Coach Gruden Announces Josh Jacobs & Richie Incognito Doubtful vs. Broncos – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Gruden Announces Josh Jacobs & Richie Incognito Doubtful vs. Broncos

Head Coach Jon Gruden provides an injury update before Week 17, discusses wide receiver Tyrell Williams, safety Lamarcus Joyner, and more.

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Peter mercurio

Ouch We need JJ and Rihcie.

    Bubba G

    Shut up


I cant stand the way gruden gives off hes mad josh might not play. You should of shut him down 2 weeks ago. They make these dumb moves like if you dont belive in richard and Washington you should of traded earlier in the season for a valuable back. They kid just had surgery hes still got a future stop looking for josh to bail you out for dumb decisions you make.

    Bad Ass Of The Week

    you would think he would’ve learned from drafting cadillac williams lol

Hart x I79l

Jacobs will play

    Joshua scott


Bad Ass Of The Week

i don’t think we win but damn gruden just let josh rest. incognito can rest too. good plays well for being a reserve. he will most likely walk in free agency and become a starter elsewhere unfortunately but just believe in your guys and maybe we 8-8 even though i would’ve rather gone 6-10 🤷‍♂️

    Christian Ceballo

    Mayock and Gruden said they want him to come back next year.

Kendrick Park

What’s interesting is that when this press conference went live, Gruden said even though JJ and incognito are doubtful, he wouldn’t be surprised if they played because they are so tough. But they cut that out from this video, I wonder why.

enTer ZoNe


    enTer ZoNe

    @Prince-Kayson PONYS SUPER BOWL CHAMPS 2015…YOU GUYS??? In 1984 ..😂😂😂


    enTer ZoNe *6-9*

    enTer ZoNe


    Angel Huerta

    Is that a my little pony? Or is it a donkey? Sure doesn’t look like a bronco lol

    Christian Ceballo

    @enTer ZoNe we beat the Broncos in 2015 both games were close and that was with a less talented team but carr was still leading the offense so I believe in the raiders of 2019 to finish the season strong and beat on the broncos just like we did week1

Bo Rerun

Gruden been doubtful… For the last 2 garbage seasons… When are the Raider’s returning to the Commitment to Excellence???

bill hawk

Anyone wearing Silver n black is out or on injury report

Kevin Kaatz

DC is awesome, that’s why he does what he does. I want him at qb 4 his entire career

Dominic Manalang

We need to get desuan shead on our defense 2020 the

Bill Cosby

He literally said nothing about Jacobs or Incognito in this video lmao wtf

Gabe N

That was all the “?”‘s

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