Elisha J Cramer

We could win this if Baltimore site 2/3 of their starters. Also Pigs could fly down to hell and watch it freeze over.

John Bruce

The only chance the Steelers have of winning this football game is to not turn the ball over. 22 straight games with a turnover I believe? This team can’t win shootouts. They have virtually no offense. Steelers are fast enough to contain RGIII, and stop that offense. Going to need something like 3 turnovers and 10-14 defensive points to pull it out. Go Steelers!

    Dane Bednar

    John Bruce I agree

Sarin VX

smash mouth football from the Steelers😂. The Steelers D is, “The pass rush of the living dead.”

Dane Bednar

Here we go Steelers here we go

Dane Bednar

Hope we do good

Mathew Torres

Every week i hear that stupid line


We have to use TJ, Snell, and destroy the run game for them

ninja rocket

Ducks hit alot of improvement to beat the bench defense

Snow Man

He not RG3 anymore he’s RG 1 1/2 Lol

MacDonald Berger With Berger King Foot Lettuce

No the key is to PUT IN PAXTON LYNCH! Duck is killing us!

Damon Gibson

Smashmouth football. Meanwhile thumbnail is Duck. Ummmmmmmmmmm Duck is trash I didn’t like him in LA against the Chargers. He makes poor decisions all around. Start Paxton Lynch. Then fire Randy

Malik ElcoSS454

Well defense always been well this season it’s offense that struggle for 2or3 weeks straight.

Rodrigo Martinez


a b

Win the game in the 4th quarter. First drive get a field goal, then just take what the defence gives you. If on one drive they give you nothing, then take nothing and their it away. Only try to risk it in the 4th if your behind.

Josh Kay

We don’t need a 4 minute video the only key to this game is: SCORE SOME POINTS FOR ONCE

Daniel Garcia

Keys to the game? Just one: Scoring 21 points, how? I don’t know, with Hodges & Randy, I don’t f***ing know 😕

Paul Buccigrossi

Find something worthwhile to do with your time. Take your kids to the park. Take your mom out to have a nice meal. The Steelers are done and will be remain done with Fichtner as O.C.

    Jacob Melecio



Need some Benny Snell Football! Snell yeah!


This game we’ll find out of our starting offense is better than the Ravens’ backups

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