John Harbaugh: Lamar Is ‘Not Bad for a Running Back’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

John Harbaugh: Lamar Is ‘Not Bad for a Running Back’

Head Coach John Harbaugh talks about the Ravens' composure in Cleveland, gives injury updates, and talks about Lamar Jackson's game and season.

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aaron gross

Miami here we come


    A men


    Start and finish in Miami


    icebur91 and we still haven’t played the chiefs home yet.. now we finally do

    Salty S.

    Prestor John he scares me when the playoffs come

    Malcom X


Wicket The Ewok


Joseph Burton

Big Truss’ no Lil Truss’ whoop whoop

Nate Dogg

Another great win! AFC #1 Seed first round bye!! Let’s go!!!

Samuel Davis

Can somebody say Super Bowl Big Truss🤘🏽



    Mathew Lagueux

    Not until it’s official! I won’t say it till it happens if it does! More fans should be humble… it not a guarantee! Let’s just wait and see!

    Christian Taylor

    @Mathew Lagueux Exactly ! Every game is a test for the next. To prepare us for the big Game

    Davien Chelcy

    icebur91 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆


Fucking love this team

wyatt szeles



The only thing stopping us from winning the Super bowl is ourselves.


    Jason Dayee I don’t doubt it but I think the ravens will put up a much better fight but I guess we’ll have to wait and see

    Jason Dayee

    @Flay I guess so

    Keld El

    Dont forget the refs. And the league ….and “them”.

    They dont want Lamar to win. The set up is for Green Bay to win. 100th anniversary.

    Tyrone Parker

    @Jason Dayee You never played sports to say that 45-7 is luck. Luck is a Hail Mary, 45-7 is Dominance. Imposing your will. You guys improved? yeah sure… everyone is scared of US. No one and I mean absolutely no team wants to see us. What we are doing has never been done. Good Luck with you guys beating us a second time around. Ask the Browns how that went… Good day, sir.


    @Jason Dayee lmao we played the Chiefs week 3 as we were building consistency and before we picked up a couple key defensive players. We would have smacked the Chiefs up if we played them later in the season and it’s definitely not going to be a smooth ride for the Chiefs if we see them postseason. Get real.

Hans 818 - USA

John Harbaugh Coach of the year in my opinion. He had so must trust in Lamar that he wrapped the team around him. John changed the program unlike most coach’s tries to change the player to there program. Plus it looks like John is loving the ride the Ravens are on. Kind of unique for a head coach smiling most of the time with his team and all the comradery.

    Michael Wade

    He saw what Kap did to him and was smart enough to recognize the potential in doing what Noone could defend… Smart coach!! Remember.. Kap almost beat these guys in Kap’s 2nd year with 49ers.


    @BlackNite_ 1551 I can tell we are both the only 2 real Raven’s fans here. John didn’t change the playbook (jfc) it was the OC who changed the playbook. Marty had his own playbook the Ravens used last year, Greg brought his playbook and twerked it to Lamar. Greg was also the OC in SanFran back when we played them in the super bowl. John is a head coach and he acts as one. Greg is responsible for the offense. Now you know. Hans818, Ice up son, and take your bandwagon somewhere else, we are fine here in Baltimore.

    Keld El

    Shut up. Tomlin is coach of the year. Gtfoh.
    Harbaugh took orders from Ozzie. And Roman is the architect of the offense.

    Matt D

    @Keld El Yeah ok. They aren’t even making the playoffs.

    Perfectus Maximus

    @Inpatientsnake. Exactly, people forget that there is a OC John is great but we have to give credit to who deserves it


Time stamp 7:15 “NOT BAD FOR A RUNNING BACK” Eagles fan here

    Josh Price

    great win last night!


    Josh Price thank you drop your team below

Herb Bees

It’s nice that hes not afraid to be a man of faith

    Jordan Vaught

    abiodun odeleye wat makes u think they care about that either


    I just wanted to drop by and say that it is okay to not be a man of faith. I have no belief or fear of any higher power and my life is just fine. I am not an NFL qb but still. anyway that is all I wanted to say. GO RAVENS!

    Anthony Okafor

    80% of the world has the same imaginary friend. Not real impressive

    Monster Kookie

    Bro lol I agree god doesn’t care about sports he cares about your faith. Y’all are right. God only cares about our faith in him and representing him the right way. Now lol all that wars and rapes and sex trafficking and world hunger BS people try to put on god. 😂😂 humans are taking people and all this food in the world how expensive is it? I guess god is doing that too? And maybe health care I guess god is making people that can’t afford it not be taken care of lol sex trafficking So the people who do sex trafficking sit and come up with these ideas to do bad things to women and children, god is talking to them saying do it? Lol And please don’t say well god created us lol let’s be adults 😂😂

    Shawn B

    Inspiration can be found in a rock. Look deeper than the surface.

Chris Mog

Lamar jackson better than tom brady this year!

    Ryan Heisler

    @Chris Mog hahahahaha 🙂


    @GOLDY GOLDY And neither will Brady ever accomplish in his first NFL start that which QB LaMarvelous have accomplished in his, and neither has anyone else … BIGGER FACT! lol

    Will Brady be youngest to win Heisman, MVP, Superbowl?
    Meditate on those amazing “Facts”; then you will know to not sell short a revolutionary player who has more talent than Brady ever dreams of having, and the youth right now in his favor.


    @Brian Odom LaMarvelous was better than Brady his first NFL season, youngest QB to win MVP and in his first season, and youngest to win Heisman.
    The unschooled minds continue to demonstrate that they are not yet equipped mentality to appreciate the greatness, the exceptional greatness of General LaMarvelous.


    GOLDY GOLDY they said “this year” not career. Are you blind?


    @Brian Odom Let the detractor “deflect”.
    Just respond in kind: Brady wasn’t MVP in his first NFL season, wasn’t as young when he eventually became MVP, did not win Heisman, and wasn’t the youngest to win Heisman.
    In addition, LaMarvelous spanked Brady’s arse good the first time they met. lol

Thomas Crowley

Season started in Miami and it will end in Miami


    that is amazing actually. 😛

    Ryan Heisler

    @smp defiantly :D, I could actually hear the commentators say that IF the Ravens win

    Lily Parks


    Albert SimmonsJABIG

    Wow! WELL SAID!

Mathew Lagueux

If a running back could throw like Lamar… he’d switch positions to a QB… Lamar don’t care about all that tho… just makes them look stupid

king shark

238 air, 100 ground. … not bad at all for a dual threat qb. 🤔 nfl 100th yr, and the mvp is playing football, like it was 100 yrs ago.


Miami Bound


Give Trace the nod against the Squealers.

    S"word" of Truth

    RG3 needs the reps just in case. I think they should give them both a half to play just in case.

    Montez Harris

    @S”word” of Truth I agree bro. Anything can happen. RG3 needs to shake of some rust


Dade county bound!!!!


Like The Waterboy movie, other teams are probably testing out their running backs as QBs lol with no success

    Abracadabra 303


Journal Wright

Correction Lamar Jackson isn’t bad for a wide receiver, lol. Take that bil Bill Polian.

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