last two games after that its OVER for you . I wish him the best in his career bt just not on the Panthers.

Rex Smith

Honestly, I’m not even mad anymore. I’m not mad at Kyle. This team just needs Cam back as starting QB.

Brian Spruill

Mighty funny how the comments have changed. 2mos ago- “Kyle is the future”, “Kyle handles himself like a franchise QB at the press conference”, “This is how your QB dresses at a presser”😂. Moral of the story is… Don’t judge a book by its cover because the eyes can be deceiving 🤣.

    Tee Tee

    Right and people had the nerve to argue with me and tell me I didn’t know what I was talking about when I said pump the brakes on Kyle Allen


    Lol They just love to hate Cam so much that they’ll praise any ole cadaver at the position.

CarolinaGamer 28

I just don’t get what happened to him. Defense got somewhat better but still can’t stop the run.

patel aryan

Lol he says this everytime

PJ Rose Face

Bruh if you gonna transform into Jameis Winston at least throw some TD with your picks like Jameis.

Leonard Kowalski

Kyle Allen as a person I think is awesome. As The Quarterback of the Panthers he’s average at best. I have no idea who’s running our team in 2020.

Leonard Kowalski

There are predictable plays I’m seeing like 3rd and long he’s going to Jarius Wright for sure. Also play action to DJ Moore no matter if they jump the coverage. Kyle needs to check to his other reads when it’s not there and not try and force it. That is a good reason for some of his INT’s.

William Harris

Season passing stats:
22 turnovers
15 interceptions
7 lost fumbles
13 total fumbles
17 touchdowns
62% completion percentage

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