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Rodrigo Grimaldo


Glissa Mane

Man listen I’m just lost for words frfr


Kyle Allen has yet to win come from behind game he doesn’t have what it takes.

Trunk khloeum

Greensboro NC #1 Carolina Panthers fan. Panthers pride. Hopefully we can get back on track. Keep pounding.

    Jordan Jordan

    Nice to see at least there are real Carolina fans on here 😄

Jordan Jordan

Half of yall are complaning and criticising them why dont yall get out there and play since you know everything see how long that lasts 😖 Always will be a Carolina fan regardless

    Trunk khloeum

    Thank you! Panthers for life. Avery teams always have there up and down. I love to win. But I can’t doing anything about it. All I can do support my team. One day we be back on track. Panthers pride.

    Jordan Jordan

    Exactly nice to know they have at least a few fans who will support them regardless 😁

    Devin Caudle

    Ok tell them to call me

    John Williams

    Some of us aren’t trained professional NFL players being paid millions who have been training for years. But I’ll give it a try if they gave me a few million dollars.

    Jordan Jordan

    Eh have at it

Tavares Potts

Kyles Allen is trashcan they should bench him and Jackson or cut give the other quarterback a change maybe he might be better than Allen got us going 5-9 since cam Newton got hurt we got our self in a hold we can’t come out of.I hope Perry ain’t our coach he no better than Ron Rivera that’s why ATL let him go think about we need a coach that now about coaching and win and can bring something strong to the table and let cam Newton play his game running and throughing

Blaze 84

Your joking right?? If they didn’t play well you didn’t coach them up

    Jordan Jordan

    Ok so your planning on being the quarterback next week and taking over Donte’s position your going to have your hands full then maybe you wont have time to blame and criticise them 😏 looking forward to seeing that

    Blaze 84

    Miyamato MUSASHI you’re right. they were coached in college so why have coaches at all?? There’s a reason coaches get fired!!

    Blaze 84

    Jordan Jordan is you are referring to me I don’t recall saying I was entering any draft or attending any workout!! What I said was they need to coach the players up better if they want them to play better!!! However if I was still in my youth I could play offense and defense but qb has never been my position

    Jordan Jordan

    No was not talking about you was talking about the people who keep tryin to blame one player for everything and i know they have not been doing so well latley but still they need support not to be beaten down by people who are supposed to support them you cant blame one person for everything its the team as a whole and i can bet they are just as upset as the fans are about how this season has turned out just need to learn from the mistakes and work on it in the off season and get prepared

    Jordan Jordan

    @Blaze 84 Actually agree with what you said somewhat i just dont get why they let Riverra go when the season is almost over instead of wating for the off season now they are scrambling around trying to fill the spot would of made more sense to do it later when the season was over that way they would have time to prepare and evaluate who would be the best fit in as head coach


“our fans came and saw us” The stadium was DEAD. It was half empty and the seahawks fans were louder than us….


Replacing Ron Rivera to Perry Fewell🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️


David Tepper don’t want to win games/playoff I see, if your going to replace Ron Rivera at least replace him to someone better, someone who can really make plays🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    Playa from the Himalayas

    JACQUEES M Tepper was full aware we weren’t making the playoffs. His move was to see where else the probelms exist. Expect a bus load of folks to get let go in the off season.

    Brian Spruill

    This late in the season there was never a plan to get a better coach when RR was fired. The plan was to see what we have knowing that we’d probably lose the rest of our games. Tepper just trying to see who’s retainable and he’s seeing now there’s probably no one worth keeping on the coaching staff. Give it time. Our permanent coach is out there somewhere and they’ll improve this team. In the mean time our team is getting better draft position for this team that is only a few pieces and a coach away from being serious contenders.

Miyamato MUSASHI

Wonder who will see the tape first,Perry Fewell or the New England Patriots

Miyamato MUSASHI

If they came out better and Allen didn’t share the ball with the opposing team as much there might have been a more of a chance there.It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.There is still some good individual performances and some good plays out there.It just the positives needs to be consistant and pieced together.Oh yeah,and an O line too. KEEP POUNDING PANTHERS!


Good luck next year. Go Panthers!!!

Jason Gaines

we have our up and downs but all we can do is learn whats wrong and fix it

Jon Wiley

Just keep on pounding

Little Drummer Boy 1970 Little

LRU alum! Hickory in the house!


This guy probably won’t win a game they should have kept Ron until the end of season

Hooded Dreamer

Honestly if Kyle can fix the turnovers he does he could be great. He has a lot of talent and every week shows it at the end

Toons on Strings

Perry and Norv Jr are actually doing a pretty decent job! WE had some good adjustments on defense in the second half with is nice for a change and Norv Jr finds ways to get into the end zone when his pops couldn’t.

Rex Smith

Keep Pounding. Get Cam back next year, please, Mr. Tepper. We’ll have a higher draft pick, shore up Oline, Dline or safety. We’ll be ready to roll next year.

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