Panthers deliver gifts to patients at Levine’s Children’s Hospital (Ep.14) – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Teddy Swagger

Pure class! #ThankYou #KeepPounding

    Teddy Swagger

    @donald louk jr. And they gave Cam hell for loosing 8 straight. Smh. Kyle done threw 10 interceptions in 5 games. And is arguably the most sacked in the league. And that’s not a OLine problem. That’s a “holds on to the ball too long” problem. Not wanting to throw it away problem. And that’s Kyle’s problem.

    donald louk jr.

    @Teddy Swagger I agree 150 damn percent we should be playing like that in 2019 and they’re not. They’re not making the right place at the right time and they got all that meet like you said on the line we got a lot of good,players,there is no excuses for them playing like this.. and then went ahead and lost six straight games that’s terrible they need to get their act together I hope they do get it together

    Teddy Swagger

    @donald louk jr. Yea but Cam LEAD us to a 7-8-1 division win and our first playoff win. Cam never gave up. Cam lead us from 6-10 to 12-4. Then from 7-8-1 to 15-1. Then from 7-9 to 11-5. Has Matthew Stafford lead the Lions to any playoffs?? No. He had two 0-16 seasons. Where’s his criticism? And then they made him the highest paid QB at that time. Reward failure, that’s what we doing out here?! Even with two rings, what has Eli and the Giants done since the SB? At least Ben, Brees, and Rodgers have been to the playoffs since their SB appearances. So Kyle has big shoes to fill. Shaq size! And so far, he’s dropping the ball. No pun intended.

    Teddy Swagger

    @donald louk jr. Appreciate it. Yeah we got Wes Horton, Vernon Butler, Dontari Pope although he’s hurt, Mario Addison, Efe Ogbada, and we brought back Marquis Haynes and Kyle Love. Even though we went 7-9, Steve Wilks had our defense top 10 before he left for AZ. The Patriots went to the SB and their defense wasn’t even in the top 15. They picked up Stephon Gilmore and he sucked that same year. So like I said, it’s the coaches. Eric Washington was a good Dline coach. The work he did with 2K and Super Mario and even Star, was phenomenal. But as a DC he sux! We need a Romeo Crennel as DC. Or a DC like the late Jim Johnson out of Philly. Even Lovie Smith had a great defense in Chicago. But Jay Cutler still sucked arse, lol. Brian Billick, Dom Capers, Jack Del Rio, Anthony Lynn, Steve Wilks and Jerry Porter all would be better options than Eric Washington.


luck Sunday : – )


I Love the Carolina Panthers

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Jordan Jordan

Even with them not having the best season they still smile and its amazing to see them make a child’s day when the kids are not feeli well they put aside the all of that just to make the kids smile regardless of how they are playing its just purely amazing 😄🖤💙

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