Kwity Paye and First Round Draft Reactions | Overtime – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Joshua Lewis

I can’t wait to see Kwity and the rest of our draft class ball out this season!

bananaisland 17

Let’s Goooo. Excited for this season. Great things are happening…


#ColtsSquad #GoColts

Chad Ferguson

For the love of god look at camera 3

I.P. Freely

Like Kwity Paye. Would like to make a trade to acquire Penei Sewell..

    Hosea Davis

    A trade that high up isn’t realistic 😕



    Anthony Abbett

    If this really is TY then I want you to know I’m glad you’re back home with the Horseshoe. You’re my favorite player and I wish you all the luck this year!! TY TY TY TY!! 🤣
    #13 Future Hall of Famer!!
    Go Colts!!


I’m just worried about us getting a LT today. Make him a good one

    Matt Davis

    It’s a deep tackle draft. Ballard has got this.


    @Matt Davis oh yeah. I’m confident in him. Liam Eichenberg or Dillion Radunz hopefully

    Jacob Perry

    There’s more than one round. Relax


    @Jacob Perry that’s why I said I’m worried about getting a LT TODAY

    Braden Houser

    @Zolvez rather jenkins over radunz but both are good


Can’t wait for the next episode

Always love seeing the draft room reaction

LUKE 2701

I really like jj

Anthony Abbett

Big Q played Tackle in HS and a little at ND and he said he’s willing to do it again. How about the Colts draft a Gaurd and move Q to tackle. Wentz will NEVER have to worry about his blind side again. Hell, the Colts have a few damn good Gaurds already on the roster so we may not really need another tackle as bad as some think. Just a thought. 👍

    Jacob Perry

    Moving him to tackle would be stupid

    Adam Nelson

    Hell no. You don’t move the best player at the position to another position lol…

    Anthony Abbett

    @Adam Nelson if you’d have read my post Q himself offered NOT me! Just repeating his comment to Ballard. 🤦


His life story alone says that he’s a winner! This is the American dream, a first generation American creating a legacy. What’s not to love about this kid!

    Social Media Is cancer

    Love his story but where is the production on the football field that Ballard is seeing?

    Magic Noah

    @Social Media Is cancer Talent and character is worth more than production. He will be coached up and benefit from playing one position as opposed to being moved all over. Easily he has the potential to be one of the best edge rushers in the league

Mikey Richardson

Let’s F’ing Go!

Take me to 100k before my birthday

Good luck bro, love from Liberia 🇱🇷

    Travis Little

    much love from the United States <3

Bloodpoet vids

Excited about this move. Man oh man this is a championship defense.. Now a tackle hopefully if all falls right..GO INDY


You know we got a stud in Kwity Paye when Ballard doesn’t trade down in the draft. Let’s GOOO!

    Travis Little

    theres a news headline if I ever heard one

YouTube Account

Can’t believe we got him at pick 21!

Joe G

I trust Chris Ballard


This is beyond good….Buckner was more than awesome with Nick Bosa at his side in the Super Bowl and now a Bosa caliber edge with Buckner, a real dream pairing here.

Collin Durre

First time really seeing JJ since he’s been here. I like him, seems to be informative and energetic

Stephan Hayes

This is Captain America 🇺🇸
I can’t be convinced otherwise.
Mathis is about to give him his shield.

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