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Josh Allen | “We’re Playing Games In December That Mean Something”

Bills quarterback, Josh Allen addressed the media following the 24-17 loss to the New England Patriots, topics include: playing in big games, his touchdown pass to Bills wide receiver, John Brown, and leading the final drive of the game.

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Huge bills fan in the comment check

    Fords4life 91


William Speyer

I like that move on and try to better next time

    Elliot Eisler

    William Speyer it’s hard to beat a team 3x in a season… we will beat them when it matters in a month to get to the AFC Championship game 👀

Fortnite Btw

Bills Mafia let’s be honest if we would’ve won the pats still had to loose to Miami and we all know that wasn’t going to happen

    Rodney Taylor

    It wasn’t about potentially winning the division, it was about finally beating the bully……

    PaPaDew Vinylspinnin

    Miami beat Patriots last game last year so ……..

    Michael Leclair

    @Fortnite Btw probably not

    Michael Leclair

    @Paul Hupka not true

    Brian W

    Yeah, I agree. I didn’t expect us to play this well this year at all. I was expecting this all next year so I’m happy. We clinched the wildcard without any luck involved and we put alot of pressure on the pats with our win loss record. That’s great in my book and we only get better from here.

Fortnite Btw

We most likely play Houston in the playoffs

    Chris C

    I’ll be there


Yeah & Losing.. 2 missed wide open TD passes to Knox on the 1st & Last Drive

    Paul Dyche

    Defense could have played a lot better and Allen could have also

    m brice

    @Paul Dyche i bet there will be some changes on the offence in the off season…..

Crimson Twins

The one knock I have on, Josh, is that he holds on to the ball when the play is already blown up.

Get rid of it, bro! Stop taking those 10 yard losses.

    Paul Dyche

    I thought I was the only one that thought this now I see a few others on here you got those young legs run and throw it out of the end zone when you’re in the Red Zone you just can’t take a 5 10-yard sac


    Couldn’t agree more. If there is nothing there, just throw it away

    Paul Dyche

    @r_h_888 back in the day Dan Marino did this and didn’t get sacked for how many years I don’t know

moses duncan

What’s wrong with Duke William do he have some kind of disease or something, give this kid some tools to work with. You can see it’s almost more than he can handle, He’s thinking to much when it should be muscle memory. You’re going to burn this kid out if you don’t give him some help!…………..I can’t believe these the Bills coaches.

    m brice

    maybee duke doesn’t subscribe to the process and they are gonna drop him at the end of the season.

Joey Boloney

He seems genuinely sad at his performance. I hope he can recover.

Luke Main

The run play calling was terrible. It seemed like the same draw play, that never worked, every time. How about lining up Singletary behind Allen for some runs? And why didn’t Gore play at all? It goes without saying that the corrupt NE ref crew ruined the game, but also the run plays were way too predictable. Not one HB screen or WR bubble screen? I don’t get it. If we see em in the playoffs we’ll win.

    Jo Br

    Totally agree! — Very dumb play calling again!! I was wondering exactly what you just write her, cannot agree more. Just a few different plays could make a huge difference; every game they play several times the same shotgun draw run that everyone is expecting… too predictable!

    Paul Dyche

    Totally agree the play-calling Allen not connecting and the defense not really having a good day all that said we could have tied it at the end still a positive outlook I belief

    Mike Spooner

    Gore. Wondered that myself


Gotta improve the accuracy, Ford needs to move his damn feet, and our defense has to defend the run. Good game Buffalo. Gear up for the playoffs.

    Paul Dyche

    You’re right you’re absolutely have to hit those guys that are wide open

    Chris C


    Paul Dyche

    @Chris C Chris you’re ready got burned like burnt toast

Dennis Madigan

Throw the ball away when in the red zone. Stop taking those big losses. 1,2,3 throw

    Paul Dyche

    Someone’s got to get that in his head I know we lost a few field goals because of that this year


    Exactly! Finally someone who gets it. He can’t hold on to the hold for this long. If there is nothing there, throw it away. Don’t wait for ten seconds to just get sacked and lose 5 yards


He’s going to grow!

    Alfred Jones

    This is only 2nd year better cordinader he’ll b fine

Christian G

U can’t run the ball every time on 1st down like u guys did and u guys need to target Dawson Knox on a short pass more often

m brice

they need to give mics to the reporters to hear what questions they are asking. allthough im not happy with the overall performance of the offence,i got a josh allen jersey[ my 1st] this year and will wear it proudly.

Alberto Sandoval

Shake this one off Josh… kick arse next week vs Jets then get that first playoff win under your belt! You got this…. Bills Mafia has your back. 👍

Cheery Eric

_m/ Rock on Soldier.You are doing a Fantastic job. You are doing a Fantastic job growing.

The Dual Beacon Of Lightning Driver Stay Super lit

Where is Duke Williams?!

david merrick

I’ve been a Bills fan since the “Lookie Lookie, There Goes Cookie” days lol, I’ve been with the over 60 years and the fact that we lose to the Pats 2 times in a year and are competitive both times and get a chance to play them one more time this season makes me very very very happy. Go Bills, Third time’s a charm.


    david merrick Brady is 29 and 3 against the Bills. He has won more times in Buffalo than any quarterback in history but as a Bills fan I’m sure you’re aware of that. You guys played a good game last night and it looks like you’ll be a team to reckon with in the future. 👍

    david merrick

    @KRAKEN Yes and before him It was Shula and the fish-got to admit I like New England more than Miami . Anyway as a Bills and Buckeyes fan I had a great fall. Merry Christmas


    david merrick You too buddy. ✌🏼


We’re in the playoffs. Stop it with the *G A Y* takes from fatties in your sweatpants. He’s getting better and you couldn’t hold his jock.


I keep on seeing all these hate comment on josh Allen recently. Look around guys. He’s been in the team for under 2 years. Give him some time before you start breathing down his neck. Second of all, we are 10-4. We are in the playoffs. Put it into perspective. Yes we do have problems, Allen doesn’t throw it away when there is nothing, and gets sacked. Yes our O line needs work, and yes we need more receivers. But these are all things that can get improvement. Allen has made so much improvement since 2018. Go back and look at his old games. He has grown so much. Give him time, don’t say that we need a good quarterback in his second year. If he still looks bad in the next two years. Maybe we can think about getting a bee qb, but for the time being we have much larger priorities.

    Brian W

    These idiots probably are just pats fans pretending to be bills fans. Anyone and everyone following the draft and the cap expected us to do great things NEXT SEASON. Plain and simple. There is a lot of holes to fill. But we came this far this year regardless. So anyone who claims that the bills suck is just trolling and pretending to be a bills fan. Either that or they aren’t paying attention during the off season or the drafts and what they say doesn’t matter because they’re selectively and comfortably dumb.

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