Kingsbury Previews the Season Finale vs. Sean McVay & Rams | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Love Arizona

5 wins lol 16 in three years lol Give it up and shut down the team like the Oilers.

    Bob Marley mon

    Love Arizona You must seriously be special.. the cardinals have the best players in the league right now lmfao wait for next season🤗

    Big Red

    Love Arizona Do you feel better about your sad life when the only thing you do is hate on the cardinals of all teams?

    Lionel Sanchez

    Ur a hater but as soon the cards realease a video ur the first one there

Alex Bourgeault

We finally have hope

Love Arizona

Cardinals game plan = no plan but to watch the playoffs.

    Big Red

    Love Arizona Your game plan= do everything in your power to hate on them.


    @Big Red just ignore him, he’s just wasting his time hating

Bob Wrotenstien

I think Kingsbury at the end there let on that Murray wont be playing Sunday

Lloyd Living

Fire SK

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