Panthers locker room talks about Seahawks loss – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Panthers locker room talks about Seahawks loss

Luke Kuechly, Christian McCaffrey, Curtis Samuel, Trai Turner and Tre Boston evaluate Carolina's home loss to Seattle.

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Erik Cisneros

Not that person but first let’s goo panthers

Gabe Mason

It’s all good we will come back next year

    Connor S

    Haaaaa we said that last year



    die hard panther fan FO LIFE

    We kinda gonna go into a rebuild mode

juju best

It’s sad but we will be a better awesome team next year keep pounding 🔥

    Jaiden Knight

    juju best no y’all won’t

    Effigee Thg

    If they get rid of can we looking at by three more years

Brandon White

Need to go back to that 4-3 d and need a lot of help on the offensive line.

    Playa from the Himalayas

    Brandon White What do we do with Burns and Haynes in a 4-3?

    Brandon White

    @Playa from the Himalayas they both can still be rotational payless still. Haynes as olb, and burns as an edge rusher.

    Brandon White

    Because everyone knows we need the depth

    Brandon Deese

    It’s dumb we went to a 3-4 for players we weren’t sure about, and took our hall of famer Luke out of his element in a 4-3…

Trunk khloeum

Greensboro NC #1 Carolina Panthers fan. Panthers pride. You guys play hard . Hopefully you guys can find way to get back on track. Always a Panthers fan. Keep pounding.

Margie McPeak

#PantherNation! #PantherPride!
#KeepPoundingCats! #CP4L! 💙🏉


I dont like that we got rid of ron rivera, but we can still be good. #keeppounding

Wild Wyte Music

I’m sorry for y’all y’all are warriors but coaches need to stop relying on Allen he is not the future bench him and give some rooks a chance we are already out the playoffs and Allen is getting worse

Jamaal Sq

That final drive offensively was what we should have been doin all game


    Except that’s not realistic at all considering Seattle had already lost Bobby Wagner and weren’t playing hard anymore.

Secmarion Gulley

Finish strong Panthers win these last two games panther nation 4 life #KeepPounding

Little Drummer Boy 1970 Little

We just need an O line and defense.

    Teddy Swagger

    No no no! I’m tired of hearing that broken violin. We have an OLine and defense. Hell we’re packed on the Defense. Our problem lies in the front office. We need coaches! We have the best LB in football. Arguably, the best front seven. Now I’ll admit, our secondary isn’t popping like say Buffalo or Minnesota. And most will say it’s because we don’t have any big names in the secondary. But one person don’t make the team. We didn’t have any big household names when we went to the SB in 2015. And we didn’t have any in 2017. 2013 was a little different. But Charles Tillman was the last shutdown corner we had. And Eric Coleman was the last “certified” safety we had. Not taking anything from Mike Adams. We are young on Thieves Avenue. But the right coach can make Donte Jackson another Derell Revis. I even see him joining Ronde Barber in the 40 20 club. Since being in the league, the Panthers have always have shutdown corners. Atrell Hawkins, Desmond Howard, Chris Gamble, Josh Norman, and Charles “Peanut” Tillman. Normally when you think of press CB names like, Asante’ Samuel, Ronde Barber, Deion Sanders, Nnamde Asamougha, Lito Sheppard, Charles Woodson, or Derrell Revis comes to mind. Ross Cockrell another “Pacman”. Minus the attitude problem. And Eric Reid, another Ed Reed. Tre Boston is on his way. He flies to the football each down. He picked up where he left off in L.A. His play is like Troy Paolamalu. Bradberry excels when he doesn’t have to cover for long. But for glory sake can someone teach him how to play the ball. He’d have so many pick six’s if he’d just turn his head around. He’s been in the right place, right time. Just needed to look up. But like I said, with the right coach, Tepper will have that “Steele Curtain” regime right here in Charlotte!

James Nelson

Me being a panthers fan is so frustrating when they start off the season so good but just start to lose again and again and again🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

    Charles Polm

    PANTHERS not resigning any1
    They going keep Cam but he b on short leash witch is sad

Sandra Smith

Still love the Panthers they have put up with alot of b.s. from losing cam and Ron im always a fan good or bad since 1995

    Donna Bowman

    A Diehard fan🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙

    Finley Jeanbatiste

    Much respect for that

wowcoolcat Trin

Take that fire and determination that y’all had in the 4th quarter and apply it to the whole game. Christian is the only one that looks like he wants to win for the entire game.

James Pilon

How many likes on this is how many interceptions Kyle Allen Threw!

Teddy Swagger

Coach Rivera wouldn’t have allowed this. His first day on the job, coach Perry, gets blown out by 20. And now this. We had the advantage. It’s called home field advantage. Everything that Perry and Scott dialed up the last 7:00 minutes of the game, should’ve been popping before halftime and we wouldn’t have been playing from behind. The secondary looked undisciplined at times. And we definitely need to move on from Kyle Allen. 10 int’s in 5 games. And he’s one black f the most sacked QB’s in the league. That’s not the OLine fault. He had time to throw the ball away. Instead, he tries to make plays that’s impossible. If you want to be one of the greats, you gotta learn to get rid of it. Or take off. Let’s see what Greer can do. And to think, we passed on Heinicke for this.

Josh N

Keep pounding panthers 2020 Will be The year👊💪

Effigee Thg

just horrible I’m just waiting on next year maybe

Nadine Dixon

Its Ron Rivera’s fault….😆😆

on snap uh oh

Why did anyone expect an improvement after firing the head coach midway through the season?

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