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Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott Post-Loss to Patriots

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott addressed the media following the 24-17 loss to the New England Patriots, topics include: the last thirty seconds of the first half, Bills quarterback Josh Allen's performance, and the possibility of resting Bills players next week before the playoffs.

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Mobile Bills

He can’t be scared to make a challenge. He would won the PI agaisnt Baltimore and woulda won the spot on 4th and 1 today

    Deborah Nadolski

    Our defense played BADLy! Missed tackles all game in guys like Michel and Burkhead, who sucked all year.

    Deborah Nadolski

    Allen has No INT’s against the Pats and one lick in last 7 games.


    if he challenged that he would have lost, you couldnt see the ball, they never overturn those. Also if he did challenge it, we would have never scored a td and tied it before half


    Nah, Sony and Burkhead don’t suck. The patriots just turned on the playoff mode switch. How many teams with a winning record have the Bills beaten this year? 1? Its not that your team played bad in this one game, it’s that you just got a glimpse of who they really are and you don’t like it.


Well we know one thing, 4th quarter josh Allen is what we need the entire 4 quarters

    iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

    @BryceTheDice should have??? Either you win or you don’t🤣🤣🤣 average QBs tend to lose against good teams . And Allen is average.. I think he is awful

    Dennis Madigan

    Yes but he lost that come back kid characteristic he showed early in the season. The defense was making big hits but were not following through with the tackle.


    iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers Give me same facts and some proof on how “Awful” he is. If you can find more awful stuff about josh Allen, then you win.

    matthew moore

    @iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers you are a joke, your life consists of YouTube comments pretending you know everything. You don’t like allen because he is white we get it, Lamar jackson will be in a wheelchair by the end of his career. Go back to Madden in your mom’s basement!!

    jay ceo

    @matthew moore facts bro

Buffalo Bobby

Allen balled out in the 4th. I’ll take that the entire game


    Man still overthrew ppl in the 4th. He needs to improve and improve quickly if we really want to legitimately make a run. Or we’ll be going home with a game just like this one in the playoffs

    jay ceo

    If he bawled out in the fourth we would have took the W and not the L. 🤣

The Bops

This loss hurts. New England is definitely not the same team as previous years.They basically beat us all over the field 🙁


    It doesn’t hurt, the Bills are still in the playoffs. A win wouldn’t have changed that

    Vito Anthony D.

    @BT3701 The Bills are in what playoffs? The one where they score 3 points?


    @Vito Anthony D. Time will tell – Yet I don’t see them going very far in the playoffs. It would however be nice if they could win at least one playoff game.

Karuizawa Kei

Idk who thought single-covering Edelman with Taron Johnson was a good idea


    We were getting ran on the whole game. Give up one thing the other works. Even with that we lost by 7. I don’t think it was Edelman it was the sad run defense

    Ardin Lovett

    Yea I agree I would like an explanation about that y that question wasn’t asked is crazy


We all know you didn’t do a good enough job by the final score. Wtf Daboll, running Singletary on first down was so freaking predictable. So was the sacks on second down, and the wild overthrows on third down. Desperate playcalling. Unimaginative.


    grendl you can def see this bills team will be able to beat the patriots. The patriots game plan was better this. Game. I like to see if they can beat the bills 3 times in the same season

Biggie Scooby

4th & 1 3rd Qtr up 17-13 at our own 38 he decides to punt.

    Derrick Robinson

    That whole series was soft and not aggressive at all that was a chance to really put pressure on them we had the momentum after the brown deep ball


    yes u said it AT OUR OWN 38. If we didnt convert pats are guaranteed 3 points at least


Defense let us down big time. Pats off control our offense like it was a rank 30 def. that bad they looked


    If the Bills would have stopped the run things might be different

    thatguy youkno

    If the bills could make an offensive play the defense would actually have time to rest and not get back onto the field tired out

    jay ceo

    Are you kidding me the score could have been worse than that ,our defense showed up our offense is what needs f****** help.


You can’t win games like this with a defense that was able to stop the run combined with an anemic offense.

Tyler Seda

The red zone playing was terrible roll out two times in a row on the 2? Then when we get down there why don’t we use singletary? Instead we try and use allen as a battering ram

Vito Anthony D.

32-3 against the Patriots. This is fan base abuse, that is all.

Mike Spooner

Bill’s are on the edge Patriots wont have their number much longer💪 we played like crap both times we played em and still had a chance lost by 13 pts total says alot. Patriots better pray Edelman dont get hurt cuz that’s all they got.

Jason Scattolon

All Tom Brady was last night was a better version of duck Hodges from a week ago , short passes dink and dunk Offense . Oh and don’t forget getting away with intentional grounding when he’s dead in the water

samuel harris

Whatever you coaches are doing with Josh Allen is not working. Hello are you there.


    Putting him on an NFL field? You’re right, it’s not working.

Marcelo Fojo

This game is take lime lear are mistakes and fixed fast we need to get something we need to go there and WIN no excuses this the begins to what come and the play offfs get better right away play better each game because the playoff there is going to be a battle in there and we need to WIN ……..

Chris C


God Emperor Pepe

Praising Tom Brady isn’t an excuse anymore. If the Texans could beat them, we could. We allowed Brady to look better than he is.


    The Texans have a dangerous offense, you guys have a JV offense. Defense doesn’t work against the patriots, ask the rams, you have to outscore them. They will always find a way to scrape together enough points to win a low scoring game. Better luck next year.

Dylan Bittlingmaier

Love reading the comments from all these “experts”. I think I know quite a bit about the game but I won’t pretend to know 1% of what McDermott and his professionals are dealing with against the greatest coach and QB of all time. No moral victories here and we will
See these guys again this year. Grateful we have a coach like this.

    Brian W

    Yeah no doubt. Anyone who expected us to get even this far this year is an idiot and definitely not an expert. We should be proud of how far we’ve come in so little time.


    You guys are 1 and done in the wildcard round. You have NO IDEA the embarrassment you are in for.

    Ardin Lovett

    See I appreciate what u guys are saying. And I’m no expert but I did expect us to be in the mix from day one and I truly belive that we are better than we played yesterday as well as a fee of our other losses. I understand we are a young offense with alot to learn. But for our proven defense to look that bad is sad. We knew what we were up against and still choked. Well see how they respond moving forward. Merry Xmas to u and all bills mafia


Every time Daboll gives a glimpse of hope he turns around and calls little league plays

    jay ceo

    Facts bro , the OC needs to go

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