Hunter Renfrow Proves He Belongs & Breaking Down the AFC Wild Card Race – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Hunter Renfrow Proves He Belongs & Breaking Down the AFC Wild Card Race

The Silver and Black Show's Nicole Zaloumis and Super Bowl champion Jim Plunkett get you ready for the Week 17 matchup against the Denver Broncos.

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The DreadNeck

One love nation from Idaho


    And Washington state.

    Marcos Lopez

    The DreadNeck are you the guy I met in playa del carmen mexico? 🏴‍☠️☠🍻

    The DreadNeck

    @Marcos Lopez no brotha but I bet if he anything like me he dope ASF

jonny felix

Hunter renfrow is a beast

ibee thatoneguy

Renfrow was a great pickup

Alejandro Muñoz

Ingold will lead the way for Jacobs for years to come let’s go ballers out there man!

CO5serious gaming

Raiders gonna get that Wild card believe it and it will happen

    Seven Fifteen 96

    I want to believe but it looks very grim.
    Even if the Raiders clinch the WC we always get raped by Denver or KC lol
    Fingers crossed

    Angolz Tapz

    That would be good for my team. But I don’t think they deserve it . Due to lacking against Jacksonville and the jets.

    69,420 subs without videos

    @Micah Hayes no why try now we had so many chances and then we lose 3 straight games and we can still get in

    Angolz Tapz

    @69,420 subs without videos exactly . We had so many chances. Why now

    69,420 subs without videos

    @Angolz Tapz yes I want to win against the Broncos but I dont want to go into the playoffs it’s just unbelievable how we are able to go into the playoffs


I wish we still had Beast Mode he would of been a great mentor for jacobs and Ingold. 💪💀

    Galactic Goo

    Shoulda had Be Mo from Titans game and on. Four headed monster or three headed allowing Jacobs to heal 100 percent for playoffs

    Bill Lozier

    @Juan Casas I 100% agree. Beast mode could learn a few things from the rookie! Not the other way around.

    Angel Huerta

    They have different styles, Lynch is more of a run you over type RB while Jacobs is more of a make you miss and fight for extra yards type. Size difference alone dictates their styles.

    Jack Tate

    @Bill Lozier ??

    kendall Evans

    You mean Taiwan Jones? He was the only “beast” we had back there. Lynch didn’t really do much for us while he was here


3rd and Renfrow

    darkside soldier!!

    Funny how everyone copied my saying


    @darkside soldier!! your’e not original js

    Killa Kane

    This goes all the way bk to the high school days in the peedee

    darkside soldier!!

    @MaySpitfire don’t spit swallow

    darkside soldier!!

    @MaySpitfire either are get around like a door knob everyone gets a turn


how scary is this rookie class, if they can get a number 1 on the WR spot and keep developing this is going to be a great time to come

    Nicholas Garcia

    Steve it’s a deep 1st round WR class too and we gots (2) baby! 🤩 Lets win Sunday though and see what happens


    I want that linebacker..then our safeties healthy.


    @Nicholas Garcia love to see a win against the Donkies, see Hunter have another good day and let Maxx have his fun with the qb


Go Raiders!

Mr. Black

So after the move to Vegas next season, does anyone know if the Silver & Black Show will still be airing next year for the Bay Area fans. I sure hope so.

    willy wayne

    Pretty sure it will continue they cant cut off potential tickets sales,on the west c oast!!

    Christian Ceballo

    Bro I’ve been watching the silver & black show since like 2006 I would watch it Saturday night on KTLA and I live in San Diego county so yes I believe they will still air it up north for the nation.

Eddie Sanchez

NFL get Jim Plunkett in Canton Now!!

JEFFERSON disc golf

Looked like a trip from Renfrow on that long TD, but I see a juke in there after multiple replays.

Kevin Kaatz

Coach, u better keep Carr and continue to build around him. You’re not gonna get better than, so dont even try

    BAY AREA !

    Whatsup once again Renfrow Jr

    Charles Hutton

    Depends on removing the stigma of “can’t win in cold weather”. Carr MUST beat Denver this week. Even if they don’t make the playoffs, a win will hold off some detractors.

Kevin J

I used to not look forward to the Draft because 85% of the time we’d draft busts or never Draft good players outside of the 1st round. Mayock is the man and I’m already looking forward to who we’ll get next year!

John Hodge

We’re going to the PLAYOFFS

Nicholas Garcia

Jon Gruden and the Raiders have done a great job under adversity considering they are truly a work in progress, very young and w/ some glaring holes. Amazing really! I salute you Mr. Gruden

    Charles Hutton

    Also all the travel the league made them endure, something like 24,000 miles in a 6-week period away from home. Unprecedented.


This is a incredible rookie class shows what happens when you have the right people in the front office

Tony Gomez

watch him surprise us when hes yoked af next season

The Rope

Silver Ingold.


Need wide receiver and linebacker

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