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Tyler Tresca

GANG 💪🏼🦅

Donald Brown

Carson wentz 👑 king of the
East .

Jekyll Hyde

*I Knew Godgert Would Have a Big Game… And Miles If Used Wheel Routes… But What Needs To Happen Is Carson Needs To Do Sneaks At 3 & 1 And 4th & 1 Not A Pass Play Or A Handoff… Make The Giants Work Their Asses Off Getting The Eagles Offense Off The Field Don’t Help Them With Bad Play Calls…Eagles Win If Carson Doesn’t Turn The Ball Over*


    You need a mix of veteran and fresh blood going for a playoff run. Having hungry young players is a bonus. If you have all grizzled vets that have a ring they can get disinterested. Got to get the division title baby.


    Eagles needs to run a balanced offense not a one dimensional offense. Use all their talent against the giants.

    Jekyll Hyde

    @6971robi *The Rb Wheel Routes Opens Everything Up Because It Makes The Defense Have To Think & Scramble On The Snap Leaving Wide Open Targets On The Field*

    Jekyll Hyde

    ​@hamhockbeans *The Rumor Going Around Is DJax Could Come Back In The Playoffs…But Have To Get There With The Players They Have Now*




This is how many first downs the eagles will get against the Giants 👇🏻👍🏻


    Better yet… this is how many TDs they’ll get.

    Samuel Fraser

    The…number of comments is how many?

Serious Fireworks

When he said “one first down” first thoughts was he needs to do that more in other games..I hate when they leave time on the clock



gives me chills every time


    Just think Chip Kelly would just go to his office and not even look at his players.


    I’m getting that feeling… 🦅🦅 We’re not done.

Eagles Clips

Jalen mills pulled up in the green Mclearn


    I think he likes being a Eagle. Green has become his favorite color and not just the dollar.

    Eagles Clips

    Who wouldn’t like green and who wouldn’t wanna be a eagle


Sounds of the week, and we beat the cowboys? Instant favorite and like

Can an egg Get 1,000 subs

I knew they could do it the eagles clutch and comeback

Jez the4th

Merrill is a legend!!!

    Shadow IOS

    Jez the4th I was listening him and it was so great!


Yes we are built for this!………..Built to win another Lombardi Trophy!

Daisy's views


    Edward Morgan

    That’s the best … 1, 2 , 3 FAMILY

why sway

Love my team 🦅

Ryan Schuler

My man Carson is perfecting his play fakes and pump fakes I love it… He is a true leader idgaf what anybody ever say about my boy… I always got my QBs back


    Yes, I saw that it was better last game. I thought some play fakes were atrocious b4. Handing the ball off, or just like you said, the pump fakes, I was like.. “can we disguise that better, please!!?” I thought I was the only one who thought that.

    Ryan Schuler

    @neetrab Yeah, that is something I can tell his working on and it looked great last game. With play fakes and pump fakes if they can freeze a linebacker or DB for a split second it opens the play up and our WRs or TEs can get some separation. All the great quarterbacks master disguising the ball. Even misdirecting defenses w their eyes. That’s something Carson I thought lacked early on, he would literally look at his target the whole play. His improvements are impressive for sure. Especially with what his working with.


    @Ryan Schuler this comforts me that you noticed it too. Glad the eagles are seemingly working on it.

Chuck Pestacchi

GO BIRDS, Fly Eagles Fly, beat NY

kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

North Dakota Assassin’s and his practice suicide squads

ZG Brickfilms

Let’s go birds!

Wilson Bowden

@ 3:43 is where Wentz and Greg Ward became best friends LOL.

The Number1baller

0:27 okay guys, who invited Kodak Black to the facility.

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