James Conner & Maurkice Pouncey out vs. Ravens, Cam Heyward & Devin Bush win team awards – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

James Conner & Maurkice Pouncey out vs. Ravens, Cam Heyward & Devin Bush win team awards

Missi Matthews breaks down the Steelers' status report, what Cameron Heyward and Devin Bush had to say after winning team awards, and previews the Mike Tomlin Show.

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Gustavo Enriquez

I wish one day I will be able to go to a steelers game. I love the STEELERS STEELERS 4 LIFE AND FIRST

    Ryan Maliek

    Gustavo Enriquez I’m from PA and been a Steelers fan all my life. I live in FL and I’ve been to two Steelers/Jags games in Jax. It’s almost a home game because 60% of the fans are Steelers fans.


    Ya i wish i could too, I live in KC

    Rashaad Horne

    Tickets aren’t that bad my man.. Don’t know your living situation but you can get a ticket for as low as $70..$80

    Rashaad Horne

    @Sirbossman I was stationed in Ft Riley, Kansas.. But I’m back home in Virginia. I bought my ticket.. Booked my room.. Got on a greyhound.. Then went to the game.. I spent about $450 total 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Ryan Maliek

    If you live out of state, you can get tix to an away game for a few hundred, depending on where you sit. I went to a Steelers/Jax game in Jax with my wife, and we sat at the 30 yard line about 3/4 of the way up and we paid like $250 for two tix. If you save for a year, it’s easy to do.

Los Lara

Conner ur good bro but your hurt more than you play!

Carter Knight

We don’t need Conner he doesn’t do anything he only gets good runs when mike tells him to

    Bart Basquiato

    @CodGod -155 since being drafted hes been hurt, even his rookie season when he didnt take that many snaps.. he ain’t no top 5, no point of being a top 5 if you’re never out there on the field.. we didn’t pay Bell why should we pay Conner, got JuJu & TJ Watt who are gonna need new contracts.

    CodGod -155

    @Bart Basquiato he is a top t rb when healthy idk how a guy that averages 5 yards a carry isn’t considered a top 5 back

    Bart Basquiato

    @CodGod -155 health is also part of being a top 5 RB

    Keith arnold

    @Bart Basquiato can’t be top five RB if you only play 8 games a season… Dude is Downy soft.

    Bart Basquiato

    @Keith arnold wait you agreeing w me or did you mean to @ other dude who said he top 5, Conner is always limping after a run always looking in pain.


Connor can’t even stay healthy enough to trade.

    Bart Basquiato

    @michael roya my dude you sound like the keyboard warrior, sounds like you got butthurt because other dude gave his honest opinion bout Conner not being healthy.. you pick him for fantasy or you have his posters all over your room.

    Steeler Juju19

    Trade Conner to the jets for bell


    @Steeler Juju19 I like that idea, but we’ll have to catch the Jets drunk.

    michael roya

    @studentofsweetscience I think both of you are on the bottle😄😃😁

Ashley M.

🤣🤣 Who is in the background screaming wtf?

aKa SpooKz

Well said bush! Wish juju had your mind set.

a b

Awards are amazing and all, but Pittsburgh is HUNGRY for a SB

davis mc.

Pouncy, switzer,and duck. Should be cut.and conner should be a back up.not primary.

    CodGod -155

    U are out of ur mind there shouldn’t be a thought of cutting pouncy, duck has potential,swizter needs out and Conner can be a primary u are just to high to realize it

    Ryan Maliek

    Keep Pouncey. The others can go.

    Ryan Maliek

    CodGod -155 No Connor cannot be, because he’s never available. He’s been out half of this year and missed 4 games last year. He simply cannot take the constant pounding a RB has to take. It’s not Connors fault. It just is what it is.

John Bruce

Games James Conner has missed:
2017- 2
2018- 3
2019- 6

This is an alarming trend. Steelers must find a durable running back. Not convinced Snell can be that guy. Looking more and more that Samuels is not that guy. Would be nice to see Whyte get 12-15 carries to see who he is.

Frank Crooker

Terry Bradshaw was just snubbed from the NFL 100 all time QB roster. Bradshaw – 4 time SB CHAMPION, 2 TIME SB MVP, 4 TIME PROBOWL, 1 TIME ALL PRO, AND 1 TIME NFL MVP. 4-0 SB RECORD.


Sarin VX

Has Connor even played 2 games ina row this year?

    Ryan Maliek

    Sarin VX In the beginning of the season, but only till like week 3.

Ryan Maliek

James Connor out… well that’s only been half the season. I think they need to move on if he has the same injury issues next year. Right now he’s relatively cheap as he’s still on his rookie deal.

Devin Pendergast

We need to cut Conner, I like him and all but he’s getting hurt way too much😰

Joeschmoe Dontjaknow

Steelers gotta win titans gotta lose. I dont even see the steelers winning let alone the titans losing. More than likely the last game of the year for the steelers. Got a decent assessment of the no bell no brown no ben steelers. Not looking like a very salvage offense in almost every way but we got a good look at it. And the defense. Tuitt will be back. Bush will be in his rested 2nd season

Jock James

The Steelers need to NE to jump to a big lead on the Dolphins so KC knows the 2 seed is out of reach and sits their starters and lose. Then Houston can grab the 5th seed if they win and get the offensively-challenged Steelers in the wild card if Pitt can beat the Ravens.

Super Imaginator

Without Maurkice idk if we have a chance of winning

Steeler Juju19

I’m blaming Randy Fitchtner for this crap season

jจ.นุ่ย จ.นุ่ย

Sorry..season is over. There is noooooooooooooooooooooo way Titans willl lose to the Texans……..

Keith arnold

Conner is so soft.. softest RB we’ve had maybe ever.

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