Kenyan Drake Burns Seattle for an 80-Yd TD! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kenyan Drake Burns Seattle for an 80-Yd TD!

Kenyan Drake makes his way to sideline as he zooms past the Seattle secondary for an 80-yard touchdown. The Arizona Cardinals take on the Seattle Seahawks during Week 16 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Raj Papineni

Meanwhile James Conner gets 2 yards


LeSean McCoy did that celebration first he stole it from him

    Randy Suarez

    I don’t even know what all that crap was. A bit too much.

    Noah Rieger

    I thought this was football not charades πŸ˜‚


    @Noah Rieger hahaha so true

    Adventure Rehab

    @Randy Suarez Its him robbing a bank hahaha

    WeedNugs Weekly

    Watch the Rosen to Christian Kirk td vs 49ers last year and Kirk does the same thing πŸ˜‚

Mason Mejia

#RiseUpRedSea πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ”₯

Aries Anderson

These dolphins players are doing good when they play for someone else

    Aaron Scott

    @Don P I’m actually surprised how much work Kenyan Drake is getting considering they also have David Johnson, next year he may be the 2nd string back or better off with another team where he’ll be the full time starter

    Aaron Scott

    @Don P The Dolphins actually aren’t even that bad, Fitz has actually been playing well he just needs to be more consistent

    Don P

    @Aaron Scott Johnson was hurt when they acquired Drake, but they weren’t happy with Johnson’s output when he was healthy and now Drake has won the job. I could see them signing Drake to a 3-4 year deal at a reasonable price and cutting Johnson.

    Don P

    @Aaron Scott I think Burrow will go #1 at least in part because of Tua’s injury, but Miami could probably pick him with their first pick at 5 or 6 or whatever it will be now. Signing Fitzpatrick to another one year deal and either giving Tua a redshirt year or starting him for the last few games to get his feet wet could be a good plan.

Riddle Gunner

Fucken Seahawks i swear…we are.not going to playoffs playing like this

    Calvin Bonner

    @Snakebloke Bang Bang Niner Gang πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†!


    Beating the Vikings put the seachickins in the #1 spot

    Mr Williams

    Next week is gonna be a tough game to win for either team…that said go niners baby

    Champ Solo

    Yall gonna beat the Niners

Marty C

Kenyan Drake midseason pickup of the year. Impact player off the the scrap heap. Wow

    Bubba Riots

    He’s more than an impact player he’s the future of the Arizona Cardinals. The Dophins really do ruin careers

Don P

Kenyan Drake making some money for himself. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. Pay him Arizona!

    e mail

    not gonna happen. D.Johnson already on stupid fat contract and the backup is already playing good with good contract

    Don P

    @e mail They can cut Johnson. It’s not like Drake will require a huge contract. He’s showing he’s a good fit for Arizona’s system.

    WeedNugs Weekly

    @Don P Cardinals have nearly 100 million to spend though they could almost keep both but David would have to restructure and devote him to a new role so he gets reps still while Drake becomes your true RB

Aaron Scott

This may end up being a surprising upset

antonio thomas

Y’all who do like y’all salty y’all gon to loose you to carlos

antonio thomas

Y’all who do like y’all salty y’all gon to loose you to carlos


Drake never had a 1000 yard season but always has highlights

    WeedNugs Weekly

    Because he never got consistent reps and it only got worse this season before the trade to Arizona where he is currently at about 16 carries a game and nearly 600 yards with 7 TD’s through 7 games with the cards. He did have 1000+ from scrimmage in 2018 and if not for the start of this year he would’ve had 1500+ scrimmage yards

    Kevin R

    He’s easily going to surpass 1000 with a full season with the Cardinals next season.

Lemonade Feet

wow Seahawks are stoping the game clock

Jack Rooney



    we will be fine


    Never tank.
    Especially a divisional opponent when you are trying to establish an identity.
    You like tanking look at the bengals

    Aaron Scott

    @DR. SAVAGE Yeah, y’all pretty much have a great team, but y’all are like Detroit, a complete team that unfortunately is in a division with teams that are simply better, no offense btw


Well well well looks like my 49ers gonna have some fun this Sunday y’all lost your RBs πŸ˜‚ #ninergang

    Daniel Coronado

    Niner gang sounds so retarted just like their fans. Hahaha

Orlando Llamas



Okay so let see the math here, Seattle beat Niner and Ram, Ram beat Cardinal and Seattle, Niner beat both Rams and Cardinal twice, and Cardinal beat Seattle. What does that equal? A headache of a division.

Christian Torres

Glad I picked this man up in my fantasy

Jeffrey Stern

Just heard hawks were 1 for 12 on 3rd down? What? Also under 100 yards rushing? I bet the Seahawks NEVER take the Cardinals lightly EVER again.


Hi, I’m a Dolphins fan
We lost the the Drake trade…

And the Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills Trade
And the Tannehill trade
And the Minkah trade

    Adrian selby

    I’m sorry man how’s rosen ?


    Adrian selby Lost that trade too

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