“You Stand For Everything We Stand For” | Kwity Paye Draft Call – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Fortune Hunter


Matthew Hawson

Go Colts! I’m pumped up that we got Kwity!!!!!!

Christian Porat

The way the Draft was going with surprising picks and trades our value to grab DE was undeniable! Great front office decision! Need to get a tackle but if Rondale Moore is available I’d get Carson an unbelievable weapon and we’ll find Tackle talent passed up in later rounds.

The Dude Man

BDB and crew strike again!

    Beck Anderson

    Trust in BDB

Stephen Irons

Why is Coach Reich so serious?

    Blake X

    Why not? He’s not playing around

    Stephen Irons

    @Blake X He is all buisness with Kwity Paye. All Buisness Frank.

    Joe Daddy

    @Stephen Irons frankly all business

XRP Xtra Rice Please

nice suit coach!

Joe Daddy

Watched a story about this young man here earlier today and couldn’t believe the fortitude of his character and couldn’t be happier for him and the colts nation for having such a mentally tough and grounded individual!! Couldn’t be happier! We aren’t aiming for a championship, WE’RE ON THE HUNT! Go Blue, Go Colt!

Young Patriot

Got the best pass rusher in the draft!

Amador Velazquez

How , they said on the draft night the colts pic this guy,, but the call was on the day , so where’s the surprise if the teams call first time the players why the players acting like ,,, wow they picked me on the draft , isn’t not surprising for the players only for the fans

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