Marshal Yanda: Focus Must Be No. 1 Moving Forward | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Chris Howard

Awesome win

Omkar Chhetri



love me some yanda!

    dam gOOd

    Hell ya

    Jay Bird

    Try to touch the thumbs down, Yanda will block you!

    dam gOOd

    He is one of if not the best line man

Donovan Sales Sr.

Yanda is THE NEXT 1st BALLOT

    Wolfgang Łyffenwaffer

    Donovan Sales Sr.: either he or T Sizzle

    A J C Sr

    As Lamar would say…
    “Yes’er !” 😎


    @Sean Swinton That will make ring #2 for him. He’s one of the few left from Ray’s last ride 2012 team.

    Isaac Gomez

    I think Yanda has a couple left in him so I’m gonna go with Sizzle as the next HOF Raven

    Donovan Sales Sr.

    Isaac Gomez Well it will be a race to the finish line.
    I dont know if the RAVENS have have Yanda’s replacement on the roster, but if Suggs dont show up for the chiefs he could be done…

Antonio Rezik

If yall could either amplify the sound of the media members or put the text of the question it would be great, tough trying to figure out what question was asked based on the answers.

    L W

    I thought I was the only one who felt that way My sentiments exactly

    Kris Allen

    i feel the same way


    Email them. I doubt they read comments

    John Ladon


    Officer Krupke

    Unless they repurpose some employee to handle a boom mike, you are going to need a bose noise canceling headphone set to hear the questions.


Heart and sole of this franchise

    Lewis 970

    Soul, not sole.

Will Hunter

The OG‼️



Loft Sunny Red

BOOM, BOOM touchdown, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM touchdown. 😆


    It might have been faster than that. 14pts in a little over minute. With 0 timeouts. Shame on Cleveland.

    Rick S

    ThatguyNice You mean great on the o-line and Lamar.

Isaac Barrow

Hall of Famer

Joe W.

Marshal is a beast. It will be hard to replace him when he retires.

    Joe W.

    @Oncsimus Shakur i hope so. He definitely seems like he has more left in the tank after this year.

    Daniel Castillo

    Oncsimus Shakur He thought long and hard this off season about retirement so it isn’t far fetched. If we win it all this year which we likely will, I think Yanda ends his career on a high note

    Kevin Green

    Well deserved but hope he has at least a couple more years at the most.

    John Ladon

    Daniel Castillo can we like not try and talk this into reality? chill😂

Angela Hester

No dislikes for Yanda

marks van zantt

Yanda from sea to shining sea all across this land

Erin Tate

This dude never gets any credit.🏈


    He does from his team. Game ball last week after winning the division, Harbs gave it to everyone but had Marshal accept it and break the meeting.

    Guga Bastos

    He’s a baller, future hall of famer for sure

Cad Chamberlain

the real ravens fans are the ones watching the marshal yanda press conference

    Paul Mcgrady

    Best O-lineman in NFL 💯


    Hardest working guy in the locker room… Well i guess next to LJ, now. Having this guy is a blessing. BTW Stanley, Brown, and Bozeman are playing at a crazy high level this year. Stanley looks like McKinney on our last 2012 SB run.

    Berry Tharp

    It is good insight on the mindset of offense.

    Andrew Kim

    Literally the anchor of our amazing o-line. His presence is well felt and respected among the Baltimore community. I love this team!

    Ms. Raven TCB


guillotine garvez

original raven

Sekou Vellis

Triple OG Yanda.

stop reading

4 brown fans dislikes this. #Bums

Chris Coleman

Mr. Gold Jacket


A bad game to the Ravens and Raven fans is scoring 31pts😁. We have gotten so spoiled, RAVENS ON 3!

380 Dolo

Da OG💪🏾🤛🏾

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