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Brandon Sutherland

Playoffs here we come


No one can deny wentz is a leader. Orlando scandrick is crying at home

    sunlight sparkle

    So let me ask you this Hermand Love…. Does Tom Brady stats mean anything? He’s been in a weak division his whole career damn near….. When is the last time you heard about Jets, Buffalo and Miami being competive enough to win that division?

    Will Horton

    @Septical this is actually his 4th year. His rookie year he showed promise, 2nd year he was amazing he got hurt and Eagles still won the SB, 3rd year he dealt with recovering and ended his season with a back injury in which eagles lost in the divisional round. His 4th year hes doing solid,can improve in some areas but that’s for every QB

    Star Key Little G

    @Hermand Lo Bills, Packers are not shitty tteams lol

    Carson Wentz Fan

    @Septical 4th year*


    @Carson Wentz Fan Regardless, carson is a beast

Tony Sicilia

Loved the ending with the hug with Ward!


    money man ward!

Carter Miller

A confident Carson is dangerous for other teams. Watch out 👀

    Q Mack

    @HT 😂😂😂

    sunlight sparkle

    That mothafucka ain’t no Eagles fan. He’s a Foles fan 😂…. You can’t be watching the games and say Wentz is playing bad. The past three games, he’s been playing very well but people still complain as if he need to be perfect…. Who give a damn about a few inaccurate throws when you’re completing 70 percent of the passes. After finally finding a franchise QB, people are ready to get rid of him in just his 4th year….. I dislike that….It displays a lack of faith and heart.

    Alex V

    @Goat Stature True that bro


The end, him and G-Ward building that trust bond. awesome. cant wait to see G-Ward skyrocket to NFL stardom


Max Kellerman: He’s no leader

Jalen Mills: Lead us dawg lead us
Anthony Rush: Lets go bro we behind you.

    Frank Mischler

    dwaters2k10 I thought that was genard Avery

    Cam Hill

    Honorable mentions:
    Peters rejecting the fist bump for a hug
    Douglas saying “Let’s go, we got you baby”
    Ward Jr with the wholesome “I love you”
    Fly Eagles Fly!

    Alex V

    Fly Eagles Fly bby

    eagles flyers

    Max kellerman a clown!

Joe Tufano

After this game and the games against New York and Washington, you’d have to be a moron to say that Carson Wentz isn’t a leader and claim that he’s a complete bust.

    Jonny Windjammer

    Joe Tufano You’re watching the future GOAT. Enjoy it, don’t listen to the haters. This kid is SPECIAL!

Michael Conroy

Looks like the older guys dont like being pandered to. Younger dudes buy in, no ego. Dont get me wrong, it takes all kinds to win in the NFL, but you gotta wonder if these younger receivers and running backs are succeeding because they can accept leadership from a relatively young guy.

    SmithN' Wesson

    @Geg Jeffrey and Nelson have become a cancer. Get gone.

    Louis palko

    @Anubis Ma’at too bad their brains are too scrambled from football to realize

    Anubis Ma'at

    @Louis palko
    Right…Foles wasn’t winning on the road bruh.

    Alex Smith

    The funny part is, Agholor seemed to have major attitude problems, but Wentz made him into a quality receiver. And Jeffery has not been great in any categories ever so I’m not even sure where his ego is coming from.


Wentz > Mahomes

    k lol

    Okay i love wentz but mahomes is on another level.

    Tyler Rossi

    Stretching it bro he is definitely up there tho for sure

    Thomas DeTitta

    Nah, but next year hell be top 5 cuz Brady is losing it

    k lol

    @Thomas DeTitta yeah wentz is top 10 but not on mahomes level. Mahomes might be the best QB on the field or at least top 3 with brady gone. Drew bree, big ben, lamar(?), mahomes all can be in the top 3.

    Thomas DeTitta

    @k lol not big ben, hes great but getting old. The only old guy I can see still playing well is brees

Manuel Cantu

Wentz with a healthy team around him = SB’s all day hes at another level!!!


    If we had everyone we had vs the 1st redskin game I would say super bowl


Ever since Carson had sex he’s been balling out


    She grabbed that D and said “time to be a man”

    ShaResa Curtis

    And now she’s pregnant

    HighRisk Junk


    Daz Dealz

    Ok I laughed


    I said the opposite,,,in til these last few games he was playing like he was getting laid too much,,,now she’s pregnant so he’s getting laid less,,,and now can use his bottled up energy on the field…

Sam Goody

Yeah but don’t forget “Carson has lost the locker room”. He “has no leadership skills”, he’s “not a franchise QB”.
This video shows he has players who love him and he loves playing with, he leads from the front… and my god is he a franchise QB. That’s my quarterback!

Cyrus Jay

Wentz to Ward is gone be legendary!!!!!

    Kishaun Wright

    I hope so I want the eagles to sign g ward so fucking bad

Aeroify HD

Greg Ward is gonna be special. He’s the next Undrafted big receiver. Mark my words

    Pierre S

    K right I agree. I love ward, but to say he’s gonna be a top receiver is kinda reaching. I do see him as an impactful WR on the team tho


    Aeroify HD I’ve been saying that the last two years. It’s a shame he had to be on the reserve even when Mack Holland was injured 🤕

    Alex Smith

    He does look damn good. He should take Agholor’s roster spot, because he dropped it.

    Eugene Brow

    You can see the love he have for the game and this team plus Wentz is talking to him even when Miles score the touchdown

    Thomas DeTitta

    @Alex Smith lol


Get this guy a #1 receiver! Love that chemistry with Miles, calling out his name to get him to turn around for pass


Carson to Sanders after the slide

“I’m so proud of you”

Inject this into my veins

Itrichard Dao

I went and Carson did give me a show when I went to my first nfl game live

    Itrichard Dao

    Right they was so lit we start burning dak Jersey

    Army Boi

    Eagle’s Nation

Clip Pugglez YT

The one dislike is a cowboys fan

SmithN' Wesson

Soon as Jeffrey and Nelson went down Wentz wins 3 straight with practice squad recievers. That says something about the attitudes of Jeffrey and Nelson

    John Doe

    Even if you don’t wanna admit it, you can’t help but wonder.

    Jonny Windjammer

    SmithN’ Wesson agreed! Got rid of the cancer…

    Alex Smith

    Agholor is all drops and no respect for the QB that made him relevant. Jeffery is a possession receiver that demands the ball thrown to him on every route like he’s actually going to beat somebody.

    The team should trade Jeffery because I think he has value to another team. The Eagles need more speed on both sides of the ball.

    Anita Williams

    I said the same thing. The negative energy is gone

    Will Horton

    @Alex Smith I’d love John Ross

TK the 7th

Orlando Scandrick:

Me: Oh, so he gonna cry in the car.


    TK the 7th he just got divorced too 😂

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