Lamar Jackson Adds 3 More TD’s to Loaded Resume | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Justin Tague

Well at this point he is just confirming that he will win mvp


As a Steelers fans I can say that this kid is going to be a special player for years to come. No doubt he already has my respect 👍.

    Travis Stoudt

    LAVAR BALL considering he is a native of the Miami area I imagine he would luv to win the SB in his home stadium

    Ellicott Raven

    @Curtis Woods You cannot explain inexplicable hate. As an example can you rationalize with a skin head on not hating non whites? I didn’t think so.

    Curtis Woods

    @Ellicott Raven true. I was curious as to why he felt like Jackson was playoff ready?

    Ben Fardin

    Don’t worry Mason Rudolph is just as good as Lamar

    Curtis Woods

    @Ben Fardin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Michele Monae

What can this guy not do? Such a great talent.

    I’m wrong but

    thomas boffman aaron rodgers had a 6 td game and has made throws this year no one else can make like vs the chiefs, run against the eagles, vs the lions, and probably more I missed. he’s not the same player but he’s not an average qb

    thomas boffman

    @I’m wrong but Yeah I know. He used to just dominate. He was the what’s the thrill guy.

    Ron Jones

    @AGK927 =💩💩💩💩💩your and idiot


    @AGK927 Lol, you’re high

Jose Alcantar

Can we finally discuss Lamar’s durability? Seems like He can handle anything

    Will IV

    Ra Wo it’s funny to me, a lot of the people who say he will get injured for running are the ones that call him a running back, in which case he’d be running and getting hit even more 😂

    Mike LevisOrDie Breezy

    @Ra Wo thats what im saying. But everyone keeps saying Lamar is gonna get hurt running and it just blows my mind

    Ra Wo

    Will IV he’s not even really taking hits though lol he’s running smart he has taking 2 big hits this year and jumped right up…one of them was in today’s game when Boyle misses the block and he got sandwhich…the biggest problem with Lamar is so many people doubted him more so in the media and they can’t stomach that they are ALLLLL WRONG..he’s was really the most undervalued qb in our time except for maybe Brady who was also not expected to do much but we all see how that turned out


    He from Florida durability=100%

Senya -

First QB in history to have 3000 pass yards and 1000 rushing yards.

    I’m wrong but

    micheal olusanya that’s not how it works tho

    Mike Payne


    dave young

    Somebody tell tim ryan he wearing white not black

    E C

    Lamar already has more rushing yards than Tom Brady entire career of 20 yrs in NFL

    Simarbir Gill

    @sandman1347 but technically since he sat for five 4th quarters, adding four of them together is one game. So he “missed” 1 game and 1 quarter by that

Darlene Durden

Like if Lamar Jackson is a goat

    Lor Dub

    Darlene Durden not yet !

    455 benchpresser82

    He’s Excellent at present, and thats good enough for me!

    Antajuan Banks

    He is definitely the standard of what a dual threat QB should aim to be already which makes him a goat in that way

    matthew reynoso

    Antajuan Banks after this year, yeah


Jackson need to sit next game and just chill he already the MVP


    Facts he had the mvp locked up 2-3 weeks ago. He dont needa play next game, dont even risk it.

    Adil Afrizal

    @Nya_62 i think it’s not because the mvp, but they’re looking for number one seed

    fedvid fedvid

    @Adil Afrizal , they’ve got the number one seed locked up

    Christian Taylor

    @Ravens Fan4Life he need to stay and the steelers defense is another test for us

    Ravens Fan4Life

    @Christian Taylor Yeah but we don’t need this. we have everything locked up. Why get our starters hurt before the playoffs makes no sense.

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noti gang

born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

Lamar is just too good. Meanwhile, Baker Mayfield looks like a fat linebacker and plays like one too

    Yuliana Cayetano

    @Sojo R people don’t understand sarcasm😂

    King Markbarry

    Sojo R just shut up

    Sojo R

    @Yuliana Cayetano Exactly.. (Finally someone with common sense) 💯


    JD x Scorpion FACTZ!!! 😜


22yr old 2nd year in NFL already GOAT QB status 😆

Blade Runner

36 TD’s passing + 7 TD’s rushing in 14 full games.

He sat out *4* and a *half* 4th quarters and is prob sitting out next week.

    Ellicott Raven

    Don’t forget the five (close to) 4th quarters he sat in were games where he was ridiculously hot. He could’ve probably padded his stats and thrown at least 6-8 more TDs if he were to play the full games. He still would’ve played only 15 full games! Ridiculous talent and the kind that comes along once in a lifetime.

    Ryan Hardison

    @Ellicott Raven If Lamar Jackson had the same amount of attempts and receiving talent that Mahomes had last year, he probably would of had 50 passing TDs this year like Mahomes had last year.

    Reel Deal

    Literally these statistics will take a while to duplicate or surpass


We gonna ignore the fact that Lamar’s final 2 mins of the first half was better than Baker Clownfield’s entire game…? Ok then.

    Blade Runner

    I really don’t like to trash opposing players or teams. I usually just like defend my player’s/team’s skills over theirs.

    Swa Sho

    No we’re just going to ignore the “are we going to ignore the fact” meme for 2020

Quan Thomas

You can really tell that the game has slowed down for Lamar. He is making quicker reads with the ball

    Shaun Wright

    Confidence growing every week…. Sht is scary

Geaugett Dinearo

Steph Curry of the NFL #UnanimousMVP

    YHWHoshua Ben yisrael

    Nah step curry is garbage lamar is the truth!

    Prince T

    @YHWHoshua Ben yisrael garbage is harsh bruh. What are you to this world?


hmm 🤔🤔 Lamar Jackson throwing outside the numbers accurately…. they said it couldn’t be done. i sat an watch him do it every saturday at louisville live in person lol. i feel like what happened was someone started a lie/rumor & the media ran with it. this kid had always been an above average passer. no joke, no bias


    what does throwing outside the numbers mean? and why was it said that it couldn’t be done?
    new to american football, sorry. trying to learn

    Sojo R

    Its called *Hater-ade.* The line is long lol.


    @bardock2525 throwing on the the right and left sides of the field near the edges


    @jonathan94fresh got it.. thanks!

    Berry Tharp

    Yep, and we didn’t have a very good O line in front of him and he had a pedestrian D1 receiver and TE core. Cole was only real NFL level target he could develop with.

Jace Woods

Bake Bake overrated now the season is over Browns won’t beat Ravens twice in a season and now you’re on the clock🤔😎🤗😅😂🤣😡🤬

    Jace Woods

    Now can they please stop with the Progressive commercials? Or at least Lj8 since he a winner🤔😎💯🔥🔥

connor miller

Lamar Jackson is the MVP hands down. No more debate.



    connor miller

    speedFL And in a browns fan. I hate the ravens but I’ve been rooting for Jackson to prove he’s great and he is.


Not bad for an MVP

Hombre Alfisti

Lamar Jackson = VIBRAINIUM QB!

Ellicott Raven

I”ve been blessed and lucky to have seen Michael Jordan in his prime. The feeling of amazement and awe that I felt then never happened again till I saw Lamar Jackson. I kid you not! This kid is the most watchable and charismatic sports figure that I’ve ever seen since then. You cannot take your eyes off of him period. That’s must see TV. MJ took BB worldwide and I suspect Lamar Jackson may do the same for the NFL.

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