Hail Mary: Cats in Florida Don’t Ask Questions, Just Have Fun! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Don’t ask questions.We just want to play volleyball, party, and have fun.

    Miami Sports fan

    Thomas Da Playa but why

    Thomas Da Playa

    @Miami Sports fan it was a joke

    Miami Sports fan

    Thomas Da Playa ik

    Rowan Fernsler

    I won’t ask questions, if you give me free SB tickets

Jay Hong

Great title

Jay Lipinski

Great title

Lun Hing

I thought another cat came on the field 😂

Kevin Enriquez

Just wow

Miami Sports fan

NFL really nailing these titles lmao

Cayman Menard

The title maker deserves a raise, that’s a rick and morty reference!!!!!!



Hector Rodriguez

BREAKING NEWS The Cincinnati Bengals lose to Miami in overtime 38-35. Now the Cincinnati Bengals get the number one overall pick draft a quarterback Joe Borrow A.k.a. Joe cool


    Wrong. Joe cool is joe montana


    His career is ruined before it began

Asante Sacko

See guys never count the Bengals out WHO DEY 😄

Courtney Williams

“I do!!! I understood that reference…


Omg the rick n Morty reference

Brandon Vickers

Who comes up with these titles who ever does should get 100 dollars a hour

Landon Meyer

I think this toilet bowl is better than the Cowboys Eagles one to determine the division lol



4k mac

Omg this from Rick and morty😂😂😂

Brotherly Love Productions

Do I see another Rick and Morty reference!? Hats off to these guys. First the ‘Apples’ now this. 👌

connor miller

Welcome to Cincinnati and back home Joe Burrow from an OSU fan! Good luck in the NFL! 😊


Cincinnati doesn’t need joe burrow

Mike Miller

That ain’t a Hail Mary 😂😂

    Half Man / Half Amazing ALL PHENOMENAL

    Yes it is, he’s just throwing it out there.

David Gutierrez

That’s a Rick and Morty reference in title!

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