John Harbaugh Announces the Plan on Starters’ Rest | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

John Harbaugh Announces the Plan on Starters’ Rest | Baltimore Ravens

Head Coach John Harbaugh gives an injury update on Mark Ingram II, talks about the scouting report on Mark Andrews, and discusses the mission vs. the Steelers and beyond.

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Packer Power

Good thing the Ravens are resting the starters.

Jeremy Hernandez


king shark

Rest… If we were the colts back in the day, and needed rythm and timing in the passing game, I’d be against it.

This team, is doing in the 100th yr anniversary, what teams did 100yrs ago, run the ball, scrimmage to red zone is leg game, with needed passes.

Rest up, heal up, and work on some 3rd down conversion plays, that’s more than the roll out right tight end zone spot.

100yrs today, and winning like 100yrs ago, running with the ravens. Aaaaawwwwwrrrk

Emmanuel Odeshi

Man when Tavon Young is healthy this defense will be insane 🤯

    Oui Bay

    Peters Jimmy and Tavon and Marlon Yikes

Victor Pouesi

Good move coach.

Crazy King

Got tickets to my first ravens game this Sunday and won’t even be able to see the starters play 🥺🥺

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