Jordan Howard Discusses His Return to the Lineup | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Alex V

Let’s go EAGLES! 🦅🦅🦅

John Price

Jordan Howard:* see giants field * it’s free Real estate

Jekyll Hyde

*When Playoff Teams Are Looking For A Power RB…The Eagles Have One Already In Waiting… Now It’s Now To Unleash The 3 Headed Monster At RB Position…I Would Make The Playbook 60% Run Plays 40% Pass*

    Compassionate Living

    Even more running

    Jekyll Hyde

    @Compassionate Living *Well Doug Isn’t Going Any Where Near More Than 60% Runs Lol*

    Compassionate Living

    Jekyll Hyde you’re probably right. I wish he would tho!


    Doug would never


    Compassionate Living if we can have Wentz throw no more than 25-30 passes that would be ideal for Doug


I’m happy to have Howard back but Doug should start with Sanders since he’s got the hot hand.

    kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

    Yes Doug says said he won’t play him until emergency
    Because he likes what he sees wit his offense now

    Shane P.

    Move Howard to Reciever

    Fred Henderson

    I 2 punch. It’s good to have a downhill back for third and short help extend drives. Let’s not forget we had 2 good backs when we won the Super Bowl Howard was averaging 4.5 yards per carry before he got hurt.

    Jonny Windjammer

    Eagles4life they can play a dual back! I hope that’s what they do.

Why-so-serious X

Redzone O is gonna be crazy now with Howard in now😍.

Chuck Pestacchi

I’m thrilled Jordan Howard will be up for Sunday, between Sanders & Howard we have a great shot at running a consistent run attack. They will really test NY’s Defence. While the Eagles will have to contain S. Barkley. GO BIRDS

Jonathan boswell

This guy is going to be dangerous when he gets in. Especially late in the game when the Giants defense could be fatigued. Let’s get it, Howard. Let’s get it Eagles!

    Jonny Windjammer

    Jonathan boswell agreed. It’s like having another LB in our backfield. Huge huge impact, especially when it comes to playoff football. Like we are fighting for now.

    George Sciblo jr

    I just pray he’s football ready

Darth Vix

just run it lol

Michael Ervin

Hopefully Schwartz plays Jones “20-20” and Douglas in the Redzone.
Rasul is a long TD waiting to happen.


Honestly, I think we should look this touches. I want him fresh for the playoffs.

Gabe Alt

Is it just me or does Jordan think he’s done in Philly? I sure hope I’m wrong

    Jonny Windjammer

    Gabe Alt I dunno how you deduced that from what was said? What he say? I hope he’s not done. He’s been killin it!

    Mark Edwards Pezenosky

    I hope he stays

drealmerz7 z

how critical is this critical game? WTF MCPHERSON, YOU DOLT!

    drealmerz7 z

    thumbs-down for Chris McPherson – ugh

    Jonny Windjammer

    Agreed man, some of theses questions…

Straight Fire

In week 4 we upset the Green Bay Packers on Thursday Night Football for one reason and one reason only.. Jordan Howard 3 touchdowns! We need to run it down people’s throats

    Jonny Windjammer

    Straight Fire Well, and defense showed up…

Shane P.

Have Howard catching passes

Jonny Windjammer



I’ll sit Ertz & Howard have them fully ready for the playoffs run

Marine Corps

what the hell goes on in that locker room lmao

Mark Edwards Pezenosky

Jordan is a m4 tank..getting repair ed the Giants over

Davon Norton

I want some INTs! Let’s get some turnovers defense and tackle


I love him coming back in the lineup but I want to see Miles Sanders get at least 70% of the carries. Jordan 20% and Boston 10%

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