Kwity Paye on Getting Drafted by the Colts | 1-on-1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kwity Paye on Getting Drafted by the Colts | 1-on-1

Michigan defensive end Kwity Paye sits down with Larra Overton to discuss being selected in the first round by the Indianapolis Colts (21st overall).

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Elijah White

he’s gonna be a big piece of our defense

    Joshua Lewis


    Will Brench

    And George Washington was the first president of the United States.

    evan kurashige

    @Will Brench lmao

    Praxy Playzz

    Facts bro

Joshua Lewis

I am so hyped!

Joshua Lewis

Kwity Paye for DRotY


In Ballard we trust !! Can’t wait to see how colts continue to dominate this draft tomorrow ! Thank you for actually building for the future.

    Joshua Lewis


    Travis Little

    Yo the OT pool is still deep

Joshua Lewis

I can’t wait to see him tear it up this season!

    Hjll V FYI jj no ivy


Joshua Lewis

Our front office never ceases to amaze me

Tristan Balogun

His answers are so short. He’s just ready to go to work lol

    Luke S

    He seems like a guy that wants to let his play show instead of talking!!

    Jay Davis

    I think he’s still in shock that life has brought him here to this fantastic opportunity. I wish him the best. I keep hearing about his fabulous story about his life but I have not actually heard it yet, hope I can find it on here somewhere.



Jam J.H

Kwity is our next Robert Mathis just needs to shave his head

    Jerry Booker

    @Charlie Wurster 😂😂😂

    Hjll V FYI jj no ivy

    @Jerry Booker paye overrated. Go Vikings. Glad he went before Darrisaw


    @Hjll V FYI jj no ivy because we took the player you guys wanted 😭😭

    Hjll V FYI jj no ivy

    @pkbjresells no. If we wanted him we wouldn’t of traded down

    David Brown

    I don’t think so at all. Mathis was special. This kid story is special, but on the field he never stood out to me. I trust Chris Ballard, but he has never drafted with his emotions so until we see it we won’t know. So welcome young man to the Stampede BLUE.

The Dragon

He and DeForest Buckner are on the same defensive line. Just let that sink in.

    Bryan Jones

    And then Mathis

    Life Is Amazing

    @Bryan Jones I got something to tell you my friend

Da Sooners

Damn, I’m glad we got that broad shoulder, big neck monster on our side and Kwity Paye too!!..

Anthony Abbett

This man is nothing but upside! Robert Mathis is going to help him become a beast!! Really looking forward to seeing him wearing the Horseshoe!!!

Thomas Washington

Explosive with some great moves. Chris finding the diamonds in the rough as usual.

Nick Visco

He’s gonna be a good one . He’s Sounds intelligent and sounds like he’s fully determined to do his research , homework and progress every week .


Welcome to Indy!

Matt Davis

Our dline is going to be SOOOO good! 😭
DeFo, Grover, Kemoko, and Kwity are about to eat.

Barbara Chieppo

❤👍Welcome to our family, Mr. Paye❤Go Colts🏈


Someone who loves their mom, and someone who’s gritty. Kwity you sound like a beast!

Justin Hedden

Ballard is so good in his selection. Always talented, hard working, good character players. This defense going to be a #1 defense.


Damn, If Michael Oher can get a movie made about his adopted family in Blindside. Then this guys mom and his story can definitely be a movie. I’d would watch it.

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