Broncos’ Defensive Line Continues to Wreak Havoc | Chalk Talk | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Broncos’ Defensive Line Continues to Wreak Havoc | Chalk Talk | Raiders

In this week's Chalk Talk, former pro bowl tackle Lincoln Kennedy breaks down the Broncos' defense and the continued production of Broncos' linebacker Von Miller.

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Jr Zarazua

Let’s go raiders

Big Daddy

raiders gon get this dub!!!

edwin sosa

I love this show💯

Watts Raider

Let’s go Raiders 🏴‍☠️

Lost Smoke

I enjoy this show. What I saw there wasn’t about the Broncos being avg and taking what they’re given…it was about offenses failing. Take the last example: what was he rolling out for?

    Christopher Moreno

    Lost Smoke you guys wish you had our defense 🤣🤣🤣

    Lost Smoke

    @Christopher Moreno unfortunately it only displays four squares after your statement, but nonetheless, I shall not surrender good Sir. Hey, I wasn’t saying your defense is average, above average or below. I pointed out that they acted like an average defense that would take what was being handed to them in the scenarios on the film. I am only hoping now that Denver thinks the game is in Las Vegas already 😉

OvOAlex 243

You guys better not lose from the denever broncos

    SKPjoe Coursegold


    Dirk Diggler

    I’m a Raider since 68, the donkeys will win by 21..


DeAndre Washington goes for 100
Renfrow and Waller get 100
RAIDERS get 4 Sacks, 2 Picks…

RAIDERS 27 – Donkeys 23


    JAMES CONNOR and the raiders still miss the playoffs

    FoeReaper 4000

    @arvelle4 Hilarious and it will probably happen because thats the mark davis raider way RN4L


    JAMES, you’re dreaming 😂 That’s funny.


Without a healthy Trent Brown, Richie Incognito, Gabe Jackson, and Rodney Hudson, I am very worried for Carr because the Tackles are going to get eaten alive.

    Dirk Diggler

    Yep. Donkeys will win by 21

Sam A

Professor Linc

Esteban Del Rio


Here's Johnny !

Thanks for the lesson Professor Kennedy ☠️

Philip Jade Cold

Cardinals fan been rooting for Raiders since after loss to jags when I learned they still were in the hunt not I’m obsessed with everything Raiders! With that being said Rooting for them to win it all! Any team can win the Superbowl it Al depends how bad they want it


should he on the coaching staff in Vegas. without question.

FoeReaper 4000

You can tell Lincoln Kennedy is part of the reason our O-Line has been so great. I can feel his passion and anger radiating off when the Linemen take wrong steps, blocks, no effort, etc.

    Dirk Diggler

    He isn’t on the coaching staff


Kennedy has always been one of my favorites! Totally a guy id love to have a beer with!

Oakland Native

i wish big link was our offensive line coach! bro has knowledge!!!

Charles Klue

Nice job Lincoln

John Parker

Keep up the good work, Let’s go RAIDERS NATION

SuperSamus J.L.S

Let’s go broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We need Baltimore and Houston to handle biz to plus handle ours vs Broncos

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